May 24, 2012 Issue


Anderson forgives

Dear Editor:

Somewhere around 1967 and 1968 at Wadley High School, Wadley, Ga. an event took place that caused me to hold a grudge against a black female for almost 20 years. Funny thing is I never even knew her name.

I was in the first grade at the time. I was running on the sidewalk which ran beside the lunchroom and this young girl stuck out her foot and tripped me on purpose. The walkway was several inches above the ground where I flew off and landed flat on the ground, knocking the wind out of me. I couldnít catch my breath for a while and was trying to cry, but couldnít.



Three or four white girls came to see about me and in a few moments I was OK. I didnít go around all those years thinking about that, but from time to time it just seemed to pop up again and I wanted to get back at her for what she did to me.

A grudge is an awful thing and always causes you more harm than others. I was around 6 or 7 when this happened.

Iím 50 now, a born again Christian and have long ago forgiven her. I was praying one day and the Holy Spirit brought that to my mind and I forgave her right then. It may be that she is a Christian now and I want her to know that I forgave her. Maybe you could print this and she just might read it.

Ricky D. Anderson Sr.

Vote with your heart and brain

Dear Editor:

Sitting in front of my computer last night, I thought about a conversation I had with a retired friend this past weekend (while downing a few cold ones). We, like two old retired fools got to talking about politics. Mind you, he leans a hair-dab to the right, but he swears heís not a Tea drinker. Heís a little upset with Congress, especially the side that he leans toward, calling what he gets from Social Security ďhandoutsĒ and ďcharity.Ē

After about three cold ones, if he could have gotten his hands around Paul Ryanís neck, he would have been a happy camper. Most of his rambling I agreed with. Why? Glad you asked. As he put it, when you get your first job as well as the last one, you have to pay taxes, and that includes a SS tax as well. Hereís the part that not only upsets him, but me as well. Taxes are taken before you even see the balance of your hard labor for that week. No one asks if they can take your hard earned money, itís gone and thereís nothing you can do about it, and the killer part is this: You still have to pay taxes on that little bit they send you every month, and now the right wants to cut what we get, and have the nerve to call it charity or a handout. Hello, somebody call the police.

He was on a roll so I sat and listened. Then he said something that brought a smile and sadness to my face. He said the party that he loves will lose again this November. That made me smile. I asked him why he felt that way. He thought Newt was the best person to run against Pres. Obama, but then he said, I guess Iíll vote for Romney. I asked why? He said, just because heís a republican, and that made me sad.

Iíve known and worked with this fella almost 30 years, and thought of him as a reasonable person, but what he said didnít make any sense to me. Why? Because, he didnít say I believe in Romney, or I believe in the things he says heís going to do if elected. Heck, he already has admitted that Pres. Obama will win. So why vote for someone, just because heís a republican? You know, he probably wonít be the only one doing that. God, thatís sad.

It made me think back a few years when Richard Nixon was running. All my family and friends were voting democrat, but I voted for Tricky Dick. Why? To me he had the better message. I lost a few friends behind that, especially after Watergate, and his resignation. A lot of people think Iím a democrat to this day, but again Iíll tell the world, I am a liberal independent, like my retired conservative independent friend.

Finally, to anyone reading this letter, I ask you this: will you vote for someone, just because he leans the way you lean, or will you jump off a bridge, just because he or someone asks you to? What we need is more people becoming independents, and getting away from straight party crap. God gave you a brain, use it to the best of your knowledge. Vote not only with your heart, but your brain as well. Kick the two-party system to the curb. Become an independent voter.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde DíAntignac


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