May 10, 2012 Issue


We need Mitt Romney!

Dear Editor:

I read Mr. D’Antignac’s letter and, after having a hearty laugh, had to reply. Mr. Carville never said, “It’s still about the economy, and we’re not stupid.” Mitt Romney said that as a play on what Mr. Carville actually said, which was: “It’s the economy, stupid.” (Mr. D’Antignac should follow his own advice and do some research.) Mr. Romney is reminding everyone that Obama has screwed up the economy even worse than George W. Bush. I have always maintained that Pres. Bush was wrong on how he handled the economy. Obama is worse.



Mr. D’Antignac talked about Romney not saying something original. What about Pres. Obama’s new slogan, “Forward?” Forward! has been the slogan of Marxists for more than a century. Talk about not having something original! I think Obama is using the slogan “Forward” so no one will look backward at how little he has accomplished.

Four more years of Obama will devastate this country. We need someone who knows how to create jobs and reduce spending. Someone who has experience in running large organizations. Someone who isn’t beholden to the unions and radical environmental groups. We need Mitt Romney!

Former Wrens Resident
John Bryan

Kelly’s dog is missing

Dear Editor:

Last week, my yellow Labrador, Charlie, went missing from my Milledgeville home, and I want to do everything I can to find him. Could you do anything to help me?

The last time I saw Charlie he was locked inside of his cage in my fenced in backyard, wearing a blue paisley collar with no tags, so I’m certain that he was either stolen or let loose intentionally. For this reason, don’t want to limit my search to Milledgeville or Baldwin County.

I’ve contacted the local animal control and created a Facebook page to help with the search, but I’m sure that more can be done to find this dog. Here’s a link to the Facebook page: http://tinyurl.com/7xc847x

My cell number is 706.206.8141.

Thank you for your time,

Patrick Kelly

McCoy gives thanks

Dear Editor:

On behalf of New Way Christian Church Women Empowering Women Ministry, I give thanks to God for the outpouring of His love upon everyone who took part in our recent love-in-action event; thanks to all the parents of the Nelm Street community who either brought or sent their young children to the W. 8th street recreation center; we had a full house! A big shout out to all of the children who were so well groomed and well behaved. We were blessed as they eagerly performed

“Jesus Loves Me.” A special thanks to Mrs. Mary Curtis who gave so unselfishly, volunteering her Saturday to ensure we had a convenient place to meet.

To say this adventure was a success is an understatement. It illustrated what can be accomplished when church and community come together for a worthwhile cause.

In His Service

Rev. Dr. Alvonia McCoy

Usry thanks hospital

Dear Editor:

A very special thanks to the staff at Jefferson Hospital Swing Bed Unit. I was there recently recovering from knee replacement. The nurse and staff were very thoughtful and really, really good, even though they were extremely busy.

The physical therapy staff is the best ever. Thanks to Miss Rhonda, Miss Ashley and Miss Ann. I am proud to have a hospital that takes such good care of the community. I plan to return in three to four months when I have another knee replacement surgery.

Again special thanks Miss Martha, she was so sweet.

Martha Usry

We let them get away with it

Dear Editor:

The members of the U.S. House of Representatives have been working in Washington on 41 of the first 127 days of this year. They are planning to be in session half of the remaining weeks. How long would you keep your job if you worked like that? Even when they show up they fail to address the biggest problems facing the country. It would take a 50 percent tax increase in order to balance the so-called budget yet they are avoiding the problem while the debt grows by $1,200 billion per year.

The real problem is you and I let them get away with it. They work for us and we pay them $174,000 per year to do it. Make a commitment to write or call your representative once a week and express your views. See how they respond and let that be your guide to voting this November.

Irving B. Welchons III
Charlotte, NC Stapleton


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