May 3, 2012 Issue


Praise for Jefferson Hospital

Dear Editor:

The people of Jefferson County need to be thankful that they have an excellent hospital and doctors in Louisville! Dr. James Pilcher is one of the best family doctors I have encountered in travels all around the USA. He says that Dr. Jim Polhill is the best family doctor he knows, so we are blessed with great doctors that care about you and the community! The Jefferson Hospital is clean, well organized, with great customer service provided by friendly and competent staff. For instance, people that live in big cities routinely have to wait for an hour to get blood drawn and at Jefferson Hospital you get a cheerful, efficient check-in that takes a few minutes and then you walk right in.

The Physical Therapy or Rehab department is fantastic! The facility is small but has everything needed to provide great therapy, especially the staff. Rhonda Strickland is the head Physical Therapist and she is as capable as the therapist I encountered at the Mayo Clinic!



The Exercise and Wellness center has grown under Linda McClendon’s supervision and has all the equipment you need for a top notch exercise experience!

I live in Florida for most of the year but go out of my way to schedule medical check-ups with Dr. Pilcher, Physical Therapy needs with Rhonda and visit the exercise room three times a week when in Louisville.

Be proud of the Jefferson Hospital and its staff. Tell everyone you know what a great facility it is and what wonderfully talented people work there!


Don Dunbar
Don Dunbar is a retired executive from a fortune 200 company and has traveled the United States and world extensively. Don maintains residences in Florida and in Louisville.

It may not be the economy

Dear Editor:

Last night (4-24-12) I sat and watched Mitt do his song and dance routine after he won what everyone knew he was going to win. I also saw Newt cave in a short time before Mitt came on, and today he finally said he was suspending his campaign.

With Santorum, now Newt gone, (and by-the-way, did anyone hear these two fine republicans endorse Mitt?) that leaves that fine old Texan Ron Paul who said he’s in it until the end. What a trip. The guy must feel like he’s at the Alamo, because no one’s coming to his aid. So much for the jokes.

Here’s the real reason I wrote to you. Mitt is so out of touch with his own conservative base and the middle class voters, that even his speech writers have gone so far as to steal a democrat line back in the 1992 campaign. If my memory serves me right, James Carville used the line...“It’s still about the economy, and we’re not stupid.”

Here’s a guy with all the money, super pacs, and his writers can’t come up with something original for him to say. What a joke. Next, they will have him saying he’s the new hope and change for America.

As for the economy...It may not be the economy, stupid. The recovery may be a little slow here in America, but Europe is headed back into its second recession, and what affects Europe, affects America. So someone in Mitt’s campaign needs to tell him..It may really not be the economy, stupid.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde D’Antignac

Soccer team applauded

Dear Editor:

Another soccer season has come to a close and I would like to congratulate the Glascock County U-6 team coached by Ronnie Anderson and Tammy Cash.

With only four returning players and several new players, they managed a season to be proud of with three wins and one loss.

We were witness to true sportsmanship by these young athletes as the experience took those with none under their wing and gave them the encouragement and confidence to give it their all.

Led once again in total goals by Kaden Jenkins, we saw the “first time goals” of Ally Padgett and Chelsey Williams. This team has truly become a family and I am so proud of each and every one of them and I am looking forward to watching them in the fall.

I invite everyone to come out and share the fun.

A loyal fan,
Pat Williford


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