April 26, 2012 Issue


Strowbridge invites community to take part

Dear Editor:

April 22-28 is the Georgia Cities Weeks 13th year. Extend to May 19. This week is a statewide event that will be going on all over the state of Georgia. The theme this year is “The Magic of Cities.” We had to extend some of our events through week May 19 in order to accommodate all of our plans. I encourage all citizens to participate with our city’s events.

Saturday, April 28 will be the Walk/Bike-a-Thon and “Let’s Move!” campaign. Registration is at 9 a.m. at the Wadley recreation gym. Put on your walking shoes or get your bike ready and please join us. Our goal is to bring awareness and fight childhood/adult obesity by promoting healthy eating along with physical activity.



This event is also designed to promote citywide unity, we welcome all races, pastors, church members, organizations, city/county officials, business owners and individuals to participate with this event. God made us different for a good reason, because he is not a God of division. Let us learn to accept and embrace our differences in order to create positive changes in our city. Prizes awarded and nutritional snacks will be served after event. “TEAM” Together Everybody Accomplish More.

Saturday, May 5, 7:30 a.m. until, Annual May Fest in our city’s park, Hope William Memorial Park. Come join us in the park for a day of fun, food, entertainment, games and prizes. Application to set up a booth for your church or organization fundraising project are at city hall for a small fee of $25 without and $20 with electricity.

Wednesday, May 16, at 9 a.m., city hall conference room will be the sixth grader mock city council meeting and If I were a Mayor essay contest award/certificate. The public is invited, please come and support our sixth graders as they conduct a city council meeting. They are our future leaders in progress.

Councilwoman Dorothy Strowbridge

Edwards asks for help keeping electronics out of our landfill

Dear Editor:

Saturday, May 5, is the annual Jefferson County Clean Up Day.

Electronic items will be collected for recycling to keep them out of the landfill. Electronic items can be dropped off at the Hillcrest Fire Station at 2655 Mennonite Church Road or if you have a few small items, you can save yourself a trip to the fire station.

The Kiwanis Club of Louisville and the Jefferson County Library System will help. From 9 a.m. to noon, Kiwanis members will be in the parking lot at all three Jefferson County Libraries, Louisville, Wadley, and Wrens, to collect your electronics and take them to Hillcrest.

So, if you have old electronics such as cell phones, calculators, printers, computers, copiers, video games, or similar items, get them out of your way and recycle.

If you have questions, call the Louisville Library at (478) 625-3751.

Let’s clean up Jefferson County and recycle electronics to keep them out of the landfill.

Patricia Edwards
Jefferson Library Director

Why we don’t need Plant Washington

Dear Editor:

South Georgians have a much brighter future now that we know there will be no Plant Ben Hill, one of the two coal plants proposed by Power4Georgians (P4G). Before long folks in and around Washington County will share the same brighter future when Plant Washington is canceled.

Plant Ben Hill was canceled as part of a legal settlement, but common sense says that P4G agreed to this first cancellation at least partially because Plant Ben Hill didn’t make financial sense. That’s also the reason a large New Jersey Power Company recently canceled a coal plant in Blakely County, Georgia. It’s the same reason Cobb EMC pulled out of both Plant Ben Hill and Plant Washington. It’s the reason why more than 160 coal plants have been canceled in recent years in America.

Plant Washington has many obstacles to clear before construction could ever begin. All necessary permits are not in place. There are complicated legal questions which will involve many lawyers and many billable hours to settle before there is final approval from the federal Environmental Protection Agency and state Environmental Protection Division.

And sufficient financing still would be needed. If so many companies and people think coal plants are not a good financial risk, then where will all Plant Washington’s financing come from? Can the members of Washington EMC help foot the bill for a plant recently estimated to cost at least $3.9B? Plant Washington is very far from a done deal.

There are many reasons coal plants, including the proposed Plant Washington, are poor financial investments. The price of coal and costs of building a coal-fired plant are increasing. Natural gas is cheaper. Energy efficiency is increasingly recognized as important for job creation and energy cost savings. The poor economy has driven energy demand down. There is no proof that anyone wants to buy the energy from Plant Washington. I hope all of Georgia will turn its focus away from the outdated and unhealthy energy system based on coal. There is an increasing awareness that not only can coal pollution be life-threatening but that coal is stifling our economy. Coal doesn’t bring high-paying local jobs with chances for advancement. Compared to what solar energy and energy efficiency can offer, coal does little to increase the number of locally-owned businesses or keep business profits in our communities.

There are many reasons why there will not be a Plant Ben Hill or a Plant Washington. In the end, it will come down to the money, and that is where Plant Washington is weakest.

Ellen Corrie

Quit spending on Plant Washington

Dear Editor:

I appreciate the time local papers spend reporting on a complicated issue like Plant Washington. The project has had serious setbacks and I do not think the plant is “full steam ahead.”

This coal plant has some big roadblocks to clear before it can ever break ground. Power4Georgians does not have a final permit, and that is still weeks from happening. When they do get the permit, Washington EMC and the other three co-ops will have to spend millions more on engineering and equipment. They also don’t have any customers signed up to buy the power, which Mr. Alford says is what they will use to try and get financing.

When the EPA announced the carbon pollution rule about green house gases on Friday, April 13, a clock started running on this project. Power4Georgians must now make significant headway towards construction by April 13, 2013. If they don’t, they will also have to meet the carbon pollution control rule requirements.

This proposed coal plant has never made sense to me and I have been following this since it was announced over four years ago. With all the strikes against it, we need to tell Washington EMC and local leaders to give up on this project. We don’t have the 16M gallons of water it will require each day, let alone the money it will take. We need to quit spending the hard earned dollars of local EMC members and taxpayers on this project.

Buford Cummings
Washington EMC member

Gibson nursing home looking for volunteers

Dear Editor:

National Nursing Home Week begins on Mother’s Day, May 13, and continues until May 19.

Nursing home residents are the people who nurtured our community and helped it flourish and grow. They have been the teachers, shop keepers, business people, civil servants, parents and others who have contributed so much to the local community. This week gives us a chance to recognize their sacrifices and contributions.

This year’s National Nursing Home Week theme is “Celebrating the Journey.” Gibson Health and Rehabilitation will be holding several events to showcase this week and give residents and staff a chance to be the center of our attention. Some of the events include a Luau party, cake bingo, a talent show and a cookout.

These events will be held daily all throughout National Nursing Home Week, and we invite you to be part of our celebration.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about exact times of events or if you would like to volunteer.


Courtney Wood
Activity Director
Gibson Health & Rehab


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