March 29, 2012 Issue


Garden Club gives thanks

Dear Editor:

Words cannot express the Garden Club’s deep appreciation for all the support and effort given by hundreds of people in Jefferson County and Louisville to make Saturday’s Tour of Homes such a success. What a great day! The event far exceeded the Garden Club’s expectations and sold 444 tickets and made over $9,000, all of which will be used to improve and beautify our area.

The economic impact of this event was not limited to what the Garden Club earned; many Louisville businesses reported excellent returns from tour preparations and from tour visitors’ business, demonstrating the value and economic boon of this event.



The people who opened their beautiful homes on Saturday deserve special recognition; every stop on the tour shone with the love and hospitality of the owners. Without all the volunteers and supporters who assisted, this event could never have taken place.

However, the most lasting impression for everyone is the spirit of cooperation the Garden Club received from all the businesses, the City and County, and every person who was asked to help in any way. We had a very great and very special day because we all worked together to share our beautiful town and show true hospitality to all of our visitors. Our spirit of teamwork and community pride has never been so genuinely displayed to so many visitors from all over Georgia and surrounding states.

This community spirit and hospitality are what will long be remembered by all who participated and all who attended. We hope that this event is only the beginning of activities through which our community can work together and demonstrate what a great place this is to live and what great citizens we have!


Mary Margaret Clark and
The Louisville Garden Club

Jordan appreciates support

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter as a “Thank You” to the wonderful people from Jefferson County and the surrounding area. I am a 1978 graduate of Wrens High School where I received the best education anyone could ask for. This led me to become an educator myself. The principal at my school, Dr. Toney Jordan, is also a 1978 graduate of Wrens High School.

I am presently in my 27th year of teaching and coaching in Savannah, Georgia, at Savannah High School. On March 9, 2012, my basketball team and I were blessed to be able to play for the Georgia AAAAA State Championship. I was very impressed with the support we received from my “hometown folks.” Even though we came up a little short in the game, I felt that their support helped us play as well as we did. Finishing second in the state of Georgia’s highest classification is great, but the support from my “hometown folks” was priceless! Again Thanks!


Tim Jordan
Head Coach, Savannah High School

You may be feeding your family genetically modified foods

Dear Editor:

Thanks to my son Joey who is very passionate about this cause and who has lost over 100 pounds by eating natural foods, I wanted to bring attention to two things which greatly affect all of our health and especially the health of our growing children.

In this day and time with both parents working full time jobs and under more stress than ever it is easy to just pick up food on the run from fast food restaurants or prepare meals that are frozen or processed such as sandwich meats, hot dogs and such. This is understandable but I would like for people to read this and look at what they are putting into their bodies and their family’s bodies in a different way.

I hope that after reading this you will be enlightened and will really start paying attention and I hope that you get angry enough to demand better.

How many of you are familiar with GMOs? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms and are created by gene splicing techniques called genetic engineering (GE). They merge DNA from different species, creating combinations of plant, bacteria and viral genes that do not occur naturally in nature or in traditional crossbreeding.

Almost all GMOs are bred to withstand direct application of herbicide and/or to produce its own internal insecticide. This process changes DNA in negative ways, ways that are above science’s current ability to measure. Why does science think they are better than nature at growing food?

They claim GMOs yield larger crops but none of these GMOs at this time has been proven to have any benefit for yield, drought tolerance, cheaper food, or better nutrition. There is growing evidence that connects GMOs with health problems, violations to farmers and consumer rights.

The biggest culprit behind GMOs are the Monsanto company, independent studies show that up to 75 percent of all non-organic food contains ingredients from genetically modified foods and also the large feed lots are fed GE food and shot up with GE hormones and vaccines.

Do they really think that this is not passing through our bodies?

To add insult to injury the FDA does not even require that labels be put on these foods so that we as consumers can make a conscious choice as to whether we want to feed it to our families.

Monsanto also engineered bovine growth hormones (rBGH or rBST) and is now under fire from Breast Cancer Action for links between the consumption of hormone tainted animals products and increased rate of breast, colon and prostate cancer. Other companies are now creating genetically engineered animals. Aqua Bounty Farms has a salmon that has been genetically engineered and the FDA has already approved it for human consumption this past October. Despite resistance from consumers, producers, grocery stores and restaurants, the US government refuses to require safety-testing or labeling for these genetically modified foods.

GMO’s can be found in almost everything that we eat but there are things to try to avoid.

1) The following are products that have a higher chance of containing these GMOs, soybean products, corn products, canola oils, sugar beets, rice, cottonseed oil, dairy (look at labels) Aspartame, papayas and farm raised salmon.

2) When buying fruits and vegetables look at the sticker if it has a four-digit number it is conventionally produced. If it has a six-digit number beginning with a 9 it is organic.

3) Purchase beef that is 100 percent grass fed.

4) Buy whole foods and shop at local farmers markets where foods are grown locally or grow your own.

Another big issue that we all need to take a look at is high fructose corn syrup (most of which is made from GMO corn). Long term use of high fructose corn syrup has been shown to significantly raise your risk of weight gain and obesity, risk of developing Type-2 diabetes, cause hypertension, elevate bad cholesterol, cause long term liver damage. Just last year a study found upon testing that 50 percent of this syrup contains alarmingly high levels of mercury. Mercury exposure can result in irreversible brain and nervous system damage especially in young growing bodies. There are even studies now to suggest that it may play a part in the growing number of children with ADD and autism.

Many of the foods out there that attract young children are loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Just look at the labels and I hope that you will start making conscious decisions.

Tamera Gaskin


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