March 8, 2012 Issue


Wadley needs work, better decisions

Dear Editor:

I may be off a bit but I believe that Tomlinson Funeral Home the former Smithís Funeral Home in Wadley has been in business for about 80 years, and it was established in 1932 by Mr. Donovan Smith.

It has been a landmark and a thriving business in Wadley and a place where local people can say their last goodbyes to family members or friends. I myself have been there to pay respects many times in my life.



It is convenient to locals to use as opposed to driving to Swainsboro or Louisville especially the elderly who depend on the kindness of others.

I was surprised that the city of Wadley allowed not one but two establishments that serve alcohol to be open that close to the funeral home.

When a license was issued for such an establishment in the middle of town was it even considered how it may negatively affect such a long standing business such as the funeral home? Was it considered how elderly patrons or women alone who are visiting the funeral home may not feel safe with such an establishment right across the street since most visitations are in the evenings?

Having a place like this so close to the funeral home is the same as having it across the street from a church, it seems downright disrespectful. In my opinion and I know I am not alone, Wadley is continuing to spiral out of control, it is dirty and thrown away. You donít have to look hard to see that.

I found it interesting that when I went to the Georgia.gov website and searched Wadley it pulls up a picture that isnít even a picture that was taken in Wadley. Absolutely nothing is done to try to improve the appearance of the town at all and it is still shocking to me how the decent citizens both black and white who live there do not demand better. And if they are complaining and demanding better why is something not being done?

The town is literally falling apart and soon people may not even have a funeral home there anymore, besides the ones that service the African American community. I know that Mr. Hudson has run Hudsonís Mortuary for many years and I canít help but wonder how he would feel if something like this opened across from his funeral home. I doubt that he would like it because I know that he and his family are and have always been decent upstanding and hard working people.

It would be a shame if a business that has been in Wadley for as long as Tomlinsonís (Smithís) would have to close its doors. If I am not mistaken I was told that at one time there was an ordnance or city by law that stated that a place such as a juke joint could not be with-in 500 feet of a chapel, and the funeral home has a chapel where funeral services are sometimes held. Maybe the ordinance changed at some point but if it did, why?

There is no diversity on the council in Wadley and that is one of the biggest problems. Without diversity all of the citizens will not get a fair shake and I do not believe for a minute that the current council has all of its citizenís best interest in mind; it doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

It is no wonder that so many people and businesses over the years have moved out and moved on and when this happens the town loses revenue, especially when the people who move out are actually people who work and hold down jobs.

Wadley has gone backwards in so many ways, I welcome any of you who have not seen it to go to Facebook and look at ďmy Hometown WadleyísĒ face book page and remember how the town used to look and thrive. No one is jumping to rent out store space downtown to open a business or to build new businesses there for that matter. Who would as trashy as it looks?

If not for Battle Lumber Company, and Fulghum Industries, and a few other businesses that have been sustaining the town for years Wadley would pretty much cease to exist . I truly respect businesses like W.B. Miller, Gunn Drugs and others for sticking it out for so many years, but I honestly donítí know how they do it. No one can convince me that Wadley has to be or stay the way it is, but people have to step up and demand change. Without change businesses like Tomlinson will likely move on.

Tamera Gaskin

Hall stands opposed to Wadley biomass plant

Dear Editor:

It concerns me that some think that we donít want industry to come to Jefferson County. I want the people of Jefferson County to know that I am not against good, clean industry for Wadley, Louisville or Wrens. I am against this biomass plant that the Jefferson County Development Authority has chosen to bring to Wadley.

All would welcome good, clean industry to our county. Is Jefferson County the dumping ground for what other counties donít want and will not allow? Is it true this type of smoke stack industry only comes where there is poverty, more African Americans, less educated people living in small communities where many donít read the paper and few ever know or care about what is going on in the very county they live in?

I still hold the Jefferson County Zoning Board responsible for rezoning this land that was zoned agriculture/residential to M1/M2, allowing for light to heavy industrial, which clearly state that is no compatible with residential, nor commercial. In my opinion, this was wrong!

This land is just outside the city limits of Wadley, in a residential area. It is a gross injustice to all the residents in this area! I am sure there was lots of pressure being put on the zoning board members, but why do we need zoning ordinances if this is what is allowed? Why do we need a zoning board? Why would anyone allow this type of industry in a residential area? The pollution from this type of smoke stack industry is most certainly a health issue.

What sense would it make if there are lots of jobs created by your smoke stack industry and all the employees have great health insurance, but their kids and elders are suffering from bronchial disorders and lung disease, cancer etc. which in turn, drives up your health-care expenses? There is a cap on medical insurance you know. You should know there are risks involved in smoke stack industries!

I am also against the $53 million dollar bond referendum that our county commissioners voted for that will allow our development authority to build a biomass plant in Wadley. What does this say about our development authority? What does this say about our county commissioners? It says they donít care about the money. It says they donít care about the pollution from this smoke stack industry! It says they donít care about our health, nor our childrenís or grandchildrenís health! They are bringing industry! And industry that is not economically sustainable in this economy and is going to lower our air quality and make our quality of life even less than what it is now. This is our tax dollars at work!

We need your voice in this matter. Please visit our website at www.jeffersonedi.com and voice your concerns. We want your voice to be heard. There is a public meeting and hearing to be held at 6:30 p.m. on March 8 at the Wadley Community Complex, 134 West College Street, Wadley, Ga. 30477. Everyone is welcome and I encourage you to come.


Julia Hall

Get your details right when researching online

Dear Editor:

I just got around to reading the N&F and as usual, one of your readers went looking for something to write about, after Whitney Houstonís death. He ran across Lindsey Lohan, and a few other well known celebrities in Google, and went on a tear.

I agree with him (believe it or not) that we place a lot more emphasis on the sparkle of the entertainment industry than we do on our fallen heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice, but if we did, there would be protesting and rioting in the streets of America, like during the Vietnam years. So, Iíll give him the benefit of the doubt and say his head was in the right place, even if his heart wasnít.

Let me get to the meat, or should I say, the heart of the matter. As we all know, Google is an informational website, and they try to use factual things to print, (especially) when it comes to our fallen heroes, but they also will print (hearsay). You would think, if he spent that much time looking for something negative to write, you would think he would also include all of the facts. Why he didnít is beyond me, you, and everybody else.

He stated that all of those celebrities and their bad habits were shoved down our throats by our media, while.... Justin Allen, 23, (Army) 7/18/10; Brett Linley, 29, (UK) 7/17/10; Matthew Weikert, 29, (Marine) 7/16/10; Justus Bartett, 27, (Marine) 7/16/10; Dave Santos, 21, (Marine) 7/16/10; Jesse Reed, 26, (Army) 7/14/10; Matthew Johnson, 21, (Army) 7/14/10; Zachary Fisher, 24, (Army) 7/14/10; Brandon King, 23, (Army) 7/14/10; Christopher Goeke, 23, (Army) 7/13/10; and Sheldon Tate, 27, (Army) 7/13/10 ...are (all Marines) who gave their lives (last month) for us.

As you can see above, Only three were Marines, seven were Army, and one was British. Plus the final facts are: When they bravely lost their lives.

Again, Iíll give him the benefit of doubt, and say his head was in the right place, even if his heart wasnít. If he were trying to get us to feel the pain of losing a love one, he didnít do too good of a job at that. What he probably did for some of us, is to remind us, itís time to bring our young men and women home.

Before I go, let me say this: I remember the editorial you did back in October 2011, asking your readers, when they write in, to send in factual information, and not some (hearsay) off the Internet. But last weekís writer didnít get the message, or he just doesnít give a fat rat. And I once thought he was smarter than that.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde DíAntignac


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