Febraury 16, 2012 Issue


Stranger thanks Louisville

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the Louisville Police Department for its courteous manner in answering the call by the BP convenience store this morning (Feb. 8).

It was much better than the violent manner the Sylvania Police Dept. responded last year during a similar incident.



Thanks to the professional training of your officers, I never felt threatened or like an effort to intimidate me was taking place as was the case in Sylvania.

Also, a great big thank you to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept. for their assistance as I had run out of gas around 10 p.m. several weeks back.

A kind lady coming out of the Vidette or Waynesboro area graciously assisted and called 911 for assistance.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Dallas drove me to Louisville for two and a half gallons of petrol and also had to jump start my truck because I had listened to WBBQ all night while some 200 or so vehicles drove by. One guy asked if I needed assistance. I said I need gas and what few dollars you can spare; however, he responded he was late for work.

Just today I was assisted again by a gentleman in the NAPA store who had some inmates working with him.

This kind man loaned, no, gave me $11 for gas to get back to Dublin.

God always makes a way. We only need to wait on Him.

Reminds me of the sign in front of a church in Midville that reads “Lord Jesus, teach me patience. Just hurry.”

God bless you all in Louisville.

Ron L. Moore


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