Febraury 2, 2012 Issue


Biomass incineration for electricity is just not sustainable

Dear Editor:

There is plenty of woody BioMass in Georgia to generate and meet almost any businessís electricity needs. If you are operating a saw mill or a pulp & paper plant, yes you can economically burn woody scrap BioMass and generate your own electricity. However, the incineration of wood chips to make commercial electricity is not economically sustainable. Researching what is happening across America you will find the plans for building new woody BioMass plants to produce commercial electricity are requesting federal funding as a green energy alternative. The vast majority are disapproved by local communities because of the air and water pollution that would contaminate those communities. Those few plants that are permitted receive federal funding and once built are only lasting a year or two before they file for bankruptcy and their officers walk away rich. The reason they are not sustainable is not the lack of local woody biomass to keep up with the daily incineration requirements. It is the ever increasing cost that the biomass facility will have to pay for the wood chips to be brought in from outside their area.



The average payment is normally $9 a ton for chipped wood delivered. A small woody BioMass facility planned for Jefferson County will require over 100 large truck loads of woody BioMass a week. Once their local woody biomass is consumed, suppliers will have to find and haul in the scrap wood from ever increasing distances. Yes, there is plenty of woody scraps in Georgia. However, this increased distance adds to the cost of diesel fuel and time. The $9 a ton will no longer cover the cost. At the sametime the BioMass facility will not be able to pay more than $9 a ton as the value of the electricity produced will not cover the additional cost of the wood. Woody BioMass incineration is just not sustainable to make commercial electricity. The only people that ever get rich are the officers who pay themselves generous salaries from the Federal Grant and then leave the community. They will change their company name and begin looking for another community that will allow them to get another Federal Clean Energy Grant and build another Woody BioMass facility that again will not be sustainable.

Sam Booher

Simmons feels young parents need to be taught responsibility

Dear Editor:

Parents have you forgotten your role? As your children grow in this world there will be lots of things the world is doing thatís not right at all. Morals and respect are moving out for the role of tolerating and engaging in things that are clearly out of the will of God.

One thing in particular is children having babies and baby showers. This issue has become a regular and is really unacceptable to God. Our God instructed us concerning fornication. So when these things happen, youíre not to publicize it with baby showers and parties. Thatís saying that the behavior is fine and keep it up.

You might think of it in other terms, but not so. For the past few years children among themselves have been doing this and itís wrong and then the parents are involved and thatís definitely wrong. You are not to celebrate with a baby shower a young girlís pregnancy.

Clearly that was not Godís instructions. You can help them, encourage them to continue their educations, make sure they are fully responsible for the child, wake up when the child cries, (not the parent) take the child with them everywhere, if the parent babysits (charge). Teach them the full responsibility of having a baby. Remind them that the freedom of a young girl without a baby is over. Donít be a leg for them to stand on.

Buy what you please for your grandchild, but donít celebrate with baby showers. God will hold you responsible for such an event that is clearly not His way.

There are so many issues with our young folks that need attention to and starting somewhere is better than agreeing to the stuff, or sitting it out and putting a stamp of approval their behaviors. God stated that it is better to have not known whatís right than to have known and not done so. The women and men of age are to speak to them about whatís right and wrong, always. And it does not have to be your child, but if you are present and see it, speak.

Folks are always coming up with ways to keep our young folks off track. They spend a lot of money. Bad music and other stuff is acceptable and it leads to destruction of the minds of our young folk and some of the older ones also. But stand for whatís morally right. And speak out about it, have lots of talks about it and letís have community gatherings about our young folks. Letís teach them how to live right. Teach them that the wages for win is death. The wages, hourly for a job is paid at the end of the week, or two-weeks or monthly. Thereís pay for whatever you do. God would be pleased if we teach them, talk to them every chance we get. Young folks love to hear whatís right. Some have not been told. And always keep God in your conversation as you speak to them.


Annette Simmons

Thanks given for MLK parade support

Dear Editor:

On behalf of President Bobby Adams and all the members of the Jefferson County Ga. Chapter SCLC, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the participants, supporters and bystanders that came out to support the Second Annual MLK Parade held on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012 that was held in Louisville.

It was your presence, prayers and donations that made the parade a success in the celebration and memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King- The man, the legacy, and the dream.

We extend special thanks to Louisville City Administrator, Mr. Don Rhodes and his staff for their support in obtaining the required permit; to Louisville Police Chief Miller and his officers for their presence in keeping us safe; and to Jefferson County Sheriff Gary Hutchins and Major Charles Gibbons and the Jefferson County Sheriffís Office for their dedicated support and presence during the memorial service.

We also give special thanks for participation to Louisville Mayor Larry Morgan and the support from President Charlie Brown and members of the Jeffeson Co. NAACP, Wadley City Council members, Albert Samples and Dorothy Strowbridge and Louisville City Councilwoman Sherry Combs was overwhelming and greatly appreciated during the event.

To all the participating and contributing groups, businesses, organizations, food vendors and individuals, we are so grateful to you all and extend our heart-felt appreciation to each of you for making this parade happen. We look forward to making it even bigger and better in 2013 with your continued support!

Again, thank you and God Bless each of you!

Cynthia Cuyler
Sect. Jefferson County Ga. Chapter SCLC


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