December 15, 2011 Issue


Missing a tree

Dear Editor:

American owned and operated. God bless America. Is the logo of Ingles North Carolina based food chain corporation. Our local Ingles store in Louisville has been serving this community for many years and of this we are very proud, but an important American tradition is being neglected here, actually disappearing before our very eyes. Itís called Christmas, but it hasnít always been this way at Ingles.

Remember there a few years ago, the seemingly largest of Christmas trees standing with the blinking lights and a big red bow on top, and, oh yes, there were wrapped gifts around it and a display of childrenís toys nearby. I miss that tree and what it stood for.



Sure, there are poinsettias, fruitcakes and Christmas candies on display, but they are to be bought. This tree was like a gift to the customers. Someone had put forth some effort to get it out of storage, put it up and decorate it. It was a merry Christmas saying thank you for your support. It demanded nothing of the customer, no money, no coupons, etc. It just made you feel good and happy to look at it as you shopped during the season.

It is so sad now to go to Ingles minus the Christmas decorations. The only thing that makes it worthwhile are the wonderful clerks and cashiers who are always friendly, ready to help you and who are willing to put up the Christmas decorations in their store because they and the customers want this. Thanks to the video department for the small Christmas tree and garland put up recently.

To be told by local Ingles management first in 2010, and now in 2011, that a big deal was being made of this situation, quote, ďa big deal was being made about nothing,Ē is bothersome. Christmas will never be about nothing, but will always be about everything important to the people who observe and the customers who support this store day in and day out.

For every one person who may be offended by Christmas decorations, there are 50 who are offended because there are no decorations. A survey could be taken, but Christmas shouldnít have to be petitioned in.

Ingles home office supports Christmas with their weekly grocery ads broadcast with religious music in the background. They say it is up to their local stores whether they should ďparticipateĒ in Christmas. With this policy, though, comes the responsibility of the local store manager and management to be attuned to the wants and needs of their customers and to act accordingly. A personal opinion should not dictate their decision, as seems to be the case now.

A nativity scene, the sacred meaning of Christmas, is not being asked for here. The symbols of Christmas represented by red ribbons, bows, garlands, wreaths, etc., and most of all a Christmas tree, make up the wish list. You, Ingles, are our neighborhood grocery store, doing a good job of feeding our food needs and with some compassion can feed our souls.

Like a thief in the night, the things important in our lives, large or small, can be taken away from us gradually and discreetly if we donít care or speak up. During this Christmas season it is assuring to know that beliefs, rights and traditions can be hidden and harbored in the heart and that no government, no attempt at political correctness, or no local food chain can take that away. Let your voice be heard, no matter who or what your thief or Grinch is.

Merry Christmas,

Patsy Jordan

Ministry needs donations

Dear Editor:

The Christian Way Ministry and Treatment Center is in dire need of your help. The Ministry needs your help to purchase a working 60 acre cattle and poultry farm of 13 houses for a teen camp ranch and workplace to provide employment for 25 workers; Land for an herbal and produce farm; four large houses for residential retreats for in house clients working and receiving treatments; an old school for a learning center and ministry; three RVs for a rural mobile health clinic equipped with doctors, nurses, CNAs, social workers, food, clothing, books, etc.

The Ministry is asking each church and business for a loan. Congregational donation to be repaid back to each church in any amount. No amount is too small to loan, give or donate. Pledges can be for $1-$50, $50-$200 and $200-$500. Common property shares are $398-$2,500. Write for details.

Please contribute by choice, a loan, donation in the form of cash, check or money order.

The Christian Way Ministry and Treatment Center is eternally grateful for your help and prayers.

Yours truly,

Christine Hooks

Traffic light needed

Dear Editor:

Jefferson County is looking good for Jesus; He is he light of the World! Just get around the county and see all the beautiful lights and decorations celebrating Christís life. Our concern is about the light which can protect us here in Louisville.

At the intersection on the bypass near Sprint, Ingles and Middleground Road there is a caution light. We need a traffic light that can be visual for all of the citizens. Especially those walking and traveling U.S. Highway 1.

Jefferson County citizens must be aware and act on this before itís too late.

Have a safe holiday and peace to all.

Concerned Citizen,

Ms. Tina Hines


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