October 27, 2011 Issue


This is your last chance to vote

Dear Editor:

Every year The News and Farmer/The Jefferson Reporter gives its readers the opportunity to help us recognize the local businesses and their employees who go beyond the average call of duty in service in our annual Best of Jefferson County contest.

For the last several weeks we have run a ballot in this newspaper asking you, our readers, to vote on who you feel are the best service providers, public servants, food preparers and retailers in Jefferson County.



Everyone has an opinion and every one of us has had at least one experience where someone went out of his way to take care of our needs. This is the place to make sure they know their dedication made a difference to you.

Of all of the restaurants spread out across the area, who do you feel serves the best fried chicken? A lot of people take special pride in their barbeque, whose do you feel beats the rest? We can’t always get classic home cooking from our own kitchens. Whose home cooking comes the closest to mom’s?

Some service professionals, like our doctors, pharmacists, child care providers, hair stylists, and house cleaners become an awful lot like family. Who do you trust most?

If we’re honest, we’re not always at our most patient or agreeable when we deal with some local service providers. There are times when our mechanics, insurance agents, dentists, plumbers and lawyers have to help us navigate the bumpier roads in our lives. Has there been one, who in the last year, has helped smoothed a rough patch for you?

On the ballot there is also a place to recognize public servants like a firefighter, teacher, mail carrier, law enforcement officer or community sponsor.

All of these individuals and their businesses do more than provide us with the services, food and items we need to get by, day-to-day, right here at home in Jefferson County. They are also our friends and neighbors, and their jobs and businesses are what allow them to provide for their families and remain here.

Help us recognize them. This is the last week the ballot is scheduled to appear in the newspaper before we begin tallying the votes. It is on page 3B of this edition. All ballots must be turned in to our Louisville office or at Jay’s Hardware in Wrens by Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Thank you in advance for all you do to support these businesses and through them, the economy of Jefferson County.

Chorus department seeks help replacing piano

Dear Editor:

Be a part of the music at JCHS!

The Jefferson County High School Chorus Department has the hopes of refurbishing their current upright piano for use solely in the chorus room. They also hope to raise funds to purchase a used grand piano for school use in the theatre.

Having two pianos will reduce the wear and tear on the current piano caused by moving it several times a year and ensure maintaining a good quality of sound for each piano.

The Augusta Music Box Company in Augusta has recently provided the school with an estimate of $600 on the repair and refurbishment of the current chorus room piano. To replace the current piano with one a similar quality and size would be at least $4,000, so it has been determined that the most economical course of action would be to repair the current piano.

As for purchasing a grand piano for use in the theatre, Hannah Pianos of Columbia, S.C., has used grands for $4,000 to $5,000. This would be the secondary fund-raising goal, to ensure that the chorus room piano, once refurbished, remains in good quality for daily use with our chorus students.

The Chorus Department would appreciate any donation, no matter how small, to work toward this goal. They would also like for you to spread the word to those organizations and individuals in the community that would like to be a part of furthering the music program at JCHS in this way.

All donations go through the JCHS School Office and are placed in a designated fund-raising account for the purpose of purchasing these pianos.

Thank you for any help that you can give. Every little bit brings us closer to our goal!

H.E. Johnson
choral director
Jefferson County High School

There is help for victims of domestic violence

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to the article in The News and Farmer regarding the murder of Jennifer Wells. I thank you for reporting on this story, letting your readers know that the possibility of violence does not necessarily end after a couple is separated or divorced.

I would, however, like to register my concern that nowhere in the article was the term “domestic violence” used, or were resources for victims of domestic violence given.

Domestic violence affects more than 250,000 women in Georgia each year. It is the single greatest cause of injury to women between the ages of 14 and 44. It injures more women than muggings, rapes and car accidents combined. But it is not just physical violence – it is the establishment of control and fear in a relationship through physical, sexual, emotional and/or financial abuse.

I would like to suggest that you might provide information for victims of domestic violence and/or stalking who may be reading your paper. Batterers and stalkers can be incredibly dangerous, and victims need to know that they can call their local domestic violence organization for legal assistance and safety planning, or to stay in the safehouse if they need to be in a confidential location for safety. Victims of stalking and domestic violence anywhere in Georgia can call our state’s 24-hour violence hotline 1-800-33-Haven and have their call routed to the advocacy agency closest to them.

In addition, domestic violence is not just a family matter, and we need our whole community to recognize that family violence is a crime and that batterers and stalkers should be held responsible for their actions before a homicide ever takes place. That is why it is so important to label acts of domestic violence as such, so that our community begins to recognize it and, possibly, the signs of family violence in their own lives.

Judy Lester
Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence
Decatur GA


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