October 20, 2011 Issue


Voters, speak up

Dear Editor:

It pains me to read the blatant un-truths by someone I thought had more smarts than what he sent you to print. My first thought was: Is this some sort of dream he, and the Tea Party-Republicans were having? I feel as if he’s being mis-led as so many others, that think the president and his wife would say those things. As you and your readers know, most people who are not in the know will believe lies. In my 60 plus years, I’ve learned that most Republican-Tea Party American, or those that just don’t like the notion of having a black family in the White House will believe anything negative they read or hear about the first family. If at anytime you want to know the facts, or the truth of anything he, the Tea Party, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Independents, or myself say in these Voices, please look it up at politifact.com. Ladies and Gentlemen, below are the politifacts:

It would be difficult to tally the many, many ways this e-mail is false, but we’ll start with the obvious ones. First, Obama was not on Meet the Press on Sept. 7. The guests were Joe Biden and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. Nor was Gen. Bill Ginn on the show.



Ginn is indeed a retired Air Force general and not a fan of Obama. In an interview with PolitiFact, Ginn cited Obama’s association with Weather Underground co-founder William Ayers, the group Acorn and his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, as just a few examples why he does not want Obama to be president.

But Ginn said the Meet the Press account was fabricated and that he had never spoken to Obama. Ginn said his name might have gotten attached to the e-mail because of a message he sent to a friend expressing concern about Obama not putting his hand over his heart during the national anthem.

Neither is Dale Lindsborg a reporter at the Washington Post . Anne Kornblut, a real political reporter from the Post , said in an online chat that she checked the paper’s directory and couldn’t find anyone by that name.

And, Obama’s quote is fabricated. It seems to be a mashup from at least two sources. The anthem part comes from a satirical column published on the Web in October 2007 by Arizona writer John Semmens that produced the original bogus e-mail that we checked last spring.

We couldn’t determine the origin of the part about redesigning the American flag “to better offer our enemies hope and love,” but a search of the Project Vote Smart database of Obama’s speeches indicates he has not uttered the phrase. He also has not made the remark about his wife disrespecting the flag, according to the Vote Smart database.

This chain e-mail, like most that we’ve checked, is false. In fact, it’s so ridiculously, maliciously false, that it sets the Truth-O-Meter ablaze.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ll say this again, I voted for then Senator Obama in 2008, and yes he has let me down on some of the Compromising he’s done with the Republican House. My opinion is this. You can not compromise with someone who wants to cut, cut, cut, and not have a plan to do anything but say no, no, no. Besides wanting to drive the President out of office, anyway they can, and making sure the rich stay rich, they have no other plans to put people back to work, or helping America recover from the problem it’s in.

Finally to him and all those who think like him. It is indeed up to us, the voters to stand up, speak up, and vote next year to weed out those who want to bring down our great country, just to get the President out of the white house. You would think they would want the world to at least think that America’s racial problems were gone, but there are those that don’t care what the world think. They will never change. Sad, very sad indeed.

Clyde D’Antignac
Future Wadley Resident

Our rivers need our support

Dear Editor:

Yesterday the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) used $35K of taxpayer dollars to restock the Ogeechee River after a massive 38K+ fish kill late in May. They have identified King Finishing, a private company, as the source for the pollution.

But it gets even worse-the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) inspected King Finishing and never discovered that they were dumping fire retardant chemicals into the river without a permit, for five years! EPD leaders, once they realized they were clearly caught with their pants down, set up a consent agreement (which isn’t a fine or penalty, but rather money for a supplemental environmental project) for King Finishing to spend $1M on some unidentified project, which may in fact not even be connected to the damage done at the river.

To add to the insult to all Georgians, but particularly people fishing and swimming in the river, selling supplies to boaters and outdoors sportsmen, and wildlife supporters, King Finishing could have been fined $91M! But if the EPD inspected and failed to find the unpermitted dumping, how can it then turn around and punish the polluter to the full extent possible?

To further indicate just how bad oversight is across state departments, a recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) on factory farms revealed that the Agriculture Department isn’t inspecting factory farms in the state and the EPD isn’t finding the resulting pollution in rivers, streams, and lakes. Bert Langley with the EPD was quoted in the AJC, “We get very few complaints, which is typically our window into whether there are gross problems occurring,”

The AJC quoted Justine Thompson, Executive Director of GreenLaw, about the method, or lack thereof, of oversight: “If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? If a farm is not inspected or looked at, does it have a violation?” Thompson said. “They are not inspecting these places. To unequivocally make a proclamation that places they’ve never seen are in compliance is inconceivable.”

Clearly the Emperor has no clothes, and doesn’t have the sense to figure out where or how to get some.

Katherine Cummings
Taxpayer, Washington County

Harlem mayor apologizes

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Harlem City Council, the Oliver Hardy Festival Committee and myself, we would like to apologize to anyone that attended the Oliver Hardy Festival Parade and was affected by the morbid scenes and actions of a group advertising a haunted house. We were not aware of what was about to take place and this group was not approved to participate in the parade.

The City of Harlem has always felt confident in the safe and wholesome nature of the Oliver Hardy Festival and Parade. We take pride in the beauty, cleanliness and most importantly the family friendly atmosphere of our city.

Please be assured that we will make every effort to ensure that this type of behavior is not allowed in future city parades. We ask that you return to our community and make plans to attend the Oliver Hardy Festival and Parade next year.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert W. Culpepper

Sewage sludge could contain poisons

Dear Editor:

It all starts with a protein called a prion. This protein does not have DNA or RNA, yet it can infect and replicate or grow just like bacteria or germs. To become toxic, the prion becomes folded or deformed and when it comes in contact with a healthy protein prion—which all living creatures have—the infective deadly prions explode exponentially. An infective or deformed prion will touch one healthy prion and it becomes infected and away it goes! Scientists believe the prion are passed into the blood system and bypasses the blood-brain barrier. The growth of the infective killer prions are then found in the brains of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS patients, and a disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)---all with a variant of Mad Cow twisted prion proteins.

There are three types of CJD disease and it is often misdiagnosed as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Variant CJD is a rapid type of neurodegenerative disease and death is usually within a period of months to several years—not the ten year cycle attributed to Alzheimer’s Disease. All ages are susceptible—even children. Anyone traveling to Europe since 1980 and spending at least three months cannot donate blood according to the American Red Cross. It is still unknown; since there are no tests to detect the infective prions in blood, how many transfusions have been made with prion infected blood. Nobody knows.

Regardless of the species with the killer twisted proteins—humans, rats, cats, mink, deer, hogs, chickens, elk, etc., the accumulation of these twisted prions are in the brain, spinal cord and all body fluids like blood, urine, saliva, lymph fluids are infective. There are no processes known to kill the infective prions except extreme heat of at least 1,000 degrees Centigrade (1, 832 degrees Fahrenheit). No chemicals, no sewage treatment processes, no water treatments, no UV or sunlight will kill these prions. In fact when sewage sludge is spread on farmlands, these prions stay infective for over three years by binding with the soil and they are insoluble in water.

Did you know these killers were in the sewage sludge brought to Jefferson County from Augusta? No? Well, according to the US-EPA prions are listed eight different times as infective agents of concern in sewage sludge. Any human discharges from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, or the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease patients are going down the drain into the sewage from residences, hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and even funeral homes These prions are not only concentrated in the sewage sludge, but the “cleaned sewage water” that is discharged back into your rivers, lakes and streams goes into the next town’s drinking water supply.

Want to know more about this deadly infective disease you may be exposed to? If you have access to a computer look up any of the words given above or go to the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases at the University of California at San Francisco. There you will learn about Dr. Stanley Prusiner who discovered the prion as the cause of the deadly CJD and won the Nobel Prize in 1997 for his work to identify the twisted prion as the cause of Mad Cow Disease in England. There are thousands of completed or ongoing scientific studies trying to figure out how to deal with this deadly collection of diseases and the number of victims are growing each year. The Council on Aging estimates that Alzheimer’s or prion-like neurodegenerative diseases will increase 62 percent by 2020. So get ready.

In the meantime, you may want to stop Augusta from spreading all their toxic sewage sludge with unknown chemical mixtures, prions, and heavy metals on your county’s land with a very high potential for water contamination, airborne transmission, and even school children breathing in pathogens or disease causing agents. Human infective prions are 100,000 times more infective than those from cows, sheep, deer, etc. In fact, human prions can cross species to infect cows and other grazing animals from land applied sewage sludge.

Georgia has the fourth highest death rate from blood poisoning in the US as well as also ranking No. 4 for deaths by kidney failures and renal (kidney) high blood pressure according to the CDC’s latest figures in the Health Profile Summary. Just think of the low population in Jefferson County versus some of the counties in the US with a hundred times your population and you can see what the damage has been to your health. What is causing the high death rates for blood poisoning and kidney failures?

Oh, by the way---scientists estimate that 15 percent of prion diseases can be passed on genetically to future generations. Don’t you think it is time to protect yourself, your children and future generations from this list of fatal diseases---or at least reduce your exposure to these infective, can’t be killed-- twisted prions and other causes of high death rates in Jefferson County?

Nancy Holt


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