September 29, 2011 Issue


Voters should limit politicians to one term

Dear Editor:

Pres. Obama and congress are unsustainable. They are incompetent, corrupt, clueless, untrainable and unrepairable. Americaís only option is to replace the entire gaggle of career politicians.

Never reelect any politician, for any reason. Americans must defend themselves against the concentrated attack and massive collateral damage inflicted on the country and the economy by career politicians. Experience in politics is not proof of ability but rather a certification of corruption.



Honest political candidates should limit themselves to one term. None of them will. ďI do not seek and will not accept a second term,Ē should be part of the oath in the swearing-in ceremony of each member of congress. It isnít. Only voters can enforce the one-term rule.

Dan McDermott

Neighbor thanks firefighters

Dear Editor:

I would publicly like to thank the Louisville Fire Department, Chief Lamar Baxley, Alan Logue and the many others who came to the fire at 703 Mulberry St., the large house on the corner. The fire was put out in a short time. It is an empty, run-down house that is afire hazard in its state. Iím grateful to the fire department for putting it out quickly before it could burn completely and create more damage to the surrounding homes (mine included). I would also like to thank the Good Samaritan who rang my doorbell and knocked loudly to warn me that the house next door was on fire. They did this to several homes close by. Again, I am deeply grateful for the people in the fire department in Louisville who responded so quickly and effectively. Donna Borders

Donna Borders

DíAntignac says Gingrich is the only one with experience

Dear Editor:

The last two weeks Iíve watched pretenders, wanting to be contenders for Pres. Obamaís job. Iíve yet to see anyone come close to taking it. What Iíve seen is a bunch of good (old) boys laughing and snickering with each other, trying not to give the president any ammo, if one of them makes it to the head of the class. And please, letís not forget the female pretender. She came out swinging in one of the debates, but last night (Sept. 22), she had no fire. One has to assume that she got blasted pretty hard for her statements about the so-called leader of the pack.

Not only did the right wing media come down on her, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, the right wing blogs, and what she thought was her base, the tea party came down on her, too. Poor baby, Rick Perry has stolen her base. Last night back slapping, I gave to Romney, but the one who looked and sounded presidential was Newt Gingrich. To be honest, heís the only one in that crowd who has any experience to even think about being president.

Whatís really funny was every time they were asked a question, they would go all out to right field, (not answering the question) but end with a comment about something Obama hadnít done, but not with how they would fix it, or anywhere close to answering what was asked. I got bored and went to HBO and watched a movie. To be honest, the movie made more sense than they did.

I read something in a letter that was written a few weeks ago that the tea party was hope and they must be on the right track; because, they are being attacked from all sides by those who would lose their power, and that this person was a proud member of the tea party. I have only this to say to that proud member: It is your right to be a tea party member, but when the time comes to vote, youíll only see democrats, republicans, and independents, to vote for, when you enter the voting booth. So my question is this: are you a tea party member, or are you a confused tea party republican? At any rate, I hope the state of Georgia changes the paperwork in the voting booth, just for you, when November 2012 comes so you can find out what those in Wisconsin found out after they put the republicans in charge of their state.

To say that Obama is the cause of the problems we as Americans are having is childish. Iíll be the first to tell you that the economy is in bad shape, and no one has to tell you that millions are jobless. One man with one Veto Power Vote (which can be overturned) by the same Congress saying no to everything he has proposed, you would think the American people would be wised up, and see that the Tea Party Republicans mean them no good. They ran on the promise that if you would give them the House back they would create jobs. You would think that would have been their top priority, but it was not. Their top priority is to see Obama gone.

Here it is September, nine months after they won back the House and theyíve finally come up with a JOB BILL, after Obama came up with his job bill. Ladies and gentlemen on the right, wake up before itís too late. Donít let these wolves (tea drinkers) in sheepís clothing, fool you. They mean you no good, and most of them have no idea about what they are involved in. Their only goal is to get Obama out of the White House, and if that means bringing down the country, to do it, so be it. Is that what you want in control of your government? Obama didnít get us in this mess weíre in, the house and the senate did this, and thatís a fact. Obama doesnít have the power to pass bills, the house and senate do. Now, thatís what that proud Tea Party member ought to be telling you.

Clyde DíAntignac
Future Wadley Resident

EMC members urged to attend meeting

Dear Editor:

Washington EMC members get one chance a year to come together and find out what is happening at our co-op. EMC members own the co-op. Members have an obligation to be involved in co-op business and to hold the Board of Directors (BOD) accountable for the decisions it makes.

If you are a Washington EMC member, did you know that the BOD sets the electric rates you pay and that you canít appeal to the Georgia Public Service Commission to change them - like GA power customers can? The WEMC BOD is the only group that members can appeal to if they donít agree with the rates set.

For three years some co-op members have asked questions at annual meetings about the decision to join the five EMCs called Power4Georgians who want to build the coal plant, Plant Washington. Their questions have not been not answered. Finally this year, the BOD has agreed to a question and answer session following the door-prize drawings at the WEMC Annual Meeting on Saturday morning, Oct. 1, at Elder Middle School in Sandersville.

Whether you agree with the BODís decisions or not, itís important to remember the BOD is accountable to the members. Being a member of a co-op should be democracy in its purest form. We need local control of our co-op so that it serves the members well. Fellow EMC members are urged to attend the Q & A session, listen to the questions asked and hear the answers given by the BOD.

Registration opens and voting for three BOD positions begins at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Elder Middle School at Highway 88 and Linton Road in Sandersville.

The business meeting begins at 10 a.m.; and the Q & A session will occur after the door-prize drawing. Please come to find out more. Hear for yourself and be involved, so that Washington EMC is the best possible co-op for members and our community.

Thank you,

Lyle Lansdell


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