September 22, 2011 Issue


SCLC changes leader

Dear Editor:

On Sept. 17, the Jefferson County Ga. Chapter SCLC Executive Board unanimously voted to remove Minister James Ivery from position of President of the Chapter, effective immediately.



The board also unanimously voted that current Vice President, Bobby Adams will act as interim President until a Chapter election is held.

Thank you.

Cynthia Cuyler,
secretary, on behalf of the
Jefferson County Ga. Chapter SCLC

Citizen upset with policy

Dear Editor:

Last week I took a check from a friend drawn on Regions Bank to Regions Bank in Louisville to collect a debt owed me.

Much to my surprise and dismay, I was told Regions would charged me $15 to cash a check on their bank.

Why would this be a bank policy?

It surely didn’t cost them any more to take their client’s check from me than it would from an account holder.

I was told I would have to open a checking account with them to avoid the $15 charged.

Note to the president, this is not the way to increase your checking account holders.

I guess if the check had been for $10 I would have to pay the bank another $5 and end up with nothing.

Finally, my lesson is learned. I will never accept a check written on Regions Bank as long as this practice is their policy.

Albert R. Clements

Recent air crash renews memories from 35 years ago

Dear Editor:

The horrific crash on Sept. 16, 2011, at the Reno Air Races brings back memories 35 years to the date, of a well known Wadley citizen.

Jack Sliker, age 49, died Sept. 16, 1975, in a vintage Bearcat plane on final approach to the Flagstaff, Ariz., Airport. At the time, he was making a cross country flight back home to Wadley.

Jack had finished the National Championship Air Races at Reno, Nev., with a victorious first place in the Silver Race and third place in the Championship. His racing plane named “Escape II” was the last Grumman F8F Bearcat WWII fighter built for the Navy.

During the late 1950s, a job as corporate pilot for R.G. Foster and Company, brought the New Jersey native to Wadley.

Jack flew the company 310 Cessna twin engine, operating on a grass landing strip outside of town. Years later, Jack’s Flying Service was founded along with Wadley native Hugh Alexander.

Together they flew Piper Cub crop dusters providing services to area farmers. Another business founded by Jack and Hugh was Southeastern Aircraft, Inc., located at the more modern Louisville Airport. The business was later operated by Jack’s wife Madeline and the late D. Byron Burt.

Jack’s air racing began in 1969 flying a P-51 Mustang named “Escape I” which was another infamous WWII vintage fighter. In 1972, tragedy struck Jack’s valued friend and business partner when Hugh died in connection with his racing hobby. He was flying a Formula I midget racer during the Transpo Air Race in Washington, D. C.

Jack was a professional pilot and a top competitor in the extreme sport of air racing. He was fondly known and respected by many in the Jefferson County area as well. Among his possessions, a poem found written on a yellow legal pad, which expressed beautifully his sentiments in his love of flying and his aircraft. It bears the name of his beloved F8F Bearcat.

“Escape II”
Far below the earth lies shrouded in
a dull grey blanket of steam
The bright blue sky reflects from the
white wings of my freedom machine
The least flick of the wrist and sky
replaces grey murk as roll continues
till all is but a blur
The ties of Earth and cares of Life
dissolve in the freedom of untethered
flight such as few have ever known
This is to be shared by no one
For in my Escape Machine I am Alone.

Jack Sliker
September 1975

Alan Rachels


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