September 15, 2011 Issue


What is it that we are doing for our country?

Dear Editor:

One of my favorite quotes is one made by a Democratic President, even though I am a Republican. “And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for YOU, but what YOU can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural address Jan. 20, 1961.

When I hear that I think that a vast majority of Americans are doing just the opposite, it seems that people are always wanting and expecting something for free, a free ride, and take all you can take. Nothing in this world is free; something you may get for free someone else is paying for, mainly hard working tax payers like me.



John Adams said “The nature of the encroachment upon American constitution is such, as to grow every day more and more encroaching. Like a cancer; it eats faster and faster every hour. The revenue creates pensioners, and the pensioners urge for more revenue. The people grow less steady, spirited and virtuous, the seekers more numerous and more corrupt, and every day increases the circles of their dependents and expectants, until virtue, integrity, public spirit, simplicity and frugality become the objects of ridicule and scorn, and vanity, luxury, foppery, selfishness, meanness, and downright venality swallow up the whole of society.”

Reading these makes me wonder what are we doing for our country. We talk about our country being broke, we blame one party or the other but perhaps it is time we look at ourselves. Do you go out and work every day, or do you choose to sit around and let someone else take care of you? Do you offer to help a neighbor or a stranger in need; do you volunteer your time to help others? Do we really put much thought into who we go to the polls and vote for or do we vote based on popularity?

Elections are not popularity contests, or who has a better smile, or promises made or who has more charisma, it is serious business and the decision you make should be taken seriously.

It seems that we have turned into a society of selfish, self centered people, a “me” generation. Well, let me share something with you, life isn’t all about “you.” Everything we do has an impact on someone else, we touch others lives in ways we don’t even realize.

It amazes me how our forefather’s somehow had a foresight of things to come; when you read quotes from them you can see it. Until we as a country can become self sufficient again we will stay in financial trouble. Look in local stores, how many things do you see “Made in America?” Mr. Sam Walton who I had the pleasure to meet when I lived in Oklahoma in 1985 prided himself and his Wal-Mart stores in the “Made in America” concept; he sought out American companies to supply his stores with products low enough to meet foreign competition. Since his death you find few products in Wal-Mart that are made in America, you hardly find them anywhere.

More and more factories are closing all the time we only have to look right in our own back yards to see that and the impact it has on local economies. Jobs need to be created, not outsourced to other countries. If we can’t create jobs for people and be self sufficient then more people will be dependent on the government and when that happens we will lose more and more of our basic rights, it is already happening.

Is this really what we want? Do we want to be dependent on the government and take the crumbs that they offer, to allow them to control our very existence? Government does not need to be that powerful! I think that America is a wonderful place, and I think that we need to demand better of our elected officials. We can’t expect the government to continue to give, give, give, the money is not there to give anymore and anyone in office who thinks that the government should be supporting people instead of creating jobs needs to not be re-elected. We can choose to be Dependent or Independent, I choose Independence!

Tamera Gaskin

SCLC responds to DA’s report

Dear Editor:

The Jefferson County Ga Chapter SCLC board members and SCLC National Office will review the GBI and DA’s reports, eyewitnesses’statements, the Louisville City Police Dept’s policies and procedures as all related to the two officers’ (James Boatright and Elliott Kline) conduct in question. Furthermore, the Jefferson County Ga Chapter SCLC board will review the hiring practices of the Louisville Police Chief and council.

The reviews in question will afford the Jefferson County Ga Chapter SCLC board members the opportunity to make an informed decision to determine what course of action the Chapter will pursue.

Thank you.

Cynthia Cuyler,
Secretary on behalf of the Jefferson County Ga Chapter SCLC board members

Organizer gives thanks

Dear Editor:

Sept 11th has come and gone and our third annual “Cry Out America” EVENT has come and gone. But I gotta tell ya...the effects of what happened there will go on for a long, long time. Spirit filled prayers were lifted up and heard in the Throne Room of God!! We were there in one accord to Cry Out to God for our beloved America. The Word of God filled our prayers and the Word of God does not return void! It goes forth and accomplishes what God intends it to accomplish.

We prayed for God’s Kingdom to come in every area that touches our lives…In the educational system, in government, in families, in business, in the media, in arts and entertainment and in religion. Thy Kingdom Come Thy will be Done on earth as it is in Heaven! Prayers must continue to go up…Christians must continue to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways so God can heal our land. God’s people must call upon the name of Jesus to save us! If you love America, call upon the God you love…He’s listening…He cares…and He also loves America...not exclusively…He loves all people but I believe we have a special place in His heart because in years gone by we did put Him first and we must return to putting Him first.

Our hope for America is this Bible verse: Mathew 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Let’s begin to do it.

A big thanks to all who came Sunday afternoon to “Cry Out America.” Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for loaning us their chairs…thanks to Mayor Larry Morgan for participating and all the pastors and lay persons who prayed. Thanks so much to our out of town guest Angie Connor Hicks for blessing us with a most exciting and touching message on America and her God! See you next year at our fourth annual “Cry Out America.”

Judy Tatum
Dove Tracks Ministries
Louisville, Ga.


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