September 1, 2011 Issue


We need unity, for our children, for ourselves

Dear Editor:

My two cents....

I have recently acquired a strong desire for politics. The conclusion is, the biggest TV show in entertainment. Look around people. We have people calling Ronald Reagan the best president of modern times. Let me say this, find his speech in Philadelphia, Miss., on states rights.



Our elderly were put at risk with the possible default on money they worked for. Before Pres. Obama, the kitty was already tapped into. Jeffersonians, our elderly and youths are the poorest demographic in our county. Yet republican backers waste no time to downgrade our president for inheriting Bush’s mess. The No Child Left Behind bus didn’t even stop in Jefferson County. Study the numbers. We need to take a serious look at what’s going on.

Racism will always exist. When we cannot take a moment to respect each other, no solution will ever manifest itself. We are not helping our youth. We sit back and blame youth for guns and our CIA are selling weapons to cartels. We had this same problem in the Iran Contra affair in the ‘80s. We are on the verge of schooling our youth in the prison system.

Truths are in our face every day. It’s time to stand up. Jobs are leaving and none are replacing them. We have to do something. If we don’t, we will fill up our police log two pages long. That is the plan. We must unite now before it’s too late. Thank you.

Fernandias McCoy

Praise for city manager

Dear Editor:

Mayors in Louisville come and go, but City Administrator Don Rhodes has served well through several administrations.

This writer wishes to commend Mr. Rhodes for his ability to secure grants.

Last week’s edition of your paper told of the latest grant and no interest loan to drill our town a well and to revamp the local water system.

What with the new fire department building almost complete and the waterworks project, local residents may soon find their fire insurance premiums going down.

Mr. Rhodes last week told me that ISO officials (the ISO number sets fire insurance rates) recently visited here checking the fire department building and projected waterworks improvements.

Mr. Rhodes said Louisville has an ISO rating of 5. The goal, he said, is a 3.

Mr. Rhodes; many years of experience in writing grant applications makes him invaluable in this regard.

Jefferson County’s per capita income is one of the lowest in Georgia. This fact has aided in the securing of local grants.

The next time you see Mr. Rhodes, thank him for the job he is doing at city hall.


Bob Gordy

Cry Out America, Sept. 11

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this time, hoping late is better than never, to thank all those who came to An Appalachian Dawn at the Pal Theater on Aug. 2. I know you were blessed as I was to see the transformation that took place in Manchester, Ky. However, please understand that there is more to it than just watching a good documentary!

There is responsibility in what we have witnessed! I believe those that were there were drawn there by the Lord…and through it He has a message for us. The message is about unity within the body of Christ. In the Bible John 17 is all about unity. It is the prayer of Jesus Himself! He reveals His heart in this chapter…perhaps summing up what He had been teaching all along. He and the Father are one and He desires that oneness for all who are born again Christians. He has made us one with Him and He will make us one with each other if we will give Him permission.

God is doing a work of tearing down walls…tearing down restraints that keep His children separated. Yes, we all have our own meeting places each Sunday but there needs to be a coming together outside those walls frequently.

One opportunity we have to come together in unity will be on Sept. 11, which falls on Sunday this year. It will be a time that we can come together at the Courthouse in Louisville to pray for our nation. It will be a time to remember the terrorism that came to America on that day 10 years ago! But more importantly it will also be a time to worship the Lord and remember who He is and what He can do to bring restoration and transformation to Jefferson County and to all of America.

I have invited Angie Conner Hicks to be with us. She will bless you both in song and with a message from the Lord. She has ministered at over 700 military installations worldwide, to over half a million soldiers and she has a voice that rivals any great singer I’ve ever heard. We are privileged to have her coming to Louisville!

This Cry Out America event will take place at the Courthouse at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 11. Please come and encourage as many others as you can to come with you. If you pastor a church, perhaps let this be your evening service. This is our third annual event. Let’s get together for this hour to an hour and half event to show God that His prayer is also our prayer. That we desire to see the unity in the body of Christ that He desires to see. He gives us the desire of our hearts, how about if this time we give Him the desire of His heart. If you have any questions, please contact me.


Judy Tatum
Dove Tracks Ministries
100 W. 8th St.
Louisville, Ga.
(478) 625-3065


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