August 25, 2011 Issue


Clements Likes Perry

Dear Editor:

With the most important election in the history of the USA coming up in a little over a year the public can expect to see tidal waves of info regarding candidates that will eventually determine who will lead our country for the following four years. Our job, as citizens of this country is to determine what is factual and what is not (No easy task).

I found much to be challenged in the letter submitted by my “Pen Pal,” Mr. D, Future Wadley Resident. Parroting Obama’s words, he said America always has and always will “Bounce Back.” That is totally untrue. We will never, in our lifetime, return to the days of low unemployment and prospering businesses of just a few years ago (and certainly not to true greatness as suggested).



Only half of our citizens pay income taxes and many have never held a regular job but fill roles of “baby daddies” who never heard of birth control, continually add to the gulping down of tax dollars.

One can yell forever about not taxing the wealthy enough but to do so indicates a lack of understanding of how things actually work. As I have constantly said, When taxes are increased on the wealthy, or those approaching wealthy status, one of three things will happen.

1) The wealthy will increase the price of the services they provide, 2) They will send their raw materials out of the country where the finished product can be made and shipped back to this country cheaper than having that work done in America because of the big unions driving up costs of everything in this country, 3) They will decide that either they have enough money to retire or are just fed up with conditions in this country.

Either way those employed in such businesses will be sent to our ever-growing unemployed line. This is why our country will never return to greatness as suggested. That, my friends, is why the middle class and some lower class workers will continue to pay for all tax increases regardless of what we call it.

No significant creation of jobs is occurring mainly because the first order of business for Obama was to bail out tons and tons of financial related facilities and auto makers and then the worst piece of legislation ever created in this country, Obamacare. After vowing to be the most “open” administration in history, Obamacare was put together behind closed doors while having to openly bribe politicians to vote for Obamacare to get it passed by the narrowest of margins.

Mr. D refers to Michele Bachman as a flake yet she has many degrees from several different colleges, is married to the same man for over 30 years with five children, has cared for 23 foster children and has served in elected public office for 12 years (six years as a Minnesota state senator and six years in congress). Apparently all the negatives he could dredge up consisted of calling her a flake. By referring to her as a flake he has now exposed himself for what he really is. If she is a flake then I truly believe we need many, many more flakes in this country. Apparently the term “flake” is another little item Mr. D has “borrowed” from those in the media (Chris Matthews). I found nothing derogatory in Webster’s dictionary about using the word “flake.” Perhaps Mr. D can explain that to us later.

Most of Mr. D’s tirade consisted of bashing Texas governor, Rick Perry, who according to Mr D, is a liar. Folks if I’m an Obama supporter I would never, ever mention the term “liar.” I have checked and basically everything Obama promised in his effort to get elected has turned out to be a lie. (He did get a dog for the White House as he promised). One can say whatever they please about Rick Perry (RP) but there are so many positives that his few transgressions will be dramatically shattered. RP was raised up in a tenant farmer family without indoor plumbing (So was I Mr. D), an Eagle Scout, a grad of Texas A&M and commissioned into the Air Force where he became a C-130 pilot. Now at age 61, he has won nine elections to four different offices in Texas state government. He ran as a democrat in the first three elections but switched to the Republican Party and is currently the governor of Texas, a position he has held for 11 years, the longest tenure of any governor in the nation. Since succeeding George Bush in 2000 he was re-elected every term.

The last election in 2010 he won by 55 percent against a field including a democrat, a libertarian, a green party and an independent. RP has never lost an election so apparently most Texans and most Americans disagree with Mr. D’s assessment of Gov. RP. Under RP’s leadership, Texas has added more jobs than the other 49 states combined. I know Mr. D asked us not to discuss this but facts are facts folks. Half of the top 10 cities with the highest job growth in the nation are in Texas. RP signed into law “Loser pays tort” reform and medical litigation rules that caused malpractice rates to fall. Some 20,000 doctors have since relocated to Texas. Texas includes 58 of the Fortune 500 companies, more than any other state. This year’s legislative season has left Texas with no new taxes and a $6 billion rainy day fund and several months ago Texas resumed its pre-recession employment level.

Another thing in RP’s favor is that he and the George W. Bush family and political team have been on opposing sides since RP’s third gubernatorial election when the Bush Team supported Kay Bailey Hutcheson but I am confident the “Bush Machine” will support RP if he gets the nomination.

While pulling out all stops to get his budget passed recently, and he was not getting his way on raising the ceiling debt, Obama threatened to not pay Social Security retirees, military retirees, Social Security disability and federal retirees. It was quite noticeable that he did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens, fire the thousands of unnecessary federal employees he has added, costs of his and Michelle’s (plus all their staffs, body guards, friends and families) gallivanting around the planet on multiple aircraft, senators, representatives and their staff, entitlements or foreign aid.

Obama cannot possibly run on his record so we can expect more of the same from Mr. D and his ilk over the next year, bashing the brightest and best that America has to offer. That is their only hope. Unlike RP, Obama is all hat and no cattle so long as RP maintains his good humor and enthusiasm and reminds all Americans that, while he has some flaws, they are miniscule when compared to Obama’s.

If Mr. D has this terrible opinion of Gov. RP I shudder to think of how he might feel about the other 49 governors, especially if they are not liberal governors.

I am going to continue to support Herman Cain but in the likely event Herman doesn’t get the nomination I would be proud to support Gov. Rick Perry for our next president.

Robert L. Clements
Future Resident of The Poorhouse


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