August 4, 2011 Issue


What we lack is elected officials with the will to compromise

Dear Editor:

I am a life-long republican. I have proudly voted for republican candidates, supported them financially and worked long hours in campaigns to see republicans elected. My fondest memories include working for Paul Coverdell…one of the finest humans I ever met…when he was first starting his political career in the Georgia statehouse.

I have followed closely the recent events in Washington, even though they have been painful and depressing to watch. I have wondered what I could do to help my country at this difficult juncture. All I can think of is to share my thoughts with you.



First of all, I respect the work you have done on behalf of Georgians through the years. And I also realize that notwithstanding your elected position’s power and prominence, you face serious constraints being in the senate’s minority party. But nevertheless, please understand that the folks back home want you to exercise every resource at your disposal to make this crisis come to an end and then to take the necessary steps to put America’s fiscal house back in order. Despite the frustrations, please don’t waiver in your enthusiasm, your optimism and your determination to find a solution.

But please do not underestimate the fury of ordinary citizens over the current crisis…a crisis that is not of our making, does not reflect economic realities and is in every respect a total invention of our political leadership. At the grocery store, on the golf course, at restaurants, at the library, at the civic club meetings, Georgians are talking about Washington and they are not saying flattering things.

Georgians know that America is not Greece. There is no reason for our country to be on a collision course with default. Despite its current weakness, our economy is fundamentally sound. We have plenty of money to pay our bills. There is no shortage of ideas to increase revenues without damaging economic growth. And as for spending cuts, John Taylor, one of America’s smartest economists, estimates that to balance the federal budget, we need to reduce spending levels to those of 2007. Does that sound so difficult? So we don’t lack the resources to fix our problems. What we do lack is elected officials with the will to fashion and to agree to a compromise that will pay our bills and set a course to make our country and our economy successful again.

Without question, the democrats have behaved shamefully. I realize it’s hard to negotiate with people whose first premise is no change to any entitlement program. But the tea party zealots have certainly made their own intemperate contributions. The debate has been so strident and full of intransigent passion that Washington has terrified markets, global investors and the American citizenry. And the national food fight has gotten so rowdy that the credit rating agencies switched on Fox News, got wind of impending Armageddon and decided that duty demanded they tell the world what a poor credit risk we are, seeing as how our political class can’t be trusted.

But here’s the good news. Just as this crisis was wholly created in Washington, it can likewise be solved in Washington. You don’t need the support of the NRA, Big Labor, the tort lawyers, the pharmaceuticals, the US Chamber, Wall Street, MoveOn.org or the Heritage Foundation…all of which have impressive credentials as obstacles on the proverbial “path forward.” No sir. The instant crisis can be solved by just 536 folks who are all right there inside the beltway. I guess that’s good news.

There is another observation I would make. Who told the House Republicans that republicans throughout the country …like me…were insisting that the fiscal woes of the country had to be solved without raising one new dollar of revenue? If Bill Gates and Warren Buffet want to pay more taxes, far be it from me to insist that they not. Does anyone really believe that the economy’s recovery will be affected negatively if people who earn over a million dollars a year pay a little more taxes…like they did during the Clinton years? One must swill down quite a load of tea party kool aid to buy into those economics.

Finally, I am sure that some of the Congressional republicans believe that they can push the nation to the brink of bankruptcy and still come out smelling like a rose. That with skillful maneuvering, artful flanking and the right set of talking points, the voters will be convinced that total responsibility lies with the democrats. But I fear our party won’t escape responsibility. Voters don’t like being scared to death, no matter what the final outcome. There is too much fog in this war to tell who the good guys are. And memories are short. In the end there will be anger and a sense of disgust. Rather, the most likely outcome is blanket damnation for all incumbents or a rush to anyone who will promise to change the way Washington does business. Sound familiar?

God bless your efforts,

Roger Burge

Reader shares his sources

Dear Editor:

Over the weekend I got your newspaper for the past week. By the time you get this and print it, the person, or persons it’s directed to, will have thought his, or their “Soapbox” comments, went unread by me.

First, let me say a few choice words for this person, or people who think like him. Don’t be afraid to sign your name to whatever you write to this newspaper, or whatever you believe to be right.

Also, do some research on the subject. There’s all kind of so-called-information on any subject, but there’s a couple of places on the internet you can go that don’t lean right or left, if you get my drift. My top two choices are: (FactCheck.org and PolitiFact.com), when it comes to finding the facts on not just republicans, democrats, Independents, but, and yes, even tea-party politicians as well. Now when it comes to researching history facts, I turn to (Wikipedia). I know, the name sounds funny, but you need to take an hour or so of your time and check all three of them out.

Now some of you are thinking right about now, what is he telling us this for? Well there was a no-name-person, who had the gall to write this to the Soapbox, and I quote: “Why don’t we ignore ‘the future resident of Wadley.’ He has listened to the same pathetic rhetoric since birth that he is now spewing weekly in this paper. He’s an indoctrinated democrat who can’t think for himself, he can only regurgitate what he has heard as ‘fact’ from our liberal media and left leaning politicians. Facts have never mattered to him nor will they ever. Just stop engaging him. Maybe he will shut up and go away.”

To whom it may concern: I am a liberal independent. I’ll be the first to tell you that most of what you read from me, makes me seem as if I favor democrats more than republicans. The reasons for this are those far right tea-drinkers that hide under the banner of conservatism. They lie worse than the democrats and republicans, put together. Can, or do I think for myself? Yes. Do I research what I write about? Yes. Read above, and check out for yourself, and you’ll know, where I get my facts from.

Finally, I won’t get into he said-she said, who said, today. But I will say this: As long as this newspaper allows both of us the privilege to voice our opinions, whether it is signed or not, I will not shut up, or go away, and I hope you won’t either.

Clyde D’Antignac
Future Resident of Wadley

Gordy offers SCLC suggestions

Dear Editor:

It is no secret that the SCLC has been marching here in Louisville over alleged brutality by members of the local police department.

May I suggest that the SCLC now leave this matter in the capable hands of the GBI and leave off the marches!

Instead, the SCLC head should sit down and call the mayors of Louisville, Wrens and Wadley. The Wadley mayor should be congratulated for that city having a Feed-a-Kid program this summer.

Both Louisville and Wrens did not have this program in the summer of 2011 and the head of the SCLC should contact these mayors and quietly ask, “Why not?”

No marches!

Up until the recent past, Louisville had this program Why the Feed-a-Kid project was allowed to lapse, I have no idea.

A hungry youth may shoplift or commit any numbers of other crimes to fill his or her stomach.

I recall Mr. Bill Cosby a few years back calling absentee black fathers on the carpet about this problem.

Again, may I suggest the SCLC members devote itself a few hours each week to this very real problem.


Bob Gordy

An open letter to Congress

Dear Editor:

Congress approved and authorized by vote, every dollar in America’s $14 trillion debt and they have no concept of where the debt came from. They’ve been yammering and babbling endlessly for six months about how to fix the problem they still don’t know they created.

Ron White, the great American philosopher from Texas, defined congress in four simple words. “You can’t fix stupid.”

Mass resignation is the only honorable solution to massive incompetency. Forget tenure, admit you’re in over your head and go home. Let someone have the job who can handle it.

Twenty million Americans are out of work, the list of qualified replacements is endless.

Dan McDermott


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