July 21, 2011 Issue


Reaves points to suspended officer’s Facebook comments

Dear Editor:

I would first like to thank you for printing the letter that I submitted last week, but I really need two things corrected. It was the fact that I stated that the scales, in incident one, were found “on” the trunk of the car, not “in” it. I need it clarified that “no drugs, nor the scales were found in my son’s possession, nor within the vehicle.”

And to add to this allocation, my son repeatedly asked the officers to compare his fingerprints against the ones that should have been on the bag of marijuana and the scales. This brings doubt as to whether or not, these drugs or scales were actually found on the scene. Would it have not made sense to check the two items for fingerprints? It would appear obvious that if the two young men that Officer Boatright claims that he saw running away, had this much marijuana and scales in their possession, they were dealing drugs. It is most probable that their fingerprints were in the system.



Also, on incident three, I did not park beside Officer Kline at the Sprint store. I parked beside my son at the next gas tank. This is why I knew Officer Kline was lying about the music being loud. The music was not playing at all, but I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. If it were playing, why did he allow him to leave the parking lot, travel approximately half mile and pull him over? This was a clear example of his harassment ethics.

Proof of intentional harassment:

It has been discovered that Officer Elliot W. Kline of the Louisville Police Department has a Facebook page, which I am sure will be deleted as soon as he receives word that it has been discovered.

On his page, on Nov. 22, 2010, he added this statement as his status, “Your 2 oz. of weed, scales, and car are now mine. And NO I don’t care it was your mama’s car.” This statement was posted on Nov. 22, 2010 at 9:31 p.m. via Android.

This is the date that I spoke of in incident one at the Apollo night club. And although he did not mention a name, it is clear to me that he is speaking of the same incident and shows that he had at that point set out to harass my son.

I am very sure that his main object for stopping my son, in the loud music allocation, was to search the car, and had he not found any drugs, (the writer believes) he would have made some appear. I was disgusted as I read Officer Kline’s Facebook page. This young man should not be allowed to work within the establishment of law enforcement or in the company of other human beings. Per his Facebook status, on Oct. 30, 2010, Officer Kline posted as his status, “Death is a part of life, and I want to be a part of as many peoples lives as possible.”

On Jan. 21, 2010 he posted this status, “six hours in and we’ve already beaten some ass, put out a house fire and confiscated a van. Should be a good night.”

I know there are people reading this letter with their mouths hung open in disbelief. But yes, it is true. Not only is this young man capable of this, he is so bold as to put it on a public, widely used website like Facebook.

Thanks again for this opportunity.

Michelle Braddy Reaves

Tatum wants all to catch the vision

Dear Editor:

I address this to you and to all Jefferson County residents and business owners….

Unless you have your head stuck in the ground like the proverbial ostrich, then you know that we have our problems and you know that some of them are growing bigger…like a snowball going downhill.

Now we can discuss these problems and we can write letters to the Editor until we are blue in the face but will it really change anything? I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t talk about them, but there is a foundation that must be laid first. That foundation is prayer!

God’s timing is perfect! And in the midst of this long hot summer…HE has brought to Jefferson County hope in the form of a story about Transformation that is taking place in a little Kentucky town called Manchester. This Transformation came about because pastors and good people of the community crossed denominational lines to meet and pray.

Isolated in the heartland of Appalachia, the city of Manchester, Ky., seemed the unlikeliest place for societal breakthrough to occur. Clay County was the sixth poorest in the nation and the “Painkiller Capital of America.” That is until May 2004, when 63 churches and 3,500 people marched through town publicly declaring their desperation for God.

Since that day everything has changed. This is a story of God’s power to transform!

On Aug. 2 at 7 p.m. you can hear this story in the form of a documentary at the Pal Theatre. You will be encouraged and uplifted to see what God is doing there and because He is doing it there, He can also do it here.

If you want to see good change in Jefferson County, Ga. join us at the Pal Theatre on Aug. 2. Then we invite you to join us in praying together to see these changes take place right here in Jefferson County.


Judy Tatum
Dove Tracks Ministries

Socialism is the least of our worries

Dear Editor:

I’m glad someone has the sense to lookup, or go digging for some facts, even if he didn’t report all of the facts, about the different taxes, not just the income taxes, paid by the middle and lower tax payers, and the under reporting tax payers, or the top one-percent. I’ll agree to disagree with some or most of Mr. Bryan’s letter, and especially about instituting the FairTax System.

I’ll say this, and I hope this doesn’t break his heart. If I were going to vote on or change the tax system as we know it, I wouldn’t do it with the FairTax system. I would rather side with the FlatTax. At least it’s more transparent, and makes more sense. But, not to worry, the FlatTax nor the FairTax will ever in my, or his lifetime replace the IRS, or the tax system we have now.

Yes, Alexis de Tocqueville did make that statement, but you don’t want to go there, because the Frenchman said a lot of things, and he wasn’t kind when he visited America, and saw how the Southern part of this country was treating its slaves.

I can imagine he didn’t have economic equality, or inequality on his mind at the time he made that statement. So, I’ll ask you this: If you call what he said at that time “socialism,” what do you call “slavery” at the time he made that statement.

It’s sad that those that think like you have a bad taste in your mouths for unions and President Obama. There are some things I don’t like about both of the major parties, and oh yes, that tea drinking party, but I have to say, in the last six-months or more, I’ve seen no getting together to help put people back to work. All I’ve seen are two and a half parties, trying to get the upper hand for the 2012 elections. Socialism is the least of America’s problems. America needs its people back to work. Period.

Like you said, and I quote, HB-87, simply allows the state to enforce the current federal laws on illegal aliens. If that’s the case, why did Georgia need to waste its time, and money trying to help the federal government. As much as Georgia and all of the Republican controlled state Houses and Senates say they are broke, but want the government to stay out of their business, why do Georgia and the others feel a need to get off into the feds business?

Then you went south with this statements (Those who are fleeing the state are not legal immigrants. They are law breakers). Some of those fleeing your state may be law breakers, but you have some if not most of them that fled have green cards, but are afraid to stay because of harassment from city, county and state police.

It’s true, America was born a nation of laws, and for them to mean anything then all laws must be, should have been enforced, but they weren’t. You want anarchy, let me tell you a short line or two, about a portion of America between1865 to 1964, when every law enforcement agency in the land didn’t have the guts to stop what they knew was wrong. Now that’s what I call anarchy, reigning over a race of people because they could. How’s that for picking and choosing the laws to obey or enforce.

Clyde D’Antignac
Future Wadley Resident

Higher taxes cost us jobs

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Mr. John Bryan for his very good letter in the July 14 edition. He provided some accurate statistics. I am amused/amazed that both he and Mr. “D.” (future Wadley resident) publicly agreed with most of my recent letter. I still maintain that most taxes are paid by the working middle class. IRS statistics indicate that the wealthy/rich pays over half the taxes paid to IRS but most reasonably knowledgeable taxpayers know that when more tax is forced on the wealthiest this action has and will continue to be treated in one of three manners. The rich will do one of three things. 1) They will raise the price of their products/services to compensate for the extra tax (which means the middle class and other consumers will end up paying for those taxes). 2) They will send their raw materials to other countries (frequently referred to as outsourcing) where the finished product will be made and shipped back to this country cheaper than can be done in this country because big unions have led the way to the point that everything is unreasonably priced. When you have unskilled big union laborers making over $100/hour while the minimum wage is less than unemployment wages and entitlement recipients, then you have little incentive to get out of bed each day to go to a job. 3) The rich decide that they have enough wealth to live out their life expectancy and are fed up with the system so they call in their employees, tell them they no longer have a job and send them to the unemployed line.

This is happening all over and recently it happened in our own back yard with our loss of Thermo King We middle class taxpayers, I’m not among the rich/wealthy, are becoming fewer each year and when they reach a certain low point we will see this country collapse. The current D.C. administration is hell-bent on taking what is ours and giving it to others (some that really need it through no fault of their own) who, for the most part, are not deserving. We have seen this for generations and for the past 30 years have added illegal aliens to our “We, the government, will take care of you from the cradle to the grave.”

Robert Clements
Future resident of the poor house

Never re-elect any politician

Dear Editor:

The phony debt crisis, remanufactured as crisis management 101 by the clueless politicians in Congress and the White House should be used as the basis for a class action suit by the American people to remove every elected official involved and bar them from government service for life.

Government must be removed from the childish political playground and returned to the confines of the Constitution. All political parties should be outlawed, they serve no real purpose other than to squander trillions of dollars.

Every American should have one vote with no political label attached to that vote. All political parties are as corrupt as labor unions and both should be outlawed for violating the constitutional rights of all nonmembers.

Government should be staffed like the military. The military serves the country without any mention of its members’ political affiliations, the government should do the same.

The country needs one government, not a Republican government and a Democrat government perpetually fighting over the carcass of America.

Never re-elect any politician, of any party, for any reason. None of them has shown any ability to do the job they were elected to do. Shovel out the barn and start over. One person, one term and be gone. A career politician is a career criminal. If they want to serve after one term in Congress or the White House let them go home and run for city council or dog catcher.

Just stop attacking America and leave us alone. Only the voters have the ability to clean out the cesspool.

Throw away the party affiliation and vote for the best candidate, if one doesn’t exist, vote against the worst candidate. Incompetence at this level should never be rewarded.

Dan McDermott


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