June 30, 2011 Issue


Drug tests should be mandatory before aid is given

Dear Editor:

We now have several “social” classes in our state. 1) Wealthy/semi-wealthy employers who furnish jobs for many people and pay lots of taxes; 2) Middle class workers who pay most of the taxes, state and federal, collected in this state; 3) People seriously looking for work; 4) People (entire families in some cases) living totally off the taxes paid by 1) and 2) above; 5) “Baby daddies” living off of all of the above.

You also have both legal and illegal immigrants that are really the only people other than 1), 2) and 3) above that will actually do physical labor on a regular basis. Georgia’s new Immigration Law, HB 87, has disrupted the immigrants actually doing the physical labor jobs but they were here illegally before HB 87.



The illegals were/are still draining our financial resources in education, healthcare and welfare. In a couple of years we will see great dividends from HB 87 which will still leave a major, unresolved problem that is even more devastating to those of us included in 1), 2) and 3).

Nobody can rightfully argue that illegals were/are a huge financial burden on those of us paying the bills with our taxes but those in 4) and 5) are much more of a burden. These can be identified as largely generation after generation of entire families living totally off taxpayers with no end in sight.

Something is so very wrong when you have anywhere between 10 percent and 20 percent unemployment in various counties and crops are being left in the fields because no labor is available.

Discussing these situations with employers in this state indicate that there are a large number of physically able workers available but the huge majority cannot pass a drug test. I think it is high time all those receiving financial aid that they have not earned should be randomly drug tested before they are given financial aid.

Apparently they are getting enough money from whatever sources to buy drugs and I not only resent my money going to one who is able and will not work but it freaks me out when I have to help pay for their drug habits while my own children and grandchildren struggle to make ends meet and try to get a college education.

“Know what I’m sayin’?”

Robert Clements

Writer takes issue with comments on presidents Reagan and Obama

Dear Editor:

I must apologize for not laughing at your joke in The News and Farmer Soapbox. I have been reading your jokes for years. I recognized them as jokes but they just weren’t funny.

In your last joke you revealed how well connected you are. You must have kin folks in D.C. in order to access Pres. Reagan’s medical records. I don’t know how you or your contact sat in on all Pres. Reagan’s meetings for his last two years in office, but without doing so you could not have known that Nancy made all the decisions. If this was the case, then Nancy was a better president than any of those who followed, democrat and republican alike.

You should, however, come clean on your so-called independent status. Your jokes seem to have been stained by a liberal-left-democratic position. It seems that you think you must immediately attack anyone who writes a conservative point of view. As a true independent I point out the wrongs of both parties. Watching the destruction from within of the country I love is proof enough that the decline of America is the responsibility of both parties.

As for your definition of part-black, all-black is antiquated, racist thinking. I think of my African-American friends as just that, friends. Black, white or tan are colors not races.

If I had known your Soapbox joke was written by you I would not have responded, but I thought it might be some misguided soul that didn’t know any better. I know there is no help for your biased opinion.

When you move to Wadley, they will welcome you with open arms, 38s and 45s mostly.

Ray Clements


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