June 23, 2011 Issue


Minister issues challenge to take back the cities

Dear Editor:

I have a message to the churchesí men. Letís take back the cities.

The men are so much on drugs and alcohol and into gambling and etc. and love doing their own things until the young boys are killing and stealing and selling drugs and in deadly gangs.



They are quitting school, ending up in jail and prison and think thatís cool, walking around with their pants down below their butt, getting mad when someone tells them to pull them up. Where are our real men? Letís take back the cities.

I have a message to the churchesí women. Letís take back the cities.

The women are gambling and thinking about themselves. They love to drink alcohol, party and have a good time. Why are the young girls getting pregnant and having sex at the age of nine?

Our young girls are fighting in the streets and quitting school, ending up on welfare. We know thatís not cool. Where are our virtuous women? The world is full with so much abomination until itís killing our young generation.

People, itís time to stop playing church and do kingdom of God work. Churches letís come together in unity.

ďIf my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14

Minister Glenn Mincey

DíAntignac defends Soapbox comment meant to be funny

Dear Editor:

First off Iíll say this to your readers. I am a Liberal Independent. Do I lean more to the left, No. Some of your readers think because I defend some or most of the Democratic views, that I am a Far left Liberal, or just a plain old Democrat.

Well Iíll have them know, that before (he went out defending his so called friends, that cost him his job) I voted for Richard Nixon, (twice). Why, because he was good for the country at that time in our history, as was Bill Clinton. They both did their jobs for the country, but they both let friends get in the way of clear thinking.

Maybe this will sum it up: politicians and morals donít go together. Politicians may go into office from the beginning with good on the brain, but like Jimmy Carter learned, church and state donít mix.

Now let me get to the real reason Iím writing this letter. Apparently, someone didnít like the joke I sent to the Soapbox. So he took it on himself to express his view, or should I say, his opinion of my joke. Now years ago, as a lad, I was told that ďhurt dog will howlĒ and I hope he wonít take it that Iím calling him a dog. He chose to call me a (biased individual). Now, I looked and found this definition of biased in the Urban Dictionary of biased: ďSomeone who already has their mind made up and preset towards a one sided view of a situation.Ē

Most of the things I see in the Soapbox are funny. It was my intention to try to be funny, but truthful and I thought I was. There was nothing descriptive about what I said, and as far as I can tell, everything was true. As for the millions of people he claims I donít know, heís the only one that got his feelings hurt. As for my position, thereís nothing weak about it.

Thereís a few things I need to inform him on, and it breaks my heart to do so. (1) As an Independent, I also vote for the best person I think will do the best job, not only for me but, for my district, be it city, county, state, or these United States, and thatís with no regards for his or her race, creed, religion, or color.

(2) But for those that he so nobly wants to defend, Iíll say this: All of 2010, that party was on TV with all kinds of descriptive language, descriptive signs, automatic weapons strapped to their hips, talking about taking their country back. All of a sudden, we have a black president and they feel as if they have lost their country.

The majority of voters in this country voted this president in that White House and I was one of those voters.

Where was this party in 2008 when he was running for president? They came out in 2010 with their foul mouths, hateful signs and their guns to scare the masses to vote back in the Republicans, and they got what they wanted, from the voters across the country, with giving The House of Representatives back to the Republicans. If my memory serves me correctly I warned the voters after the election, that the Republicans were the losers, because they would regret welcoming that other party into their fold. Here it is June and the Republicans are held hostage by this other party. Now pray tell me who were the winners back in November.

(3) And Lord did he say we havenít had a good President since Ronald Reagan. Oh no, you didnít go there. Were you blind or deaf? Are we talking about the guy who didnít know he was President in the last two years of his second term? The guy whoís wife ran the country, because she didnít trust George Bush Sr. and didnít think that those of us didnít pick up on his Alzheimerís. This same guy that raised taxes more than any Democratic president, and heís calling him a good president. Now thereís a really funny joke.

(4) Finally, and I really dislike getting ticked off about a subject, but Iíll explain this to him, as gently as I can. (To be considered black in the United States not even half of oneís ancestry must be African black. But will one-fourth do, or one-eighth, or less? The nationís answer to the question ĎWho is black?í has long been that a black is any person with any known African black ancestry. This definition reflects the long experience with slavery and later with Jim Crow segregation. In the South it became known as the ďOne-Drop-Rule,íí meaning that a single drop of ďblack bloodĒ makes a person a ďblack.Ē It is also known as the ďOne Black Ancestor Rule,Ē some courts have called it the ďTraceable Amount Rule,Ē and anthropologists call it the ďHypo-Descent Rule,Ē meaning that racially mixed persons are assigned the status of the subordinate group. This definition emerged from the American South, to become the nationís definition, generally accepted by whites and blacks.)

I hope I educated not only him, but others as well. So please donít fool yourself with calling the president a ďtan color,Ē because his mother was white. He had a black father which makes him by Southern thinking, back in the day, black...period.

Now, School is out.

Clyde DíAntignac
Future Resident of Wadley


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