June 9, 2011 Issue


Former mayor weighs in on Stapleton park discussion

Dear Editor:

The reason for the negative statements about the Stapleton City Council is the negative action by the council concerning the Stapleton Park and playground.

There has been over $18,000 of SPLOST money spent on the park and I see no safety improvements nowhere, not one dollar has been spent to buy new or better playground equipment.



The equipment is old and dilapidated and I have just found out the manufacturers issued an alert in 1995 to remove the swing animals (because they are dangerous, you can get this information at www.cpsc.gov).

As the former mayor, myself and Coach J.B. Arnold drew up plans for the city of Stapleton share of the 2006 SPLOST funds and how they were to be spent, $35,000 was to be spent on new and updated playground equipment to improve the safety and enjoyment of the children that use it and not to make it a party place for adults.

The city should make good on what was to be done instead of placing more obstacles in the park.

By the way, I spend money in Jefferson County every day and pay taxes on it so I guess I am entitled to my thoughts on Stapleton City Council. Get on board, or get out of office.

Harold Smith

Gordy wonders where blame lies for area drug problem

Dear Editor:

Some of the local citizenry laughingly say you can ride around in the early morning pre-dawn hours and smell marijuana being smoked.

This is no laughing matter when one considers the consequences of consuming illicit drugs.

Be that as it may, in some inside the city limits areas residents report that when they go out to get their Chronicle they can smell the pungent tip-off of “weed” being smoked.

Several months back this writer had high hopes that local lawmen were making a dent in drug trafficking. Alas, the truth of the matter is that in too many cases, judges put drug offenders on probation because state prisons are bulging at the seams.

Many days I take a stroll. In past months on some of my walks I have smelled marijuana being smoked.

This occurred once as I passed the home of a known drug dealer, once as I passed a fashionable home and another as I passed two young men, one smoking pot.

I personally know one well-known citizen reportedly a supplier of illegal drugs.

The recividism-repeater rate-for drug dealers is quite high due largely because too many of these offenders can’t resist the “easy money.”

The consequences of both consuming illicit drugs and selling is heart breaking. I personally knew two area citizens who died because of drugs. One lived next door in a small mobile home. He died in an ambulance enroute to the hospital.

The other acquaintance was a woman and OD’ed less than a year ago.

This individual has never smoked weed nor taken illegal drugs but became acquainted with marijuana’s smell by attending an official burning ceremony as a reporter for a daily newspaper.

Jefferson County has a big drug problem. Does it lie with too few lawmen or the lack of a local drug task force? I don’t know. You decide where the blame lies!


Bob Gordy


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