May 12, 2011 Issue


Budget cuts should not affect seniors’ health or children’s education

Dear Editor:

I am blessed. I have had the pleasure of being a military spouse for 26 years now. I am 51 and I will have medical coverage the rest of my life, so if Medicare is not there for me it will not hurt me as bad as others.

I was reading with great interest the letter written by Mr. Richard Ray and he is right, our seniors should not be targeted as a solution to try to help the federal budget, our seniors are the ones who have worked all these years and deserve the help that Medicare and Social Security provides.



If anyone has had the opportunity to travel to Europe, you know that they take very good care of their seniors. They are not treated with the disrespect that our seniors in America are treated with. I totally disagree with any budget cuts affecting the elderly and our children’s education. There has to be other avenues to take when trying to solve our nations deficit problem.

Just yesterday I was reading about the aid (over a billion dollars a year) that we have been providing to Pakistan yet we went in there and found Bin Laden....I find it hard to believe that the government there did not know he was living right up under their noses, so once again America has been a played for a fool.

America needs to start letting their own people be their priority and not the aid of other countries. They say we are broke so where is the billions of dollars a year we send to the aid of other countries coming from?

I certainly do not claim to know all of the ins and outs of politics and I will never understand why and how our government does what it does but I do know that we should be taking care of our own before we take care of others. Imagine keeping all of that aid money that we send all over the world. Imagine how much that would save our country each year. It seems that our priorities are all misplaced and our elderly and also our children’s education is suffering because of it. Children can’t get descent, healthy cooked meals at school, it’s all processed junk. They want to cut PE programs, art programs, sport programs, Pre K programs, music programs...what’s left? These children will be our future and they need a good education to be able to run this country and fill future jobs.

The elderly can’t make ends meet off their limited incomes yet we want to take more from them. How about the government cracking down on welfare fraud, and disability fraud? Imagine how much we could save there. I guess they are too afraid of offending someone or not being politically correct so they choose to ignore the very things that need to be addressed.

I don’t think that I trust anyone in Washington and I am not convinced that the decisions that they are making is really in the best interest of the American people but I will continue to love my country and pray that we will survive.

Tamera Gaskin

Tatum thanks those who attended prayer ceremony

Dear Editor:

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all who participated in the National Day of Prayer. Each of you did a great job! There was unity among us as we prepared for this meeting and as we met on May 5. Thank you Pastor Owens for working with me to put this together…Your humble spirit is a real treasure and the First Baptist Church has a treasure in you! I must say that I know God was pleased with all of us for setting aside the time to have a National Day of Prayer.

Thank you Mayor Morgan for being there and for declaring the day as a National Day of Prayer for Louisville! Thank you Mr. William Toulson for singing “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”. What a magnificent job you did!

Thank you everyone who took time out to come to this National Day of Prayer for Jefferson County! If you weren’t there, you missed a really wonderful time of prayer. Just ask those who did come. Each prayer was short but so powerful! Our battle is a spiritual one and is done in the heavenlies. “ For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12.

Do you want God to heal our land? Do you want the economy to be better? Do you want people to get along better? Then guess what? We must do it God’s way and His way is II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We prayed Thursday at the Courthouse but we must continue to pray without ceasing for our county, our state, for our country, and for our world. Our prayer must be “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!”

Judy Tatum
Dove Tracks Ministries

Vaughn proud of quick response

Dear Editor:

On Thursday, May 5 during a field trip outing at Kackleberry Farm, a child who has allergies and must have an epi-pen taken with him at all times, had a reaction and needed medical attention. The teachers asked us to call for help and we called 911. The response was phenomenal. The Louisville Fire Department arrived first on the scene, followed by two ambulances and several First Responders. The child, who routinely has this problem, was transported to the hospital by one of the ambulances, and is doing well. We would like to thank everyone who helped out! It is nice to know that in the event of an emergency, we have such skilled and competent men and women working in and caring for the community. Thank you again for your service in such a scary situation!


Lisa Vaughn

Tribute to the Walden's

Dear Editor:

These past five days seem to have been the longest five days of my life. On Sunday I received terrible news that my Great Uncle Linder (James Linder “Big Jim” Walden), who was one of the closest things I had to a grandfather for a large portion of my life, passed away early Sunday morning. My family lost a father and a grandfather, an uncle, a brother, a cousin and a wonderful God loving man. He loved my Aunt Betty Sue (Betty Sue Paul Walden), who passed away nine years ago, more than anything in this world. One day I will be more than blessed if I can share even half the kind of marriage they had with someone I love. They were two of the BEST, most genuine, God loving people I have ever come across in my 20 years of life. My Aunt Betty Sue had the biggest heart of anyone I know and even when she was sick and so close to passing she still managed to lift everyone’s spirits. I will always remember her bringing me treats at church and being the best cook ever. They were loved by so many in their community and will be greatly missed. I miss her every day and will never forget her and Uncle Linder. One day, we will be reunited and oh, what a day that will be .

Anyway, the news devastated me and I would just like to thank the awesome people who surrounded me, made me feel better, and put up with my Debbie downer-ness. I am so very thankful for all of you; I really needed your love and care and y’all were there for me every step of the way. Thank you guys, so so much. Over the last year, I feel as though many of my friends have lost loved ones also, and I just wanted to say that I am so very sorry for your losses. Find your own way to cope and remember that God is always there to talk!

I also just want to take this time to tell all of you to cherish every moment you have with your family members and other loved ones. Words cannot describe how much I wish I could get back time I was never able to have with my grandparents. When I was younger, I used to get so angry and jealous of other people having grandparents and I don’t want any of y’all to resent not spending enough time with yours. So, if you have the blessing of having grandparents— spend as much time with them as you possibly can. One day you won’t be able to and you will wish so hard that you could; as much and you wish and pray, unfortunately, it won’t bring them back. Spread the love! (Also love on your parents and siblings and everyone a lot if you have them cause they need it too!)

This week also reminded me that the only time to see your family need not be under such horrible circumstances. Even when times are good, you should spend time with your family. I am going to try and see my family more often because I would just really love that, especially since they’re all so great!

While these last few days have been very emotionally draining I find comfort in knowing that now my Aunt and Uncle will finally be together again and with their Lord and Savior for eternity. Thanks for reading this, if you did and I hope y’all will take my advice and spend time with your families, who love you!

PS I don’t normally do things like this, but I really needed to do it for me, hope y’all understand!

Kelsey Walden
Great Niece
Cumming, Ga.


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