April 28 2011 Issue


A prayer for protection from threats from within

Dear Editor:

Itís true, there were a percentage of Americans that have experienced an ďill guidedĒ burst of freedom over the last two years, and yes, at the 2010 elections. They not only voted to oust many liberals, but a few conservatives as well. But the writer last week wants the readers of this newspaper to think only liberals got the boot. As always, if you listen to them long enough the righteous on the right will lead you (eyes wide open) down the path of no return. His problem, and this is my belief is that heís been like a lot on the right, (watching too much of the Fox News Channel).

Like Fox News, and some of the Tea Party leaders, if heís not doing what I want him to do, he must be Marxist, or a Socialist. Most Tea Party followers in the last few months got a glimpse of that so called (Americaís last chance) as he put it. Letís see if he, and those on the right, can explain just a few of these questions.



(1.) Why would you want to cut out billions in the Medicare and Medicaid Benefits, and give the top two to three percent a $200,000 tax break? (2.) What does taking away police, firemen, teachers and federal employees rights to bargain for a fare wage to do with balancing the budget? I could go on and on with questions like those, but those two are enough.

Then he goes on to say, Obama has an agenda to destroy our (liberty and freedom). Heís been in office almost two years, and Iíve lost no liberty or freedom. If Mr. Roehrborn would watch something other than Fox News, he would know that those so called woke-up tea baggers, elected a governor in Michigan, who with the help of a state majority in the house and senate, passed a new law permitting state-appointed financial managers emergency powers to terminate employeesí contracts and suspend collective bargaining. Not only that, but emergency managers are currently running the cities of Pontiac, Ecorse, Benton Harbor and a number of Detroit schools. Now I ask you (readers), whoís destroying liberty and freedom? He doesnít want me to get into the state of Wisconsin Tea Party revolt.

There are some in the Tea Party who are really concerned about our nationís rising debt. I believe that there are, and always will be, waste in the federal government no matter whoís in the White House. To blame it on any one party, or the shoulders of the president is stupid.

Donít you just love when these nay sayers use God and His word to justify what they want you to believe? He even took you so far back as to the Revolutionary War. Then he rambled on about the wisdom of King Solomon, who like his father David, ended his life like a fool. So much for wisdom.

Let me say this. I donít like what Iíve seen in the last two elections. And this is not a slap at the the Tea Party. Yes, I voted for Pres. Obama. Not because he is black, but because like so many others, he offered change. Depending on what side youíre on, or what party youíre a member of, if you look at facts and stop listening to crap on the media news channels, you would know that unemployment is down, the economy is rising, and yes employers are now starting to hire again. I, like yourself, would like to see employers hire more quickly, but they are hiring again, and thatís because the economy is on the rise.

All of my children are grown, and they have children. I want for them, my grands and great- grands to be able to have a future better than the one that I had, but I donít want them to work and bust their butts to shoulder the tax burden, while the so-called right or far right give the so-called top earners a $200,000 tax break, and calling it help, they need to create jobs. Iíll say this once more, if you believe that crap I have a bridge over the Mississippi I want to sell you.

I too Pray that Almighty God will continue to protect America from all enemies: foreign and domestic. So Iíll join with you, asking God to Bless our America, and its future generations, from its enemies, but more from within, if you get my drift.

Clyde DíAntignac
Future Wadley Resident


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