April 7, 2011 Issue


D’Antignac disagrees with writer on Libya

Dear Editor:

I wonder where some people get their info. It’s bad enough with the media informing us about Japan and Libya, now we have another source. We all have been informed how brutal Colonel Qaddafi has been over the years he’s been in power in Libya. You may, and yes, you are entitled to feel the way you feel about him. But, is he any different than the ones who are trying to kill him or run him out of power?

There are, what I call two sides, to killing. (1) I meant to kill you, and (2) I am sorry that the good had to die just to get to you. I hope you as readers will figure that out when you start thinking as the writer of this quote: He is a brutal dictator. Which is to say in order to get his way he would kill innocent men, women, children and babies. In war, whether it be against an army from another country, or your own people trying to kill or run you out of power, innocent men, women, children, and babies will be maimed and killed by both sides.



Whoa there fingers. I can see a bunch of you breaking out your laptops and firing up the old computers to jump all over me. Don’t get me wrong, I personally think he should have been run out years ago, but like it or not, he is and will be the head of that country, until he’s removed by his people, or by the No-Fly-Zone coalition of the UN.

As for telling people that he is paying people to kill his own is hearsay. Most likely from some internet source. I haven’t heard or seen any proof of that statement, and it’s idiotic to repeat hearsay. When you say things like “He is, in fact, paying people to do that to the citizens of Libya,” you need to send in proof or tell everyone how or where to go and see it for themselves.

The writer went so far, with no proof as before, to blame Italy as a co-conspirator to helping Libya kill innocent people. He even went so far back as World War II. Then he rambled on and said the Italians were quick to teach the Libyans to kill each other. Again, I say, where’s the proof? He said the Italians are paying mercenaries, and psychotic killers to help kill the people of Libya, and they are doing it for natural gas. All together now, where is the proof?

Before I let you stop laughing, let me give you the punchline. He said: “Unlike in Egypt, the United States has important interests in Libya.” And as he put it, this is the interest, “It is bad business to allow Qadaffi to continue in power.” Now if you got the United States interest out of that statement, I’ve got a river called the Mississippi I want to sell you.

Finally the sad question: “Isn’t it time to kill Qaddafi?” Again I say, whether you like or hate the guy, he is the head of his country until he’s removed or leaves. It’s bad when innocent men, women, children and babies are being killed, but it’s OK to kill him? I wonder if the writer is a Christian. Even if he’s not, here’s something for him to chew on, while he’s spewing out his hate for others to kill Qaddafi: Thou shalt not kill.

Clyde D’Antignac
Future Resident of Wadley

Vaughns ask “Can’t something be done”

Dear Editor:

Once again, we attended a meeting at the Jefferson County Commissioners’ office. Discussion about Gough Road was tabled because Johnny Davis was not there due to the bad weather we had last night.

Since he is the District 2 commissioner, nothing could be discussed. So, we are in the same position before we opened in the fall. We are three days away from our first field trip coming from Milledgeville. Gough Road is in the worst shape we have seen it in since we moved here six years ago.

We are continually being ignored. Why can’t something be done about Gough Road? For that matter, all the roads in Jefferson County should be in good shape.

We decided to go to Gough and travel down the road from the Burke County side. The road coming from Gough was completely different than when you crossed over into Jefferson County.

Again, can’t something be done? Our deliveries have to be dropped off somewhere in town because the transfer trucks will not come down our road. We have also had to meet the school bus at the end of Gough Road because they could not safely travel down it to pick up children that live here.

We are planning the next stage in our business to be open all year. We want to bring something to this community that youth and families can be a part of year round. However, we are seriously considering moving out of county because we cannot expect people to travel down Gough Road in its current condition.

The opinions expressed by our customers are that we have a wonderful place that they would like to revisit, but cannot believe that the county allows the road to be in such a deteriorated state. We are not trying to be difficult, but we need a road that is safe and passable for visitors, school buses and deliveries to continue to operate Kackleberry Farm in Jefferson County. But most importantly, we - as every Jefferson County taxpayer - need regularly maintained roads.

Thank you,

Mitch and Lisa Vaughn
Kackleberry Farm


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