March 24, 2011 Issue


Brock feels it is time to deal with Libya

Dear Editor:

I watched closely as the people of Libya rose up against Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi.

He is a brutal dicator. Which is to say in order to get his way he would kill innocent men, women, children and babies.



He is, in fact, paying people to do that to the citizens of Libya as you read this.

Italy has enjoyed Libya since the end of World War II. Rather than breaking up their Facist economic base they expanded it. The most notable part being the oil and gas industry. With little oil and gas of its own Italy was reduced to making contracts with north African nations like Libya and Tunisia. The Italians had one thing to trade in and that was a Fascist form of dictatorship. They were quick in teaching the Libyans to kill each other.

Today a ‘minister’ in Libya asked Italy’s help in putting out a fire at a refinery.

Libya is brutally murdering civilians with the aid of mercenaries and psychotic killers hired with money paid by Italy for natural gas. They in turn sell the natural gas to others in Europe. They should be setting things right in Libya but they are too comfortable. Their wallets and their bellies are fat.

Unlike in Egypt, the United States has important interests in Libya. For one – it is bad business to allow Qaddafi to continue in power. Libya’s entire air force, navy, army and mercenary forces must be completely and utterly destroyed.

Isn’t it time to kill Qaddafi?


Alfred Brock
Wayne, MI


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