March 17, 2011 Issue


Visitor pleased with recent trip to Louisville

Dear Editor:

I have visited Louisville for the past two years in an effort to promote events in Augusta. Your residents have always been very gracious in accepting rack cards beckoning patrons to the Sacred Heart Garden Festival, Westobou and more. Thank you.

What I love about Louisville is the education, dedication and passion devoted to the arts and for preservation of local history. Even though I fell in love with your Broad Street on the first visit, upon each return, I have noticed significant developmental strides. Yours is a charming town with much to offer starting with the fried chicken at Foster’s!



Casey proved a true ambassador for The Fire House Gallery as she played docent for the Dayna Thacker exhibit. The Art of Thinking is an admirable project and I understand it is growing. Bravo! Stephanie Bray, Marie Handberry and Nancy Jordan, made the visit to Twisted Sisters seem like an afternoon with aunts and cousins, and a conversation with Margaret Newberry at the Book Worm has always been a treat. I was also impressed that each merchant was knowledgeable of all that is going on in Louisville and Bartow and shared proudly. The addition of a new restaurant is a wonderfully positive sign. I will be back soon to check out the accommodation suggestions, Lil Easterlin offered. Congratulations!

P.S. The gal in the photo is Ima Gardener, mascot for the Sacred Heart Garden Festival (posed here with Casey Sullivan mentioned above.

Tricia Hughes

Wrens resident applauds Dr. Polhill and staff

Dear Editor:

I hope the citizens of Jefferson County realize what a treasure we have in Dr. Jim Polhill and his staff. He is a talented and compassionate physician. He ministers to the entire person, not just his injury or ailment. He always has time to listen before he acts. He truly cares about the people in Jefferson County regardless of age or social standing. He epitomizes what a physician is supposed to be. I am so proud to call him a friend, and I thank him for all he has done and continues to do for my family.

Mrs. Alice Gore

Clements fears officials’ knee-jerk reactions will cost

Dear Editor:

I am no longer surprised at what comes from our “LEADERS” in DC. The devastation currently happening in Japan has activated the world’s biggest idiots in DC. While significant damage has occurred to units at a nuclear power plant in Japan there has been no significant release of radiation that endangers the health of the Japanese people in that area but a typical knee jerk reaction by the liberals in congress, specifically Representative Edward Markey (D-MA), would have the president issue a halt to any further nuclear related construction in this country.

The Japanese plant is 40 years old and does not have up-to-date protective components as does most, if not all, of our nuclear plants in our country.

There has never been an injury or death resulting from failure of any of our nuclear facilities, including that at Three Mile Island.

While the world is uptight about the economy those with little or no knowledge of items/articles of which they speak, those idiots want to destroy the most significant power source known to mankind. This reaction in DC is typical liberal ignorance similar to our “global warming” crisis which has cost billions of dollars paid by the taxpayers.

The next nuclear plant failure causing injuries, death and destruction in our country would be the first because engineering and history has gotten us to the point that it is many times more likely that you would be killed by a plane crashing into your home as you sleep than you or yours being injured/killed by a malfunction of our nuclear power plants.

When will we get beyond the uncontrollable urge to fix/prevent any significant problem (perceived or otherwise) by calling for actions that will continue to speed this country to bankruptcy and worse?

While some are calling for a “proof of birth certificate” for President Obama I would like to see proof of a high school diploma for our elected officials in DC and in Atlanta.

Robert Clements


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