March 3, 2011 Issue


Donít shoot yourself in the foot, vote yes for SPLOST

Dear Editor:

This country is now facing possibly the worst financial crisis in most of our lifetimes. A record number of unemployed, costs of everything skyhigh, all a direct result of unions, untrustworthy politicians from all parties and the greediest individuals and corporations in history.

Feds are reducing/eliminating funding to the states and the states are doing the same to the counties and cities. Being on the bottom of the totem pole the cities and counties have nowhere to go but to the already overwhelmed taxpayers.



Since cities and counties do not have income taxes to increase, the burden falls on the property owners. On March 15 of this year Jefferson County will vote on whether we will extend an existing Special Local Option Sales Tax, which will fund our badly needed maintenance, improvements and construction of the Jefferson County School System. We are all aware that the education of our children is the backbone of any society and to fail in our duties in that respect borders on criminal.

Fortunately this upcoming vote allows us to help ourselves by providing that funding for these educational needs will be paid for by all who spend money in our county....not just the property owners.

You can say you are not going to vote yes because we already have too many taxes and I agree with the too much part but if you own property or if you rent your home, you will be footing the bill because property owners will be forced to increase your rent in order to absorb their additional cost so what it amounts to is if you live in this county, you will be shooting yourself in the foot by voting against this measure.

Additionally most of us are paying the extra penny tax in other counties when we shop, purchase gas, stay in a motel, etc., in those counties. Approximately 30 percent of our SPLOST tax will be paid by outsiders who make purchases of any nature in our county. We can have every property owner and renter paying the entire bill or we can accept the 30 percent assistance paid by outsiders who come here to hunt, fish, buy food, gas, etc.

Be advised that it will happen eventually regardless of whether or not we pass this because we have state and federal mandates (some unfunded) that certain standards must be met.

Remember. a yes vote means we, in Jefferson County, will be paying 70 percent while outsiders from other counties will be paying 30 percent of the SPLOST cost. A no vote means we property owners/home renters in Jefferson County will be paying 100 percent. If you spend money outside Jefferson County, you are helping the residents of that county pay for their SPLOST programs.

Robert L. Clements


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