February 3, 2011 Issue


County should be proud of Maj. Charlie Gibbons

Dear Editor:

Last Friday evening, my 19-year-old son and I were traveling on Highway 17 en route to Elbert County from our home in Savannah when my car began to overheat. As we were stopped on the shoulder of the road with the engine hood raised, Maj. Charlie Gibbons of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office fortuitously came by.

He stopped and inquired if we required assistance. Maj. Gibbons observed that the car’s serpentine belt was broken and after I made contact with a tow truck driver, using his cell phone, he gave me permission to leave my car at the jail until I could make arrangements for the car to be towed back to Savannah.



Maj. Gibbons was very helpful and courteous, his assistance was greatly appreciated and his conduct left me with a highly favorable impression of your sheriff’s department.

The citizens of Jefferson County are fortunate to have individuals such as Maj. Gibbons, with such an obvious commitment to public service, employed in their sheriff’s department.

Very truly yours,

Malcolm Mackenzie III

DFCS thanks contributors

Dear Editor:

We want to take this opportunity to thank the many citizens, businesses, civic organizations and area churches in Jefferson County that contributed to “Secret Santa” and “Santa’s Toy Box.”

Thank you for your time, your monetary donations, your gifts and your support of DFCS. Please know that each act of kindness was greatly appreciated. Thank you for making Christmas possible for the children of Jefferson County.

We, at Jefferson County DFCS, realize that 2010 was a tough year for many individuals, families, businesses and churches but as always we pulled together to make Christmas possible for our community. May each of you have a blessed and happy 2011.


Jean Johnson, Director
Jefferson County DFCS

How the Packers saved us millions

Dear Editor:

Every red-blooded American should support the Green Bay Packers! The Packers defeated the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon thus earning them the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. By doing so, they saved the hard-working, tax-paying Americans literally several million dollars of tax money.

How so?

We were told that if the Chicago Bears had won that President Obama would be attending the Super Bowl to cheer for his hometown team. Since the Bears lost...the president won’t be attending. The money saved from not using Air Force One, the limousines, all the additional security and let’s not forget Michelle Obama’s entourage, is literally several million dollars!

Therefore every American should cheer on the Green Bay Packers at the Super Bowl to show them our gratitude.

Robert Clements

Why is our military only allowed to protect and defend us overseas?

Dear Editor:

The U.S. military has Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp. and Coast Guard bases on the U.S./

Mexican border from Texas to California. A tiny fraction of the troops on these bases could have breakfast, secure our border, then break for lunch.

Our government won’t allow our military to secure our border because it would violate the imaginary “rights” of ten million illegal aliens in America, thousands of Mexican drug dealers in America and the uncounted Muslim terrorists that are free to walk into America every day.

Our government sends our military to Iraq and Afghanistan to secure their borders, but refuses to secure ours.

Our military was created to protect and defend America. Our government only allows them to do it overseas.

Dan McDermott


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