January 13, 2011 Issue


DíAntignac gives the rest of a history lesson

Dear Editor:

Hereís the other part of the late Sen. Walter F. George (D-Ga) story, Gordy failed to tell (in his recent letter). Itís true that he and FDR didnít see eye to eye, but Gordy failed, or just didnít think (like a lot of those good little republicans) that you and the public should know the real reason they didnít get along. Below is that reason:

In 1938, George faced a particularly difficult primary fight after angering many democrats by his opposition to certain aspects of Pres. Franklin D. Rooseveltís New Deal programs.



George defeated Lawrence Camp and Eugene Talmadge in the 1938 primary, though Camp was backed by Roosevelt.

Now that youíve been informed on why, let me inform you on the part that makes me ashamed of the party that I love and thank God they have changed over the years.

Throughout his career, George was known as a supporter of racial segregation. Like most Southern senators of the time, signing ďThe Southern ManifestoĒ in 1956, and introducing it into the Congressional Record.

To those of you who donít have a clue about ďThe Southern Manifesto,Ē you should venture on down to your nearest library and look it up. If you donít have the time to do that, why not ask Gordy to inform you what it is, since he deemed it necessary, to go that far in the past to inform you about two good old Dems fighting with one another.

Itís hard to tell who was the worst of the 99 Dems, and two Repubs that signed the Manifesto. Between George, Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, who also was a Dem. at that time, and Richard Russell of Georgia, it is my opinion after reading and studying about their lives, that they could have done much better than what they did, for people of color.

All three of these men had long careers in public life and Iím not trying to take anything from that, but they lived and carried on a tradition, that some today, would love to go back to.

Yes, I am ashamed to call them democrats, but as the party was evolving for the better, the evil switched parties. Now that party, not only has one color to try and keep down, but the Hispanics, and Muslims, as well.

I hope I enlightened some of you. For those who donít believe, trot on down to your library and see for yourself.

Happy New Year.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde DíAntignac

Caran thanks pantry supporters

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this space in the paper to thank all who supported the Louisville Food Pantry this past year.

We could not do this outreach without the contributors of food, money and most certainly all the volunteers who give their time.

God bless you all.


Mary Caran

Gordy feels illegal drugs and legal lotteries are the primary drain on the United Statesí economy

Dear Editor:

While America is waging two wars, they arenít the primary drain on our economy. That odious distinction goes to illegal narcotics and the many legal lotteries across the nation.

Jefferson County is typical when it comes to pot and the many other illegal drugs.

The local law enforcement agencies are failing miserably to put a meaningful dent in the drug trade.

The blame for the drug failure begins at the White House and trickles on down to the local level. Does Obama have a drug czar? No!

One only has to visit the courtrooms across the nation on plea day. Iíve done this at the Jefferson County courtroom. Almost always the seats are filled.

Across the U.S., prisons are bulging at the seams. The majority of inmate crimes are drug or drug-related.

As for the lotteries, one only has to drive by certain ticket outlets at the times numbers are being posted. The urge to gamble is no laughing matter. It is a disease. The TV spots advertising the Georiga-South Carolina games contain a phrase that urges gamblers to play responsibly. Ha!

There is no doubt in my mind that many children of untold numbers of gamblers who are in school eat subsidized meals when lunch is served and many families are on welfare and draw food stamps. But they play games.

Churches in which these addicts and gamers have their names on the rolls hardly ever see them walk through the doors at worship time I believe.


Bob Gordy


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