January 6, 2011 Issue


An outgoing thief and incoming suspect

Dear Editor:

Just when we were about to get used to the idea of having a new governor with a very suspect political background we are hit in the face with the “Oaky Woods” grand theft. Sitting governor Sonny Perdue and pals have managed to spend several million dollars of taxpayer money to purchase approximately 10,000 acres of “pristine wilderness” at a time when state employees/teachers, etc. are being furloughed and probably even a layoff in some of their futures. Sonny and pals are causing we taxpayers to pay almost double the price($2,800/acre) that the exact same property sold for to private developers six years ago at $1,600/acre plus this purchase will have to be managed and maintained and the 10,000 acres will be taken off the taxable list. This is not nearly all of Sonny and Pals thefts because Perdue’s home county, Houston is the recipient of approximately $60,000,000 of pork including “Oaky Woods.” This occurs at the very worst (so far) time for the entire country although the entire country won’t be paying for this boondoggle they probably have similar crimes going on in their states.



If we get this from a supposedly “good guy”(Perdue) how long will it be before our “New Deal Nathan” will finish cleaning out what remains of our fading tax money. We can only hope that Deal won’t be as blatant as Perdue because Perdue is presently firing/replacing those who refused to vote with him and his pals and replacing them with his cronies and fellow criminals. Karen Mandel should have won this past election so if we can keep the fox out of the henhouse for four more years we have a delightful candidate who will make us forget (maybe) about the outgoing thief and the incoming suspect.

Robert Clements

Tatum sick of stray dogs

Dear Editor:

There are probably many topics to write about that are more earth shaking than this one but I think it is important to those of us who live in Louisville. I live a couple of blocks from the downtown area and love to walk around town. However, lately I have not been comfortable walking because of all the dogs that are roaming our streets. I have a very small dog and I cannot even walk him anymore. There are too many packs of dogs and I don’t want my dog hurt.

One day our cat was on our front porch and a dog came up and punched a hole in our screen to get at the cat. Fortunately, it was double screened. Another larger dog, from the same family, stuck his head through a screened window trying to get at our dog who was inside our house looking out the open window barking at him/her…this was one summer.

I am not asking for any new laws to be written but I am asking that all dog owners would be aware of others around them. For their own safety and the safety of others, dogs need to be kept inside a fence and when outside that fence they need to be on a leash. Also, to keep them from running in packs, spay or neuter your dog. It is not rocket science…Louisville does not need dogs loose on the streets nor do we need an overpopulation of them. Be responsible!

Thank you.

Judy Tatum

SCLC plan area’s first MLK parade

Dear Editor:

The Jefferson County Georgia Chapter of the SCLC is pleased and excited to announce that our plans are currently in progress in organizing the first ever Jefferson Co. Ga. SCLC Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration parade to be held in Louisville, Jefferson County. The event is designed to celebrate and commemorate the life, history, legacy and great accomplishments of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was also one of the founders and first president of the SCLC organization.

Since reorganizing in 2007, the Jefferson County Ga. Chapter of the SCLC members have decided that now is the time to launch this great event in our area to show our commitment and dedication to keep the dream alive. The theme set for the first 2011 parade is “Where Do We Go From Here?” Chaos or Community, which we have chosen in our plight to encourage our youth to strive hard to obtain and surpass reaching their dreams and goals and to set the momentum of the chapter to reach out to all people to never give up hope.

As a non-profit organization, we are relying on the support and help from businesses, schools, leaders, churches and other organizations to join us in order to make the event memorable and exciting.

Therefore we are seeking the support, donations, and sponsorship of the Jefferson Co. Citizens and others to aid our efforts here in Jefferson County. We are asking all to help keep Dr. King’s dream alive by donating a non-perishable food item on the day of the parade, there will be items drop off sites all along the parade route and at the following stores:

Louisville, Haddens IGA and Ingles

Wrens, Haddens IGA and Ingles

Wadley, Haddens IGA.

The Jefferson Co. SCLC would like to kindly thank you and all for making this event a positive one for this year and the years to come. Thank you,

Jefferson Co. Chapter of the SCLC

Jefferson Co. Ga. SCLC Office

Miss Cynthia Cuyler, Executive Secretary

Minister James Ivery, President

Mr. Bobby Adams, Vice President

Rev. Charles Washington, Chairman


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