December 23, 2010 Issue


Wrens woman thanks her neighbor and hero

Dear Editor:

I have a hero and his name is Tevin Thomas. Let me tell you why Tevin is my hero.

I was doing my daily walking on Saturday morning Dec. 4. I walked down the street and I met three black dogs and two big white dogs. I was not afraid because I had seen these dogs before, but this Saturday morning they all started barking at me.



The three black dogs stayed away and barked, but the two big white dogs went behind me and bit my leg knocking me to the pavement head first.

I jumped up and got behind the big garbage can that was only a few feet away. The dogs were still coming at me when Tevin came out of his home and called them. The dogs belonged to someone down the street from him but they responded to his call.

Tevin came over to help me and walked me back to my home. By this time my leg had a big place the size of a tennis ball on it.

You know why Tevin is my hero. He helped to save my life. God provided Tevin --- and the garbage can for me! God is good.

I do hope the city and county will enforce our leash laws. I pray this will never happen again to anyone.

Allene Brown

That $20,000 should be put to better use for the citizens of Wadley

Dear Editor:

It is appalling that $20,000 is being paid to a private attorney from a town that is as poor as Wadley....a town that can’t seem to bring in new industry or businesses of any kind, yet rather than get the DA to investigate at no charge as Ms. Pundt suggested the council will choose to put the city in more of a financial bind by paying a private attorney.

Does that make sense to anyone who lives in Wadley?

I don’t agree with a lot of Mr. D’Antignac’s political views but as far as Wadley is concerned I do agree with his most recent letter. The council should be trying to attract businesses and ridding the town of crime, these are the reasons that a lot of people have moved out of Wadley and will not move to Wadley.

I question the motives of some of these council members and so do a lot of people who live in Wadley that I have spoken to. If you care so much about Wadley you would be putting $20,000 to better use. Perhaps by trying to turn the town around starting with painting some of the buildings downtown, cleaning up the streets more to make the town more attractive and inviting, and supporting the police by purchasing bullet proof vests and helmets, to make them safer while trying to fight crime and protect the decent citizens who live there.

There are so many other things that this money could and should be spent on. If the buildings downtown are privately owned then the city needs to make the owners of those building pay for the upkeep on them. Wadley is a dirty, shabby looking town and that is really a shame because it certainly has not always been that way.

I commend all the people who really care about Wadley and I hope that in the next election people who live there will be more selective about who they vote into office because some of these people do not have the town’s best interest at heart, they are more concerned with personal vendettas.

Vendettas, personal agendas or family issues should never be brought into a job you have been elected into and are getting paid to do, your only interest should be the betterment of the town of Wadley.

Tamera Gaskin

Congressmen need to be held to same rules as everybody else

Dear Editor:

Want to get free college education for your entire family? Retirement and free healthcare for life? All you have to do is get elected to Congress. That is simple enough but the huge majority of us will never be able to take advantage of those perks.

We already knew about the free healthcare and retirement but recently we find that the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to repay student loans. Few of us citizens knew that Congress has passed several laws exempting themselves from prosecution for things such as sexual harassment, etc.Their latest is they have exempted themselves from the healthcare reform (the worst piece of legislation in history) passed earlier this year. Apparently they deem themselves elitist and are over and above the American citizens.

Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the federal government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It takes only 38 of the 50 states to convene a constitutional convention so when three more additional states join in the suit we could be looking at a 28th Amendment to our Constitution.

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to all Senators and/or Representatives and, Congress shall make no law that applies to Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

Not only would this save a lot of tax money but it would remind our senators and/or representatives that they are not above the citizens of this country. In the meantime some of you may want to run for Congress in two years, especially if you have children needing a free (except to the taxpayers) college education.

Robert Clements,


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