December 9, 2010 Issue


Bus driver thanks those who offered help

Dear Editor:

I am writing you to show my gratitude and appreciation for citizens that showed great concern in my time of need. I am a Jefferson County High/Middle School bus driver and my daily route did not run so smoothly when my bus broke down on Stapleton Highway with kids. For those of you gracious people who stopped and asked if I needed help you are greatly appreciated and I wanted to express my thanks. I would also like to say a special thank you to Mr. Jeff Norton of Wrens for taking the time out to stay with me until further help arrived. I did not want my appreciation to go unspoken. There are wonderful people in this community who care enough to lend a helping hand.




Betty Smith

D’Antignac sites lack of industry and crime as motivating factor that keeps potential residents away

Dear Editor:

Some people have all galls and no guts. They’ll write their nice nasties in the soap box, but don’t have the guts to sign their names to their writing.

There was a piece recently in the newspaper that said, (and I quote) “If Jefferson county continues to vote the way it does, it will continue to attract folks like the Future Resident of Wadley.”

I have some breaking news for this unknown person. The reason I haven’t moved to Jefferson County, is because there’s no industry.

The Last time I was there, the few businesses that were open looked as if they’ll be closing soon. Every week I get this newspaper, there’s more crime, and it’s getting worse. I don’t live in a gated community here, just outside Houston, but the crime rate in my area is way less than what the whole county of Jefferson is.

It seems to me Wrens is the only viable city in Jefferson County. Louisville, the county seat is faring just barely better than Wadley. And Wadley, well what can you say about Wadley, other than it used to be a quiet place to live and where my wife and I wanted to build on the land that we bought and retire in a peaceful area of our home state.

I’ve monitored the crime rate in Wadley and the county over the last year and a half. According to the Wadley Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriff Department and this newspaper, we are safer outside Houston where we are.

I know some of you may say yea, we won’t have him to worry with, but you’ll have more crime if your county commissioners don’t get off their butts and attract businesses to not just Wrens, but to all areas of the county.

If your law enforcement people haven’t told you, then you need to ask somebody. No jobs, more crime. Then again, some people don’t want change. They’re doing just fine without all that new business.

Wake up, people of Jefferson County. Your county is dying right before your eyes.

Here’s what that idiot should have said: If Jefferson County doesn’t start electing people in city, county, and state-wide races that’s going to help Jefferson County, “People like the future resident of Wadley won’t want to live here, or others want to retire here.”

Remember this, my friend, the more businesses you attract, the more jobs there will be, which will cut down on crime, the county will become prosperous again and that in itself will make people like my wife and I want to retire there.

Finally, you’ll notice I sign my name to what I write.

Clyde D’Antignac
Future Wadley Resident


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