December 2, 2010 Issue


Cowart proud of Warrior Nationís 2010 season

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to say congrats to the Jefferson County Warriors. Yíall gave us another great season of what we all love Friday night football.

No one would have given us a chance at the start of the season to even finish 5-5 with a one-legged quarterback in Chester Stone (torn ACL) and graduating all those seniors last year. When the season came to an end at home hosting Thomasville in the first round of the state playoffs, we finished 8-2-1.



I would like to give a special congrats to head coach J.B. Arnold and his staff for another great job. Thanks for all the long hours you guys put in, in what is a year round job coaching and preparing these young men to go out there on Friday night and play their hearts out. I like what J.B. always says, ďItís not just about football, itís about these kids.Ē

Yaíll are building a great program here at Jeff. Co. and doing a great job of coaching home-grown talent.

The Jeff. Co. Warriors are getting respect from all over the state now because you take pride in coaching these young guys.

A special thanks to all the seniors on this yearís team. Yaíll gave us four great years. Every Friday night you left it all on the field. Our fan support is the best Iíve seen anywhere. Whether at home or on the road, we pack the house.

Our motto here at Jeff. Co.: We donít rebuild we just reload because we are the Jeff. Co. Warrior Nation!

Gary Cowart

November elections were foolís dream for the Tea Party, a win for Republicans and a victory for the Democrats

Dear Editor:

This time two years from now, a lot of conservatives and Rep. John Boehner will be glad to see Ms. Nancy back as Speaker of the House. The smile on your faces will be gone and you will be calling the tea totters all kinds of names.

I wanted change like a lot of the American people, and in the last two years, what I got was a lot of no, no, no. I personally donít blame the tea drinkers for what they did, because the Dems had all three houses, and didnít do what they should have done.

I thank the Dems for what they did do, but they could have done it, in less than a year. I havenít figured out yet what their problem was when it came to getting things done in a forceful way. The White House, The Senate, and The House, and it took two years to do what they did do.

Keeping the economy from going over the cliff was necessary, The Health Care Bill was something that was needed very badly, but in my opinion, saving Wall Street was to me a toss up. There is no mistake now, and even the worst naysayers will tell you, the worst is behind America, and the economy is heading in the right direction.

With that said, here is where the Dems went wrong. The American people were losing jobs at a steady rate. President Obama made the mistake and said the jobless rate wouldnít surpass 8 percent. That gave the Repubs ammo to fire at the Dems, for two whole years. Do you, America, really believe the Repubs will do a better job than the last two years? Do you really believe that giving the rich more will help create more jobs? I donít and I donít think you believe it either. But, seeing is believing, and you will see.

For one thing, the tea drinkers have their own agenda, and they will want a big piece of the pie, and the power to go along with it. If they do what Brown did out of Mass, they will find themselves on the outside looking in come January 2012. They have already made it known that they wonít tow the line for the wall street fat cats, or anybody increasing the deficit, and that my friend, is what the Repubs are good at.

So you see the dilemma Mr. Boehner has. Heíll have the same kinds of problems Nancy had, trying to get his party lined up, plus kissing the tea drinkers feet. It will be fun watching him getting it from the left and the tea drinkers. You think you saw him shed some tears after the House win. Just wait, I donít think it will take four or five months for the tea drinkers to give him all the hell heíll be able to stand.

This past Nov. 2 was a foolís dream for the tea drinkers, a win for the Repubs, and a victory for the Dems. Sounds crazy at this time I know, but those that think it wonít be a big change this time two years from now, will be in the minority.

Iíll finish with this...My wish is and has always been to send the best people to Washington to get things done. But no matter who we send, when they get there, they donít do what you send them there to do, they do what they want, or tow the party line.

Like in the in White House, there should be term limits on both the House and the Senate.

It may not straighten them out, but the same people wonít be in there doing what they want to do.


Clyde DíAntignac
Future Wadley Resident


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