November 25, 2010 Issue


Presentation of colors moves Talbott to write

Dear Editor:

I witnessed the presentation of the American Flag today at a funeral. This was the “passing of the colors” to the family members of the fallen.

This ceremony was not for one who had fallen in battle, but for one who served his country well, and who had fallen in his old age. He had not succumbed to the chaos that occurs in the heat of battle, but he acquiesced to the ravages of this temporary life. He was an older man; he served his country in WWII and afterward. He also served his family and community.



I have been an observer in several of these ceremonies; a participant in one.

I carefully listened as Taps was played. The emotion welled up in me as I remembered it- remembering that it was once played to honor my father. Then, the honor guards took the flag from the top of the casket. I carefully watched as the Air Force Reserve honor guards meticulously folded our nation’s colors. White-gloved hands moved with precision while torsos and heads remained motionless. Each crisp fold was inspected for perfection before the next fold took place. As each fold was accomplished, I noted that my jaw clenched tighter, and each moment that passed caused me to stand taller, straighter than the moment before.

I could remember a ceremony from years past, when this was more personal to me.

The thirteenth fold; a final inspection took place, and the Reserve Officer accepted the flag to continue with the presentation. I was not in a position to hear what the officer stated, but I know his words because I have heard them before: “On behalf of the President of the United States, the Department of the Air Force, and a grateful nation, we offer this flag for the faithful and dedicated service of (the fallen man’s rank and name).” The kneeling officer presented the precision-folded flag at his chest height, one hand below the flag, one above. He then stated, “God bless you and this family, and God bless the United States of America.”

I understand that the removal of the flag from the casket and each of the thirteen folds represent the soldier’s allegiance to country, faith, life, and liberty.

Today, I felt both pride and sorrow during this ceremony. Pride, for one man’s decision to fulfill his duty to his country. Sorrow, because a dear friend had lost her father. The ceremony was to honor the years of his life that he gave for their liberty, and to honor her and her family.

A mix of emotions overwhelmed me as it had eighteen years previous. The time came when I could not hold back the tears. Somehow, it was a relief to let them flow: for the country, for the young men and women who seek the privilege of serving their country, for my dear friend and her family, and lastly, for myself and the remembrance of my loss from years ago.

At a time such as this, the important thing to remember is that hundreds of thousands of American men and women are now engaged, or have been engaged in the preservation of our liberties. To each, I offer my profound gratitude for your dedication.


Steve Talbott

Gordy glad Pelosi losing candy store

Dear Editor:

A funny thing happened on the way back to Washington from California late Nov. 2. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, third in line to the presidency, learned that come January she will have to turn in her government jet and pilots and other personnel that have been at her beck and call since 2008.

No other House Speaker has had this kind of perks, but she demanded them two years ago to ferry her back and forth from D.C. to California.

Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, will succeed her as speaker it appears, and will be licking Ms. Nancy’s “all-day” sucker at least for the next two years.

The Republicans dismantled Ms. Nancy’s “candy store” Nov. 2 when the GOP took control of the House by a wide margin and picked up several Senate seats.

All money bills orginate in the House, so the GOP has won quite a prize in addition to Ms. Pelosi’s jet and candy store.


Bob Gordy

Glascock Ferst Books program proud of community’s support

Dear Editor:

June 30, 2010 marked the first year anniversary of the Ferst Books program in Glascock County and it has been tremendous success! We are currently providing over 120 preschool children with books each month. The funding for this program is raised locally through private donations and fundraisers here in our community. Although children and their families receive the books absolutely free, money must be raised to keep the program operating. Several of our citizens have already “Adopted a Reader” as part of our local fundraising campaign. For a contribution of $36 they are providing one year worth of books for a child in our community.

As we successfully progress into our second year, we would like to thank the community for contributing to our fundraising projects at Winterfest and Springfest. We would also like to acknowledge the following organizations and individuals who have “Adopted a Reader” and made our first year successful.

Our first year donors are: Bastonville Home Demonstration Club, Ms. Jessica Berry, Mr. David Cooper, Mrs. Wanda Davis, Mrs. Mary Griswell, Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Myra Hadden , Ms. Mary Jo Kemp, Mrs. Kristi Kitchens, Mrs. Jessica Miller, Dr. Anne Mein, Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Sara Raley, Mr. Bill Seaman, Mrs. Martha Silas, Mrs. Cindy Tate, Mrs. Betty Terry, Mrs. Jeanne Turner, Mrs. Joyce Usry and Mrs. Etta Wilcher.

Since July we have begun a second year of the “Adopt a Reader” program and have enjoyed a good response. We have many repeat donors along with several new citizens that are investing in our children’s future.

Thank you again to all the donors and volunteers who work to make Ferst Books a success. We would also like to give a special thank you to the Postmasters and mail carriers of the Gibson and Mitchell post office for their timely assistance in delivering books to our young readers.


The Ferst Books Community
Action Team of Glascock
Betty Terry


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