November 11, 2010 Issue


Retired soldier on Clements rant against the Obama administration

Dear Editor:

Robert L. Clements, I have read a lot of information that you have written in the paper that should have been stopped. You have taken on a one man rant about the President to a point that you sound like a racist. Iím from Louisville. I know the way you think.

The question is, who made you the subject matter expert on all the issues you rant about in the small town paper (no one).



It seems to me, you hate the fact that we have a President that we the people put in office. If you feel that everything he does is wrong and you can do his job better then you should have run for the office. Itís always easier to sit on the sideline and say what the President should or should not do when the pressures and responsibilities are not on your shoulders.

Iím a retired solider. I gave this great country 24 years of my life so people like you can get on your soap box and rant; however, at the end of the day, President Obama is still our nationís President.

You cast your vote just like everyone else and the decision was made. The only thing the anger and hate gets you is a trip to the doctor for heartburn.

This is America and everyone has the right to express his or her opinion; however, donít complain unless you have a solution to the issues you complain about and letís see how many people donít share the same views as you.

Wesley Burton

If you donít like a law, get it changed; until then, obey it

Dear Editor:

I am continually entertained and amazed at what is submitted to this paper for printing. The letter from Linda Stewart, in the Oct. 28 edition was an amazement to me.

Assuming she is an adult, how can she be so unaware of what goes on in the real world? She took issue with a letter in a previous edition, submitted by Gene Hockenbury, regarding the danger and the apparent lack of law enforcement interest in the wholesale lawbreaking (Kids riding ATVs, golf cars, etc. in the public roads and streets) going on in Glascock County on a daily basis.

Apparently she believes it to be justified because Glascock is mostly rural and doesnít have a lot of entertaining activities. Never mind that Hockenbury is absolutely correct that such activities are illegal.

I go into/through Glascock County frequently and see such activities on a regular basis but mostly by adult lawbreakers.

I consider Sheriff Dean Couch and a couple of his deputies to be my good friends and I feel they do an excellent job in most areas but I have to side with Mr. Hockenbury on the illegal vehicles all over the roads and streets, not to mention damaging the grass on County and State Rights of Way as well as private property.

Yes people in other states ride horses, snow mobiles, segways, etc. but I have never been exposed or heard of them doing so illegally though Iím sure some do.

Apparently Ms. Stewart believes she and her fellow Glascock County residents will abide by whatever laws they choose. I would suggest she start a movement to get the law(s) she doesnít like changed.

Ms. Stewart suggests that Mr. Hockenbury should be ashamed of the feelings he expressed. I feel he has a lot of valid points and it may take a tragedy involving loss of life or paralyzed for life for her to see that the laws were made because a certain percent of the people in this country is so intellectually challenged they donít see the danger in certain activities until it is too late.

She suggested Mr. Hockenbury should consider moving to another county. I agree with her on that because her letter has exposed to the world that ďIn Glascock County we are laid back and we do things our way.Ē This will be severely incriminating if/when an accident occurs and Glascock and Sheriff Couch is sued for several million dollars which, if he leaves, Mr. Hockenbury wonít have to help pay.

Hopefully there are many mature adults in Glascock that are lawabiding and levelheaded enough to understand the reason(s) for the laws of our land and teach their children, by their own actions, about the dangers of ignoring any law. If you donít like a law, get it changed, but in the meantime obey all the laws.

Robert Clements

DíAntignac disappointed but not surprised with election results

Dear Editor:

Iíll be one of the first to say Iím disappointed in what the American people have done.?Iíll also say, Iím not surprised. They threw the (Republicans) bums out in 2006 and 2008, who drove the car into the ditch. As soon as we (Dems) stabilized everything, and the economy is pulled from the jaws of death, the American people turned on us, and gave the keys to the car to the same idiots, that drove us into the ditch.

I donít totally blame the American people.?We (Democrats) were given a golden opportunity to reshape America and the world. Instead we came into 2009, thinking we could stretch out our hands across the aisles, to get some cooperation, and got them slapped back. Should we have done what they (repubs) did when they controlled all three houses, stuffed everything down not only our throats, but the American peopleís throats as well?

For all of 2009, they (repubs) stalled, held up, or said no to everything they could. Two years of nothing from them. Nothing on how to turn around the economy, or start businesses, or create jobs.

You have to give them one thing, they had only one plan and no matter what the consequences for 2011, they stuck to it. The plan was to block or hold up everything they could. In other words...no, no, no, no. That was it, and the American people bought it, hook, line, and sinker.?Now that tells me something about the people of this great Nation and it should tell you something as well.

My grandfather use to say, ďIf you canít be a leader, donít be a follower.Ē The American people think they taught the Democrats something, but itís them that will be taught a lesson, the next two years.

But before you judge them or yourselves, go back a few years as far back as 2000. (Surplus everything) when Bill Clinton left office. By the end of 2009, Billions in debt. There are those that live among you, that are still telling you it wasnít George W. Bushís fault, and theyíll try their ever-loving-best to confuse you on job creations during his eight years in office. When you see these people that like confusing the facts, ask them to quote you the number of jobs for those eight years, and how many were losing jobs as fast as he was telling the American people he was creating jobs.

Iíll end this with these comments. The Senate Minority leader,?Mitch McConnell,?publicly stated, his main goal is to make sure that President Obama only serve one term.

To hell with the economy, job creations or anything else. That will be his mission for the next two years. As for the future Speaker of the House John Boehner, he has a goal as well, repealing the health care bill. Thatís it.

As my grandmother use to say, ďCareful what you ask God for, sometimes Heíll give it to you.Ē

Sadly, the good has to suffer with the bad.

Clyde DíAntignac
Future Wadley Resident


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