October 21, 2010 Issue


Marsh feels more should have attended reunion

Dear Editor:

This past week end there was a 40 year reunion for any one that went to Louisville Academy or taught there or worked there. We had any where from 200 to 250 people attending.

There was music on Broad Street, a picnic in the park and a dance. There were people some of us had not seen in the 40 years since the school closed. A good time was had by all.



Motel rooms were rented, gas was bought, food was eaten, all in the Louisville area. Not to mention the areas we had to rent to have this reunion.

So why werenít there more people from Louisville attending? Everyone complains that there is nothing going on in this town, well last week end there was, and where were you?

Just as an example, the class of 1964, there were two graduates in attendance. Now I know that sometimes there are circumstances that prevent you from going to one or the other things, but at least try.

We had about 150 alumni and then all of their spouses in attendance and like I said a good time was had by all. But some of you didnít attend and you should have.

Jan M. Marsh

Highway laws regarding atvs and carts should be enforced

Dear Editor:

I wondered about the legality of golf carts and ATVs (four wheelers) on city streets and state highways so I went to the Georgia State Patrol office in Thomson to inquire.

I was told that golf carts are legal as long as they have all the safety requirements. I have seen young children operating golf carts in sometimes busy downtown Gibson. To me that amounts to near child endangerment. It is hard to see traffic on Main Street when coming into town on Calhoun street and there have been near misses in the past. I believe if children are to play with golf carts it should be done in quiet, not-so-busy neighborhoods.

As for ATVs I was told that they are illegal on streets and highways period! Yet we see it all the time. I even have seen someone on a three wheeler. Three wheelers were declared illegal sometime ago because they are so dangerous and easily overturned. Most all who ride these vehicles do so without wearing a helmet.

This brings me to wonder why these vehicles are allowed to run up and down the roads even though it is illegal. Let me guess. Is it because people are allowed to break the law to save a vote? We need law enforcement that will enforce the law without fear of losing a vote. Small town politics should not interfere with enforcing the law. As in there is no such thing as a small sin, there is no such thing as a small law break.

There was an instance of a car hitting a golf cart and I mentioned to the sheriff that I thought it was against the law for the golf cart being there and he said to me that a lot of things are against the law. Great quote from the countyís chief law enforcement person.

When someone gets hurt or killed, we will wonder why. Letís hope it doesnít come to this before it is stopped.

I live in a quiet neighborhood. That is until someone rides an ATV up the street to the city well next to our property. When leaving he sees how fast he can go back down the street. To say the least it is disturbing the peace. There are children riding bicycles on our street. All it would take is for one of these children to collide with this ATV to kill or cripple him for life.

These things will continue until we get someone in office with guts. Remember this the next time you vote for sheriff.

Gene Hockenbury


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