October 14, 2010 Issue


A tribute to Bob Reynolds

Dear Editor:

In Jefferson County there is a garage outside a home that is a showcase for the ultimate organization of tools and work appliances. You won’t even find any grease on the concrete floor of this building.

In fact, there is nothing on the floor. Each item is hanging from its own special place. And if there is any doubt where you got it from once it is removed, then there is a drawing of that shaped item below it to remind you where you better put it back.



No half-inch screw hangs out with a one inch screw. Well, you get the picture. Everything is in its own place. Everything…

Bob Reynolds’ life was like that of his garage—it was a life that was a masterpiece of organization. It was a life that was lived with every I dotted, every T crossed, leaving little room for mistakes.

He tried to pass his organizational skills on to his friends. He kept us all in line with his demand for the perfect receipt. If you wanted to be reimbursed promptly, he said, just show me the tab with only the items you purchased for the community club or Schoolhouse Players, not your week’s shopping list included with it.

It also helped to have these receipts in an envelope marked appropriately. You see Bob knew that perfect receipts would lead to perfect treasury reports given at our monthly business meetings.

When they first met we didn’t know what would happen when Bob’s love for perfection would meet John’s love for a 24-hour workday. Well, within the walls and stages of this school a beautiful friendship was formed that produced play sets equal to Hollywood, we thought. Each flat was measured and re-measured, measured and re-measured again, stroked with just the right paint and nailed together with the straightest of nails. A beautiful, dynamic duo that will be missed greatly.

It was only fitting that Bob would write his own obituary in such a detailed fashion not to boast of his life, but to encourage us to live our life to the fullest as he had done. From his birth in Chicago to growing up in the Midwest, to serving his country in Europe, living in Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, his life had an impact on those he met.

We’re so blessed this traveler stopped in Jefferson County and shared the last years of his life with us. When he wrote, “Thank you Southern brothers for welcoming me into your bosom for so many years, I have felt love here,” we claimed that was a goodbye from Bob to each of us personally.

On Aug. 26, 2010, it was time for Bob to travel on. It wouldn’t take long to get ready for this journey because he had been preparing for this all his life. He was a man of strong faith who always had his priorities in order.

The charm we saw in Bob was found in the beautifully organized details of his life that he shared with us in living and now that he shares with us in dying. We honor Bob’s wishes for some of his ashes to be scattered at our Bartow Community Center. He describes his happiest time since coming to the area was working with his friends here.

Genesis 3:19…You will return to the ground from which you came…Bob, we will preserve this hallowed ground in memory of you, a dear friend who enriched our lives forever. Rest in peace.

Bartow Community Club


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