September 23, 2010 Issue


Dunbar points to problems with speeding in Louisville

Dear Editor:

There are serious speeding problems throughout Louisville. Walnut Street is the busiest side street in town and in the long stretch from Broad Street to 9th Street the 25MPH speed limit is ignored by 99 percent of drivers.

If they only drove 35 it would not be so bad but the average speed is closer to 45 and many times drivers leaving 9th Street towards town, floor it and go as fast as they can to about 8th Street.



Candidly, city vehicles are some of the worst offenders and even the school buses. An obvious answer is speed enforcement but something that could help is a stop sign at 8th Street so cars would not build up so much speed.

Another problem is the Elm Street short cut from the by-pass to the hospital. Gold Cross ambulance service turns on their sirens and charges back and forth at high speeds. It would be safer and just as fast if they used Peachtree and the north by-pass intersection.

Hundreds of big trucks daily use SR24 creating traffic problems on 9th Street at Peachtree, Walnut and Mulberry.

The state should reroute SR24 to the by-pass at the north end of town and keep big trucks off residential streets.

Best Regards,

Don Dunbar

Clarke impressed by LMS

Dear Editor:

I went to open house at Louisville Middle School a few weeks ago and I knew when I entered the front door that something new and refreshing was happening at that school. We were greeted by the most professional and confident teachers, counselors, Mr. Dasher the principal and all the wonderful people who are affiliated with the school system. Everything ran smooth, the rooms were cheerful and labeled so to find everything easily.

The first day of school was very impressive. You could hear a pin drop! The children changing classes were in line and in order. There were no loud noises, no distractions—just getting on with the business of learning in the next class.

When going for a visit, you first go to the front office. The people there are very willing to help you any way they can and with a smile. But always professional.

Also, some of the teachers are giving up some of their days off to help tutor students who need extra help. God bless you!

Thank you, Louisville Middle School, for going the extra mile—We thank you so much and God bless you all!

Sandra Wilson Clarke

Former resident calls area home

Dear Editor:

After celebrating a 67th birthday it’s natural to look back over the years and recall a lifetime of memories. My most precious ones are of home—Wadley, Moxley and Louisville.

I was born during World War II. Daddy was in the Army Air Corps and stationed in Florida. Mother and I spent a great deal of time with BigDaddy and Grandma on their farm between Moxley and Louisville. This is where my love of home began.

After the war Daddy stayed in the service and we were transferred to California. We came home often on furlough but in 1952 Daddy was sent to Korea and I had a dream come true — to live in Wadley!

We (Mother, my sister, brother and I) moved into the brand new housing project. We’d never had a home with so many bedrooms — three! I settled into Mrs. Newton’s fourth grade class, me a stranger with a funny accent. J.E. went home and told his mother that they had a new girl in his class and she didn’t say “nigh-nee nine” she said “nine-tee nine.”

Then came a wonderful year! I got my green and white Wadley school jacket and was so proud of it. I’d wear it to school and to Wadley High School basketball games. How I envied the cheerleaders in their green circle skirts and white sweaters.

Oh, so many good memories! A class trip to Macon. Delicious school lunches. (The only time in 12 years and 11 schools that I ate lunch in the cafeteria.) Walking home from school past the Methodist and Baptist churches. Thursday afternoon movies at the Pal Theater. Miller’s 5 and 10 cent store. Swimming in the summer at Stewart’s Pool and Nimrod. Fishing in the Ogeechee. Grandma’s pound cake and BidDaddy’s barbecue. Dinner on the grounds at Homecoming in Moxley. Homemade ice cream and homegrown watermelons. Ground itch! Sunburns! Hot summer nights! Gnats! Gnats! Gnats!

Then came Mrs. Camp’s fifth grade: Singing a duet with Pete in the Halloween Program. My first Christmas present from a boy, a scarf from Don. Losing my yankee accent. Being friends with Alene. Riding the bus out to Grandma and BigDaddy’s. Hogkilling time. Christmas with orange candle lights in the windows and fireworks.

Well, after a year Daddy was home and in January we moved to Washington state, followed six years later by a transfer to New York.

Daddy retired when I was in college and my family moved back home while I stayed up north. But Jefferson County was always home. In my senior year of college I wrote a paper about home and the professor read it aloud in class and gave me an A+!

Now I live near Atlanta with children and grandchildren of my own, but Louisville, Wadley and Moxley will always be home.

Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Virginia “Ginger” Mole Hardy


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