July 22, 2010 Issue


Ivery feels the Holy Spirit was felt in Wadley forum

Dear Editor:

The Jefferson Co. Ga. Chapter of the SCLC would like to take this time to respond to the Wadley citizens, the Wadley police department and city hall forum, held on July 17 at the Wadley branch library.

On my way to the forum I felt the need to pray and as I prayed I asked the question, how and in what manner should I make the forum justifiable for all the people of Wadley?



I am a community leader and the president of the Jefferson County Chapter of the SCLC, sworn into this position by Judge Bobby Reeves and ordained by God himself to carry out the duties of this office, to be fair, judgemental, honest and to seek the most prominent recourse for the citizens of Jefferson County regardless of race, color, national orgin, or creed.

A difficult challenge to address the issue, complaints and concerns of the citizens of Wadley gripped my heart and tugged at my soul.

I asked the Holy Spirit of God to lead and guide that forum, because I felt like Solomon when he had to decide what mother will get the baby that wasn’t killed, you know the story.

The room was full with citizens, council members, SCLC, Wadley police officers and the chief Mr. Wesley Lewis.

As the forum began I could feel the hostility in the room, the anticipations of finger pointing, the SCLC Chairman and chaplain opened the meeting with a prayer and the meeting began.

I began by letting everyone know the reason that we were there and presented the many complaints that had reached our chapter to be addressed and to seek solutions between the police department and the citizens of Jefferson County.

After the many complaints had been presented, the chief of police had his chance to address the many complaints leveled against him and his department, the council members responded, the citizens responded, sometimes the forum appeared to get out of control as words of anger found their way back and forth across the room, but control was quickly returned.

After everyone who wanted to vent and voice their complaints was done, the SCLC chapter’s Vice President Mr. Bobby Adams took the floor to speak, and as he spoke I began to feel and see the Holy Spirit of God move arround the room touching everyone there, much like what you see when fire works are going off on a July 4 celebration.

As the words of wisdom flowed from his mouth they seem to embed themselves into everyone there, I knew it was the Holy Spirit working its magic because I had felt that Spirit move many, many times before in my life.

The words of forgiveness, love, unity, healing, working together for the children of Jefferson County and Christian duty appeared to have found their way into everyone’s heart and soul.

After Mr. Adams had finished delivering the word of God, everyone, and I mean everyone, some with tears rolling down their cheeks, even I myself found tears welling up in my eyes, I looked over at Council Member Maye to find tears in his eyes, I looked over at Chief Lewis’s wife and the same tears were falling from her eyes, everyone appeared to be at peace and forgiving.

Everyone began to fellowship, shake hands, give hugs, and forgive one another and start anew all over again to make Wadley the city that all cities to envy and be like, I tell you I witnessed a miracle in that room. I stood with two pages of complaints in my hand and when I opened my mouth, I could only say, “You have heard the word of God,” and as I fought back the tears, I held the complaints up high in front of me and ripped the papers apart, signifying that the Jefferson Co. Ga. Chapter of the SCLC had no other choice but to forgive also, and all complaints are non-void and we will not pursue this matter anymore but will continue to monitor as the Wadley Citizens move forward with a renewed faith, trust, and forgiveness, to make Wadley a better place for its citizens and the children.

Upon closing of the meeting, I was about to ask our chairman/chaplain to close out with a prayer but the Spirit spoke to me and said, ask Wesley to close with a prayer and let me tell you his prayer was one of a changed man even though I had never witnessed any of the complaints the citizens had brought to the SCLC chapter.

After the closing of the Forum, there were a jubilee type celebration among all, still hugging, and shaking hands with love and peace.

Thank you so much for your time.

God bless Wadley, Bless America, and God bless the world.

Minister James Ivery
Jefferson County SCLC

McDermott warns of the coming war on the border

Dear Editor:

Al-Qaeda, from Saudi Arabia, and their partners, the Taliban from Pakistan, control all the drug production and distribution in Afghanistan. At the other end of the distribution system the last stop before entering the U.S. is Mexico.

In Mexico and the U.S. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are known as “the Mexican drug cartels.”?The U.S. border is basically wide open. Anyone can walk into America. The only real deterent on the border is the Mexican police. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have declared war on the Mexican police.

The police are ambushed and killed with assault rifles, rocket propelled grenades, car bombs (i.e.d’s), beheadings and any other procedures that worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are well into their new offensive on the Mexican border. Their next step will be open war with the American police and border guards.

The administration and congress are in a political delusional denial of the threat to America. They pretend that terrorists aren’t operating openly in Mexico and America and that they’ll just go home if we don’t offend them.

Dan McDermott

D’Antignac agrees with Clements and supports local SPLOST

Dear Editor:

Mr. Clements and I don’t see eye to eye on politics, but as property owners in Jefferson County, he is right about the Special Local Option Sales Tax?(SPLOST). It is of great importance to the citizens of Jefferson County. If this is printed, your votes will have been cast, and I too, like Mr. C, hope you voted for SPLOST.

To Mr. Clements: Last week’s letter was well thought out and well written. I take my hat off to you. I especially like the latter half of your letter that stated:?

“Under the SPLOST method every person spending money for any purchase, whether it be buying gasoline, a loaf of bread or an automobile, whether they be millionaires or illegal aliens, will be contributing to our SPLOST fund. On the other hand, only property owners will be eventually footing the bill and as everybody should know by now, SPLOST is the only tax that goes away when the funds have been collected for the identified projects.?Does anybody out there ever remember property taxes being lowered? As a property owner in Jefferson County I assure you that I will be campaigning countywide in support of the SPLOST and if you are cost-conscious I am certain you will be doing the same.”

Well said.

I do hope all of Jefferson County Voters were cost conscious.

Clyde D’Antignac
Property Owner and Tax Payer


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