July 15, 2010 Issue


Clements supports Jeff Co optional local sales tax

Dear Editor:

The upcoming vote on the SPECIAL LOCAL OPTION SALES TAX (SPLOST) is of great importance to the citizens of Jefferson County and not just because of the projects it will fund.

Whether you agree with the proposed projects or not, most will be accomplished one way or another. Those that are necessary/vital will have to be funded regardless of where the funds come from. You have two choices. You can fund them with SPLOST where everybody spending money in Jefferson County will contribute or you can fund them with PROPERTY TAXES whereby only those owning property in this county will contribute. Property owners need to understand that their financial burden will be much less if SPLOST is the funding source. In Richmond County/Augusta approximately 44 percent of the SPLOST money collected comes from those living outside Richmond County. In Jefferson County we can expect approximately 33 percent of SPLOST money collected to come from those living outside Jefferson County.



Under the SPLOST method every person spending money for any purchase, whether it be buying gasoline, a loaf of bread or an automobile, whether they be millionaires or illegal aliens, will be contributing to our SPLOST fund. On the other hand, only property owners will be eventually footing the bill and as everybody should know by now, SPLOST is the only tax that goes away when the funds have been collected for the identified projects.

Does anybody out there ever remember property taxes being lowered? As a property owner in Jefferson County I assure you that I will be campaigning countywide in support of the SPLOST and if you are cost-conscious I am certain you will be doing the same.

Robert Clements

Camo’s Express Grill operators thank community for support

Dear Editor:

As college students we have both had many summer jobs over the years but we believe that running Camo’s Express Grill has been by far the most rewarding job of them all.

It’s not every day that two young people get to run a business all alone but we would like to thank our parents for their continuous support. We would also like to thank the citizens of Glascock County and the surrounding areas for showing Camo’s Express Grill so much support in these short three weeks.

We could have never asked for a warmer welcoming. We would also like to say thank you to the people who have graciously offered us their land to set up on. It takes a truly special person to make an offer such as that.

Although we will not be able to set up in the town square anymore we are looking at alternative locations and will make the public aware once the details of our new location have been confirmed. Please take this as an invitation for all of our previous customers and friends to visit and support our business at our new location. Again thank you for your support.


John Davis and Elizabeth O’Connor
operators of Camo’s Express Grill

Parents thankful for children’s chance to operate local business

Dear Editor:

Camo’s Express Grill owners want to thank you and tell you how much we appreciate all the support you have provided us over the last three weeks.

For those of you who so graciously offered guidance, assistance, and even offered us your property as a new home for our operation Thank You! It is not possible for anyone to be more kind than you have been.

John and Elizabeth have grown in so many ways as young, energetic entrepreneurs and we hope their experience will encourage other young people to go forth and do great things and to remember that road blocks are nothing more than a simple detour -- take it and keep moving forward, stay strong and hold your head high.

We are finalizing plans for operating at new locations and we look forward to seeing you there in the coming weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. F.T. O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Davis


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