June 17, 2010 Issue


Avera residents thankful for help after storm

Dear Editor:

Early Monday morning on May 24 a storm swept through my yard splitting huge trees, breaking hundreds of limbs and causing a lot of destruction like many of you experienced during recent tornados in our area.

I was so thankful that none of the trees landed on the house, but as I looked out at the destruction I wondered where in the world to start. It was at this moment that Dorothy Hadden appeared at my back door to ask if I needed help.



She called two men from the Hephzibah-Kilpatrick Disaster Relief team to come assist me.

Shortly after lunch John Maffett and Jimmy Black showed up at my house not only with their chain saws , but kind, smiling ,eager faces to help. They spent the next two and half days at my house cutting, hauling and cleaning up the debris.

My family helped out as much as they could, but without John and Jimmy doing the heavy work it would have been a lot of hard work and extra expense for us to accomplish what they accomplished in a few days.

I also want to thank Brad Irby and Terry Williams who also helped. I cannot thank John and Jimmy enough for what they did.

They turned a bad situation into a blessing because in addition to the cleanup it has been a blessing to experience their kindness and generosity.

Thank you, John and Jimmy, for all that you have done.

Venera U. Anderson and family


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