June 3, 2010 Issue


Citizens, let Wadley stand for something

Dear Editor:

Wadley, SCLC and the council members who disagree with the best interest of law-abiding citizens and what really matters:

The complaints from citizens about Wadley Police Department I think are unfounded and simply unjustified. Who are the complaints coming from? Well, let me answer that one for you, they are law breakers, criminals, ex-cons and thieves. The list could go on, but I will stop right there.



What do they want? A lawless, corrupt town? I want to live in a town where I feel secure. Chief Lewis has done a phenomenal job and continues to do so. He is not a pushover. He believes in upholding the law. I want to be able to lie down in my home at night and feel safe and secure. I want to be able to walk out of my house without seeing a drug dealer on every corner. So, please allow our chief to do his job. If someone has a legitimate complaint or concern, he will listen. He is a strong leader for our town, so why should we bow down to an ex-con, not my chief.

SCLC, there are many citizens who support and believe in our chief and mayor. An investigation should involve all situations and asking the city to lay aside $20,000 for this is ridiculous. The council members who are pushing for this are the ones who owe money to the city; therefore, that money needs to be collected and then used for this petty investigation. Really, there are more important issues that need to be dealt with that will benefit Wadley citizens such as cleaning up our city, street improvements, beautifying our city by tearing down run down houses and buildings which are eyesores for the community and more businesses which will create jobs. People, it is 2010, our town needs structure, stability and unity. When people hear the name Wadley, I donít want them to think negative thoughts. Yes, we are a small town, but I feel we are worldwide due to all the controversy.

Let Wadley stand for something: Wisdom to lead the community, Ability to accomplish great things, Democracy, Leadership, Economic growth, Yes we can!


Ola Bell Riggins


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