May 20, 2010 Issue


Bless Israel, bless ourselves

Dear Editor:

A TV personality on a religious channel in effect said recently that the nation that blesses Israel will be blessed.

Under Pres. Obama, our relations with Israel have decidedly cooled. At the same time, one disaster after another has struck the U.S.



The latest blow has been the explosion of the BP oil rig spilling millions of gallons of crude in the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition, this nation has been engaged in two wars for far too many years, draining our resources, both in materials and the blood of our youth.

Then there is the volcano in Iceland, spewing ash into the air, disrupting airline travel to Europe.

What is next? Only God knows. But as long as our strained relations with Israel continue, according to the Bible, we can only expect ill fortune for the United States.

From the re-emergence of Israel as a nation in the late 1940s, this country has stood at Israel’s side for the most part until Obama came to power.

I’ll repeat myself by paraphrasing the Bible again. It says, in effect, that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

Does more misfortune lie ahead for us? As long as those in high places listen to people such as Henry Kissinger, who is anti-Israel, I think it will. A Jew himself, Kissinger is a prime example of the old saying that fact is often stranger than fiction.


Bob Gordy

Lewises praise performance

Dear Editor:

Tony Howard, his crew and entertainers put on a fabulous performance Saturday night at Jefferson County High School. The MoTown Review was great fun for the whole audience. From the limousines parked outside with the special attention from Alex Nelson to James Brown’s “Cape Man” Danny Ray, the incredible Michael Jackson impersonator that put the crowd in a frenzy, and the wonderful singing and choreography by Tony Howard and his musicians-it made for a memorable evening. The fine people in Jefferson County should embrace this kind of wholesome family entertainment. WPEH Radio did a great job advertising. Thanks for bringing your show “home” Tony, and don’t stop now!

Karen and John Lewis,


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