May 6, 2010 Issue


Clements on Obama’s administration

Dear Editor:

What did it take to finally awaken the real American citizens who actually love our country but were simply “treading water” and assuming everything would eventually work itself out and we could all return to living the American Dream? Not the fact that we were electing our Messiah who just happened to be black and had a little over one year’s experience as an elected member of the US Senate, one who promised change, open government, bipartisan governing of the country and other off the wall statements too numerous to list in this space.

Our Messiah’s first activity as president was to begin the “Obama care/Health care” campaign, bailout the financial industry, United Auto Workers (Not including Ford) and all who had contributed to his successful campaign plus creating a “Stimulus Plan” and “Cash for clunkers” that has gone for nought and don’t forget the outrageous budget sending us further into the financial death spiral because we already owed more than we could ever expected to see paid off in most of our lifetimes The Obama Administration has boldly done everything in reverse of what was, in most real American’s opinion, the most critical issues facing this nation. Obama(Mr. O) and associates has belittled all the citizens complaining wildly about his health care package, forced down our throats, as un-American and unreasonable radicals. Despite his promise of open government to be shown on CSPAN most was accomplished behind closed doors with no Republicans/conservatives in attendance. He has openly and blatantly dished out favors to his



supporters. Union workers complained and Mr. O exempted them from what would apply to all other citizens(except congress and White House staff). He has skirted the law and appointed dozens of Czars to do his bidding and answer to no one but him. Approximately $18,000,000.00, disguised as a grant, was sent to a major college in Oregon which was in the process of firing it’s head basketball coach who coincidentally is Mr. O’s brother-in-law and still head coach. Once again space will not allow me to include a ton of other incidents that should concern every American citizen, especially those paying the bills.

More and more people in this country are not paying any income tax and those of us who are paying are sinking into a level where we won’t be able to pay our own bills much less those of multi-millions of illegals and non-productive citizens. For those of you who remember the story about the Golden Goose you can understand what is in store for we the taxpayers of this country Many clamor to increase the taxes on “the rich” which is simply not going to happen. When you increase costs for the rich (and not so rich) one of two things is going to happen. The rich, who has taken a chance with their cash/credit/brains/work ethics, etc. will simply increase the cost for their services/products or will be forced to close their doors and send their employees to the unemployment line. Either way they are not going to pay more taxes unless we the consumers first pay them and that’s the way it should be. How many of you have ever gotten a job working for a poor man/woman?

The first order of business for Mr. O should have been jobs so we the taxpayers would have a little more help in paying this country’s bills but instead we get Obama Care which nobody had read and those asking that it be delayed until it could be absorbed and done in a manner that we would have some idea what we will be paying for have been branded as traitors and much worse. Very shortly prior to passing Obama Care, our Queen Bee, Nancy Pelosi, stated on national TV that we should hurry up and pass the bill “so everyone can find out what’s in it”. What’s in it is dozens of millions of illegals that will receive cradle to grave services for health care, food, clothing, shelter, education, etc for which they have not paid a dime for. When you need a doctor and can’t get an appointment because a large percentage have already stated they will either retire or change professions just remember Obama Care which will eventually drive private insurance companies out of business and another government operated monster

will take their place. Also, let us not forget that Mr. O and associates will hire 16,000 (at least) additional IRS agents to enforce the Obama Care tragedy at a preliminary cost of approximately 8 to 10 billion dollars a year and that is for enforcing Obama Care alone.. Naturally this will increase as we go

As I stated here in 2009 the liberals will do something that conservatives themselves could never accomplish. Passing Obama Care will put the conservatives back in control of the House and very likely the Senate in the upcoming fall elections. Thank God there are still enough real American citizens who see the handwriting on the wall and conservatives, liberals and independents will repeal Obama Care. Then after the 2012 fall elections, the Messiah will become a one-term president .......much like a past disaster when Jimmy Carter was sent home after 4 years. Rational and fair-minded people have a lot to smile about nowadays. Just remember Scott Brown who was elected senator from Massachusetts in a state where liberals have ruled the roost for half a century. After that the conservatives taking back congress and the senate should be a piece of cake.

Robert Clements


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