April 29, 2010 Issue


Gaskin responds to letter on immigration and illegal citizens

Dear Editor:

To Mr. DíAntignac, I will say this and then this topic will be over as far as I am concerned and we will continue to agree to disagree on some points. I do not, nor will I ever condone people living in this country illegally even if my job depended on them, if 60 percent of your employerís employees were illegal then that is 60 percent of jobs that Americans could have had, and you said yourself that the pay was better than here in Georgia so apparently it would seem that if you as an American was working there and the pay was that good then other Americans would have wanted to work there.

I have enough sense to realize that there are jobs that some Americans feel too good to do and therefore these employers will hire illegals to do them but that still does not make it right and they should be penalized so harshly for it that next time they will think twice about hiring them.



I would actually not be surprised if it wasnít going on right in Jefferson County and if it is shame on the ones doing it, but that is the problem...we have allowed this to happen for so long that I agree there isnít much that can be done about it now.

I actually have Hispanic friends who feel the same as I do, they hate that illegals come here and get jobs and a free ride, and my information about the women crossing the borders to have babies is most certainly correct, my husband is from California and they see it all the time in the hospitals there, and no I donít blame them for wanting better health care but we canít even give it to American citizens let alone illegals.

There probably is no solution to this problem because once again we have allowed the minority to speak for the majority and by that I mean that the majority of people in this country disagree with the illegals being here, yet because of groups like the ACLU we started this poor illegals campaign and started printing things in Spanish so that they can read them rather than requiring them to learn English, when you make a call you not only get an English recording but a Spanish recording as well, we have allowed this to be easy for them, we accepted it when we were told that we have to know Spanish to get a job, and yes I was turned down for a couple of jobs when I lived in Texas because I didnít speak Spanish, and it isnít right.

When I lived in Germany for six years, I had to learn to communicate with them to get what I needed because they certainly did not accommodate me and most of them who spoke English would say they didnít because they expected you to learn their language while you were there and I didnít blame them.

And to set the record straight I am not putting anyone down, nor do I feel that I am above anyone, God knows I have made mistakes in my life and I freely admit the ignorance of my youth and I understand that these people want a better life, anyone with a heart can understand that, but we as a country cannot continue to allow the constant stream across our borders, not only with the Mexicans but in general a stop has to be put to it if that is even possible now.

I have seen some of these people and I know that some of them are living here working hard and doing the right thing and those are the ones who need to apply for citizenship but there are also those who are here illegally that are doing the opposite, it isnít all peaches and cream when it comes to the illegal population, our prisons show that.

On one last note, everyone should attend a tea party at least once, you might actually be surprised at just what type of people you will meet, hardworking people, who love this country and who want it to survive, not democrat-hating radicals like CNN would want you to believe, but hard working Americans who are tired of the free handouts.

Thomas Jefferson said, ďGovernment big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases.Ē I happen to believe that now more than ever. I do respect your opinions, Mr. DíAntignac, and living in this great country allows us both the freedom to express our opinions, for now anyway.

Ms. Tamera D. Gaskins


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