April 22, 2010 Issue


Director proud of literacy program

Dear Editor:

The Jefferson County Library System has just completed the six sessions of Prime Time Family Reading Time at the McCollum Library in Wrens. It was truly a wonderful and exciting program for families in the Wrens area. During the six weeks, twenty-four families with forty-three children participated.

The storytelling and discussions were exciting with everyone, adults and children, eager to share their thoughts and ideas. Books chosen for each session contributed to the theme, “Favorites.” The programs were designed to integrate reading, listening and discussion. Everyone discovered that stories and reading can be fun and exciting. A further benefit was the bonding and interaction within the family around reading.



The Library System received a grant for Prime Time Family Reading that was supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by Georgia Public Library Service, a unit of the University System of Georgia. The Georgia Humanities Council provided additional funding. This grant did not cover all expenses. Without support from businesses and organizations in the county who provided door prizes and money for meals and books, the Jefferson County Library could not have presented this series of programs.

The Prime Time families, program presenters, library staff, and I thank the following businesses and organizations for their help in making this wonderful opportunity available to families in Jefferson County: Atwell Pecan Company, Inc., Blimpie of Louisville, First State Bank, Hadden’s IGA of Wrens, Jefferson Energy Cooperative, Jay’s Hardware & Building Center, Jet Food Store #16, Jet Food Store #17, Kentucky Fried Chicken, LaCabana Mexican Restaurant, McDonald’s of Wrens, North Jefferson YMCA, The News and Farmer/The Jefferson Reporter, Optimist Club of North Jefferson, Peggy’s Restaurant, State Farm Insurance, Thiele Kaolin Company, WPEH, Wren Chevrolet Company, Inc and Wrens Finance Company.

Please join us in thanking these community partners who are committed to our community and helped make Prime Time Family Reading Time a success.


Patricia Edwards
Jefferson County Library System

Gordy supports SPLOSTs for everyone

Dear Editor:

Politics and “pottage stew” is what this writer thought of when I read the excellent article in your paper’s last week’s edition by Carol McLeod on the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) to face voters in the July 20 primary.

It would appear this proposed SPLOST has a spoonful or two for everyone. But that, to me, is not so! Louisville street signs are in deplorable condition.

Despite this omission, this voter plans to again vote yes on July 20 unless your paper ferrets out an example of nepotism, cronyism or favoritism in the way these funds are to be spent prior to the third Tuesday vote in July.

Some years ago, your newspaper did expose just that, an irregularity in land acquisistion in North Jefferson County using SPLOST funds.

Like the quote attributed to the late Augusta attorney and one-time Speaker of the Georgia House, “He whose bread you eat, his song you sing.”

I’m not going to sing city hall’s song too loud because of the street sign omission, but a penny sales tax continuation does give a break to property owners.


Bob Gordy

D’Antignac on U.S. immigration

Dear Editor:

First, I would like to thank Ms. Gaskin for the apology. Second, I, in no way was, or ever will defend illegals, no matter what country they come from. If she saw in my letter any intentions on my part to defend those breaking the Law, then I suggest she try reading what I wrote, again. I clearly stated this: ( Some of these people have applied for citizenship. Some have children born in this country. What do you tell those that were born in this country? Send your parents back across the border, but you can stay. Would you do that? I wouldn’t.) Now here is the part I want Ms. Gaskin to read very slowly...(I would do all I could to help them to become citizens.) Now, if that is defending illegals, than I’m guilty.

Living here in Texas, I’ve known and worked with illegals. Did I turn them in, no. Why? Because the employer we were working for didn’t care, and we both needed the jobs, at that time. Before some of you self-righteous folks reading this, say to yourselves, (I would have turned them in), they made up 60 per-cent of that job we were on back in the late 70’s, when I first came out here from Georgia. If the INS had shown up and deported them all, the rest of us would have been out of a job. Believe me when I tell you this, everything in, and about life is not all black and white. Some of you that are reading this, if you haven’t experienced that life lesson yet, live on, you will. Somewhere down the road of life, you will bite your tongue, lip, and look the other way. Why? Because not only will your decision hurt someone else, but it may hurt you as well. By no means am I telling anyone to break the law. Hello...Did I say that plain enough? I hope so.

I left what I thought was a decent paying job in Georgia during the late 70’s, to come to Texas doing almost the same work, but getting paid almost twice in one week, what I was being paid for two weeks in Georgia. The money was good, the work was not hard, and jobs were plentiful, and no, the employer didn’t care if you were from Istanbul. As long as the job got done and his wealth continued to grow, He didn’t care who, or where you came from, and in some cases here in the Houston area, it’s still that way. And by the way, they’re not called INS, anymore, they’re now called ICE, and nothing has changed. The employers pay their fines, ease up for awhile, and drift right back. Let me put it in a simpler term. It’s like the drugs being shipped into America. Why? Because the people of America have a habit. Employers have a habit, and it may or may not be drugs, but you can bet your last penny, this much will always be true, it’s all about the dollar.

I commend Ms. Gaskin on her facts, and I’ll be the first to line up behind her to say, the numbers today are even worse than she reported. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that pregnant illegals are lining up at the border, ready to have their babies on the U.S. side. But I’ll ask Ms. Gaskin to put herself in the shoes of one of those expecting mothers, and ask her, if you knew you could get better care somewhere else for you and your newborn, would you do what you accused these women of doing? I really would like to know. Yes, it does cost the tax payers not only in Georgia, but the whole country. Can it be stopped? No.

Why? There is a need for them. As long as there is a need for them, they will (like drugs) keep coming. I know it, you know it, Georgia knows it, and the federal government knows it. It wont ever stop. Get use to it.

Let me set the record straight again, as I thought I had in my last letter. Ms. Gaskin, like McDermott can not prove, and I’ll use her words, “Also I don’t have a problem with anyone coming here legally who works hard and obeys the law but for anyone to try to give voting rights to an illegal really angers me, and yes, the Democrats are trying to do it.” She can not prove that statement. And if she can, I’ll apologize.

Like Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannety, Beck, and McDermott, if you say it loud enough, and often enough, the teabaggers will start to believe it. To that I say these two things. If it helps you in the mid-term November elections, have at it. Stand on top of Stone Mountain and shout the lies.

I will tell her this like I told McDermott. Careful what you say, “Why don’t we just go ahead and rename America Amerimex” these same people you’re putting down, are the same ones, you and the teabaggers will need to take back both houses.

Let me finish by saying we agree on greedy employers, and what land we should be fighting in, but we disagree on the wars. We went to the wrong place looking for Osama bin-Laden. Now we are in the right country we should have been in, from the beginning. I hope I have cleared up any notion, that I was, or ever will, defend illegals breaking the laws of this country. True, I made some judgement calls in my youth, but he/she that has not sin, throw the first stone.

Clyde D’Antignac
Future Wadley Resident

Buzzard Blast co-chairs discuss festival arrangements

Dear Editor:

We’ve fielded a lot of calls and questions regarding the 2010 Buzzard Blast Festival and 5k. With only a few days until this year’s festival, we felt this would be a great time to let the people of Jefferson County know the significance of the festival. This is the 4th year of the festival. Each year it is held in beautiful Helen Clark Memorial Park, and proceeds are used for the Louisville Downtown Development Authority (LDDA). The money raised is targeted specifically for downtown capital improvements for storefronts and projects to be used in conjunction with matching funds from those local merchants and building owners.

The area considered “downtown” runs on E. Broad St. from Pecan St. near the library, west down Broad St. to and then north up Peachtree St. to 10th street near the Board of Education. To inquire about improvements and matching funds, please contact the City of Louisville.

The festival is run with all volunteer help and is funded by sponsors including local businesses, the support of the City of Louisville, and the Jefferson County Commissioners.

In 2009, the Buzzard Blast Festival partnered with the Jefferson Hospital Foundation to create a 5k run and children’s run. With a goal of physical fitness and wellness, the foundation created and mapped the route, and had over 50 5k participants the very first year. This year the race has been certified, so the times can be recorded and used as an “official” time. Immediately after the run, the foundation also holds a children’s fun run, which is a half mile run for ages 6-12. They will also hold a children’s dash for children 2 to 5 years old. There will be prizes awards and T-shirts for all levels of runners.

This year, we will kick off with the 5k at 8am in front of Jefferson County Hospital, followed by the children’s fun run and dash at the track next door. At 9am, we will start the festival in Helen Clark Memorial Park. There will again be many food, arts, and crafts vendors participating. We will have a children’s inflatable area, and of course live entertainment on the stage all day. This year, we have the pleasure of a special guest, Christian comedian Lanny Moody. He will perform at 1pm on our stage. His appearance is sponsored by local churches. That evening, we will have a concert by The Ogeechee River Band at 7:30pm.

The festival admission is free; however, there will be a $5 admission price for the concert that evening. For any information, including our stage line up, please go to our website at www.buzzardblast.com. We hope to see you at the Buzzard Blast!

Becky Harrison
Billy Valduga
Buzzard Blast Co-Chairs


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