April 15, 2010 Issue


Illegals shouldnít be given all rights

Dear Editor:

While reading Mr. DíAntignacís letter I have to say that I do agree that people in this country are getting wealthy off the backs of illegals and it is wrong. I may be wrong and if I am I apologize, but he really seems to be defending illegalís. Has he ever once thought of the cost to the country for carrying these illegals? Has he once thought of the cost of their healthcare alone that tax payers are paying for? And yes their children are born here, they are smart, they do that for a reason, in California, Arizona, Texas, all the border states, many of them cross the borders just in time to have the babies here so that the children can be citizens and they know that once the babies are born here we are not going to kick them out and we as tax payers pay for the medical bills for the births.

A study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimated that in 2004 the annual uncompensated cost of medical care for illegal immigrants in California alone was $1.4 billion the total uncompensated educational, health care and incarceration costs were estimated to be $10.5 billion. In 2005 illegal estimates vary between 14 million and 22 million nationwide. Further statistics show that Georgia has one of the fastest growing illegal populations and in Georgia in 2008 there were approximately 490,000 illegals. They are costing the state of Georgia approximately $1.6 billion annually and about $210 million of that is on healthcare.



Personally I have a problem with that and so should a lot of Americans. This is the very thing that people in this country are so sick of, we are sick of working hard and our taxes being raised to carry others; we are sick of the entitlement mentality. We are sick of our government giving free handouts at the expense of the working man. Letís face it, politics is like religion, we will all never see eye to eye on it but we all need to try hard to at least find a middle ground, after all, we all have to live here together. Also I donít have a problem with anyone coming here legally who works hard and obeys the law but for anyone to try to give voting rights to an illegal really angers me, and yes, the Democrats are trying to do it.

I would not be allowed to vote in any other country in the world if I were not a citizen there, as a matter of fact if I lived in any other country I would not have a fraction of the rights that we allow illegals here in this country. We give them food stamps, we give them jobs, we give their children a free education, and we give them free healthcare, heck why wouldnít they want to be here? Then to top it off Americans are expected to learn Spanish in order to apply for certain jobs. Why donít we just go ahead and rename America Amerimex...perhaps that would please the Liberals and the Civil Liberties Union....I ask where are my liberties because I feel they are slowly being stripped away from me?

One last note I would like to add is that I work with our proud soldiers every day and if you talk to the majority of them and if you see their faces as they prepare for deployments then you will see what it means to be a proud American. I agree that we may have gone into this war for the wrong reasons but now it is a war against terrorists and if we have to fight them, which I personally think we do, then I would rather be fighting them on their soil than on ours.

Ms. Tamera D. Gaskin
Former Wadley Resident

Barrow calls for environmentally responsible alternatives

Dear Editor:

A few weeks ago Jim Crawford, the Jefferson County Extension Agent, recommended dumping fertilizer into fish ponds as a way to prevent fish kills. What Mr. Crawford failed to mention is that fertilizer is a major source of pollution and often results in fish kills. How? According to Blesina Birapaka, a science teacher at Jefferson County High School, ďWhen fertilizer is poured into water it causes an algae bloom. When the increased plant population uses up all the fertilizer, they die and the decomposers use up large quantities of oxygen in the water. Then the fish die from lack of oxygen.Ē

The fertilizer and plant material also speed the ponds rate of succession, causing the pond to fill-in faster. All ponds will become filled in without dredging or draining and digging, but methods like the aforementioned accelerate the process.

According to the USDA, in 1996 as much as 25 percent of the 46,800,000 metric tons of fertilizer spread on farmland was carried away by runoff and ended up in our rivers and streams. Fertilizer in waterways is considered pollution.

What Mr. Crawford also failed to mention is that his fertilizer dumping technique should only be used in fish ponds that are not in contact with the water table, or ponds that are leaking into the nearby streams or in fish ponds that might overflow into rivers and streams or in a pond that might break and release the nitrogen contaminated water into nearby streams, violating the Clean Water Act.

Mr. Crawford also failed to mention that the water should be tested prior to a fertilizer application to determine if something else is causing the fish kills. Unfortunately, the test that the County Extension Service performs on pond water is only a pH test- a test equal to a pool test kit available at Jayís Hardware in Wrens for about $7.

Mr. Crawford also failed to mention that a dye is available to treat the water for the exact same problem. This dye is environmentally friendly. Ecologists, like myself, feel that Mr. Crawford has an obligation to tell farmers about all methods of solving a problem, especially the environmentally responsible alternatives.

Perhaps it is time for our County Extension Agent to give area readers a more comprehensive and environmentally responsible solutions to their problems, instead of advocating chemical after chemical.

Connie Barrow
BS, MS, Specialist in Education:
Middle School Science

In the land of Mammon (part 2)

Dear Editor:

Will Durant once said that ďCaesar hoped to reform men by changing laws and institutions; Christ wished to remake institutions and lessen laws by changing men.Ē Who is Caesar? Does he not live today, and in every day? Or are we to believe that the spirit of anti-Christ has vanished? Do you really believe that some of the authorities and powers and world rulers of the darkness that exists all live in nations other than the U.S? And us the most powerful nation in the world?

And when your federal Dept. of Homeland Security says in 2009 that those who are pro-life, among other things, are potential domestic terrorists your correct response as weak men and women is to keep quiet and donít dare speak up for the unborn or speak out against Caesarís mouthpiece. And, as usual, we stand by like gutless, Godless wimps; our mouths sealed with the fear of losing a job or alienating ourselves in a nation where political correctness rules our lives. All this in a nation whose federal authority has promoted the killing of nearly 50 million unborn children since 1973.

For some of us, and maybe for some of you, it is high time we stop our century-long worship at the feet of the American Caesar. His charge to us is simple. Believe and do what Caesar (the corporate/government interlock) says, pay your taxes without question, assume the prescribed patriotic posture when Caesar wishes to wage war (this is a far different matter than patriotism born of conviction) and never, ever question Caesarís authority.

For the past several decades Christianity in the United States has been mocked and belittled by a vast array of societal mechanisms, with most Christians standing idle and mute on the sidelines, as if it is their place in life to do so. But our silence equals consent and consent equals servitude. The new slavery has no need for whips and chains; the shackles of this subservience are worn in the minds of Christians, and others, who dutifully obey the wishes of Caesar. It is fortunate for us that Christ was willing to stand against the system of power rather than being bought out by it.

There is complicity on multiple fronts that keeps us content and pliable in the Land of Mammon. As for the complicity of the federal government (via its elected citizens) in Americaís transformation, Iíve already covered this topic in previous columns.

As for science and education, while it is certainly the case that one can see the world in a grain of sand through the miracle of creation and consciousness, the religion of Science can only see silicon dioxide, limestone or gypsum and the various other constituent compounds through its insistent predisposition for reductionism.

As mentioned earlier, the roots of its belief system (its religion) springs from philosophical precepts that have been worked and re-worked to exclude God.

Establishment Science sometimes needs to be reminded that the order of the appearance of life on this planet espoused by Darwin, Lyell and others was also laid out in exactly the same order more than 3,000 years before they were born, in the first chapter of Genesis?

As for the national news media and entertainment industry, their mission is simple. Keep the masses divided; keep them polarized (divide and conquer); feed the fires of conflict; keep peopleís eyes glazed over with emotion-trapping inducements, much like Huxley talked about in Brave New World; and shape the beliefs that will guarantee our obedience to Caesarís commands. Or stated another way by William Randolph Hearst in 1897 to the artist Frederic Remington: ďYou furnish the pictures and Iíll furnish the war.Ē Think for a minute what that statement means. War means business, war means profits and war means death. Who dies?

Despite all the above, sometimes the time comes to take a stand for a higher cause. The trouble with rendering unto Caesar is that Caesar believes he owns everything or has a right to it. And even on the local level, for those few who do not pay rent to a landlord or mortgage company, try going a few years without paying your property tax and see who owns your home. It wonít be you when itís sold on the courthouse steps.

Through the disconnect arising from timidity and complacency in the Land of Mammon you are a participant of the ushering in of the prophecy that will destroy the very beliefs you hold dear. Resist the finery, like three captives did in Babylon millennia ago, and you may be able to withstand the flames no matter how hot the furnace gets.

Personally, I think the time is past due for Christians to make a choice and to chart a new path. Iím not saying this is the answer, but it can be effective in altering Caesarís course.

One aspect of that path is economic. Christians by light years represent the largest block of discretionary spenders in the U.S. If the body of believers as a group of tens of millions decided to make a personal business decision not to buy products from companies that sponsor anti-Christian activities we could shut down the profits of multi-nationals within weeks or months. And for the sake of their profits they would cease those activities. Iím sure you can think of more creative examples of this than I can.

Another way to chart a new course is through civil disobedience in mass, if thatís what it takes; and without the need for violence. With a mass of a million, 10 million or 50 million people taking to the streets when an anti-Christian law or one that usurps another freedom is passed there are not enough jail cells on the planet to hold us.

Caesar is always getting in our face. Itís time we get in his. If we act in mass Caesar will fear us. And thatís exactly whatís needed. And plus, we already have the greatest role model for civil disobedience in history on our side: Jesus.

But wait. Iím sure we wonít do either of these. After all, the body of believers is so often divided in the practice (largely by the pigmentation of our skin) of the religion and through the many variations of dogma that we hardly stand a chance. Besides, weíre fat and lazy, afraid to get involved, afraid of Caesarís power and afraid of our shadow; comfortably numb in the Land of Mammon.

(The expanded version of this column can be found under the Human Rights/Human Responsibilities section of www.questionsunanswered.com.)

Ben Nelms
Peachtree City


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