March 25, 2010 Issue


Gaskin supports Wadley P.D.

Dear Editor:

I wonder why these council members in Wadley are so intent on getting rid of a police chief who is actually trying to rid Wadley of crime? That is very suspicious to me as a former citizen of Wadley and definitely should be suspicious to current residents of the town. There is some reason why they are so against this man, it is almost like some sort of vicious conspiracy. Everyone knows that Wadley has literally gone to the dogs......it is drug infested and has been for years. No one is made to clean up and make their places of business clean let alone where they live.



What exactly is it that these council members want? Do they want a chief in office who just sits and watches crime happen? Or perhaps they want someone that they can put in their pocket and do what they say and never question anything. I have written here before and I will write here again that Wadley needs a strong police force and the citizens need to demand it. Past crimes attest to that fact. I hope that Ms. Punt and Mr. Maye will stand their ground on this vote, apparently they are the only ones along with Mr. Baker who have any sense at all down there. Good law abiding citizens of Wadley really need to pull together on this and you also need to get out to the polls and make sure that the right qualified people are getting voted in to sit on your council.

Ms. Tamera D. Gaskin


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