March 11, 2010 Issue


Resident supports LPD

Dear Editor:

Iíve been silent for some time, but the announcement by Chief Miller that LPD is going after illegal parkers got my attention. I have been an outspoken zealot about illegal parkers in handicapped zones, so I applaud the chiefís action.

Already I have seen an increase in LPD patrols in the Ingles parking lot. I was disappointed Sunday morning when a pickup parked in the crosswalk and fire lane and was allowed to drive off when a LPD car pulled up behind him. I feel a warning should have been issued.



The other situation that endangers pedestrians is at the downtown crosswalks. Both were blocked by vehicles parked, completely blocking pedestrian access. One of the vehicles, a white SUV with a sign on it, was there for more than three hours.

Iím sure these situations will be addressed by Chief Miller. I have all the confidence in the LPD to back up this overdue problem.

I speak for a lot of law abiding citizens in supporting these actions when I say, ďThank you, LPD.Ē

Ray Clements


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