March 4, 2010 Issue


Culvern on BOE search

Dear Editor:

First of all, I want to thank Carl Bethune for his exemplary service as superintendant of the Jefferson County Board of Education. Under his tenure our children have certainly prospered and many goals have been achieved. Now, as he leaves to enjoy his retirement, we must look to our future and seek the best new leadership available for our children.

We have in our midst one of our nation’s foremost leaders in education, Dr. Molly P. Howard. It seems to me, and many others, that she has been preparing for this role her entire professional career. She has been recognized nationally for her outstanding performance as principal of Jefferson County High School. As the first leader of our county’s consolidated high school, she brought the vision and the leadership skills necessary to unify and inspire the students, the staff and the community.



As a dedicated special education teacher years ago, Dr. Howard touched my family personally and demonstrated her belief in the value of each individual child, no matter their physical or intellectual capabilities. She later exemplified that same spirit as she guided young people from all areas of the county towards success in high school and beyond. Realizing that educating the children of Jefferson County requires a team effort, she developed positive working relationships with each of our county’s individual schools. After all, students from each of those schools eventually find their way to JCHS. No person in our county loves children more or wishes them success more than Dr. Howard.

She is a lifelong resident of Jefferson County and knows the strengths and the deficiencies of our educational system. Dr. Howard has obtained advanced studies in academic leadership and the skills needed for supervising an educational system. She has major contacts in Washington, D.C. and is respected on the national educational scene. Her innovative ideas and opinions are sought in many educational arenas.

Although I am certain that Dr. Howard is satisfied personally and professionally in her role as principal of Jefferson County High School, I join many others in asking the Jefferson County Board of Education to consider this wonderful leader as they begin the selection process for our new superintendent.


Rita Culvern,
Retired CEO Jefferson Hospital,
Former Mayor City of Louisville

D’Antignac responds to Gordy

Dear Editor:

Yesterday (2-25-10) I sat in front of my television and watched the worst of the worst. And to think, we the people sent them, and pay them to act as they acted, is a total insult to all of America. It’s the flat-out lies that get me the most. Republicans are so focused on trying to make Pres. Obama fail that they don’t seem to care who gets hurt in the process. Millions of Americans are depending on them to get the economy moving again and to do something about out-of-control health care costs.

If we the people didn’t know that the republicans have no plans to solve those problems, we the people know now. They’ll say anything - no matter how extreme - if they think it will divide voters and sweep them into power. Nothing got done and both parties are still miles apart. The democrats have had over a year to get the job done, and could have done what the republicans did when they had the majority but didn’t. They and the president stuck out their hands for the republicans to join them and they didn’t. For a year, they complained and all you could hear was no, no, no let’s scrap this and start over. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know, that if you don’t like a plan, you and your party should come up with one. For that whole year, and as of this writing, I’ve yet to see a better plan from them, other than no, no, no. So I’ll repeat my earlier statement: Republicans are so focused on trying to make Pres. Obama fail that they don’t seem to care who gets hurt in the process.

Here’s to the tea baggers...If that’s what you want in the midterm elections, have at it. But here’s something you should consider: “Be careful what you ask for, sometimes God will give it to you, just to teach you a lesson.” The downside to that is....we, the innocent, have to suffer right along with you idiots, two or four years, until you come to your senses.

Now to Mr. Gordy, we all are entitled to our opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions, but don’t you think you went overboard with that statement? That birth control is one of the root causes of the economic quagmire in which we now find ourselves. Birth control had nothing to do with eight years of Bush and Cheney, and that’s my opinion. Then you went so far as to say: “We have murdered persons who would have grown up to be doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers and members of a myriad other professions. All would have been taxpayers.” Let me enlighten you on we. We, covers a lot of people, including myself. I don’t remember giving you that right to speak for me.

Next, you went so far as to confess: “ I am a Christian and believe we should leave who…yes, a fetus is a human in the womb starting at conception…lives and dies up to God!” Golly gee, like there are no other Christians but you. Wake up and smell the rose buds. I’m a Christian also. Even if I don’t think like you, I wouldn’t tell the world that the Supreme Court, or myself were murderers. As much as I believe it’s a sin, I say this: The woman that does this will have to explain it to the Lord, not to we the people. I will not call her or them, murderers. Then you topped it off with: “The Bible says God knew us even when we were in our mothers’ womb.” It also said “Judge not least you be judged.”

I too voted for Jimmy Carter for two reasons. He was a kind-hearted Christian man and a Georgian. It only took a year or less to know that he was out of his league when it came to Washington, DC. He tried to do some good, but like Clinton and Obama, in Washington, the good is overridden by the bad and the ugly.

Two things I will agree with you on is that Enron was just the beginning of the failures of our system and the billionaire who stole his wealth is now where he should be is true, but to say our “economic mess caused not necessarily by Wall Street but by thieves,” is half of the truth. I hope you, and anyone that thinks like you had the opportunity to see the president’s (2-25-10) summit. I know everyone doesn’t have cable, or satellite, but most do have access to Public Television, and could have seen it on C-SPAN, instead of watching just the FOX cable channel. There you would have seen 50 or 75 percent of the crooks and thieves of the system, and you can be sure of two things, they are the: prime cause of our economic quicksand, but amateurs they are not, and yes they do forget what they say from one day to the next day.

Let me end this by saying, if the future is more no than yes, and you plus all that think like you, feel the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts, are an indication of what’s to come, let me just repeat myself again: ...If that’s what you want in the midterm elections, have at it. But here’s something you should consider: “Be careful what you ask for, sometimes God will give it to you, just to teach you a lesson.”

To tell you the truth Mr. Gordy, I’ll be glad when spring and November gets here too!


Clyde D’Antignac
Future Wadley Resident


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